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Fan Blog: Sleeping giant

By CF Fan Blogger, Psychlone99

Note: If you’d like to contribute to CycloneFanatic.com’s fan blogs, email Chris Williams at Chris.M.Will@gmail.com. We can’t guarantee that everything will be posted on our front page but we’re certainly interested in what you, the Cyclone fanatics have to say.

Transfers! Transfers! Transfers! I guess that’s the reality that is Cyclone basketball from now until eternity, right?  The hand-wringing among both fans and media would have you believe this, but they’re wrong. Am I the only one who still listens to the Monday evening coaches’ call-in shows anymore? It seems that way.

If you are one of the few brave souls who can withstand a barrage of phone calls that touch on such hard-hitting subjects as team bus arrival times and cheer squad outfits, you’ve occasionally run across some useful nuggets, like Coach Hoiberg’s long-term recruiting strategy. For what it’s worth, the Mayor is on the record.

When asked about the bevy of transfers during a Monday call-in show this past season, Coach Hoiberg plainly stated that his strategy is all about amassing high-quality talent in a hurry. He said that the goal is to start winning as soon as possible so that Iowa State can start attracting top high school prospects. Gasp!! Yes, I said high school.

Imagine that. A highly intelligent man who throughout his career, has given people very little reason to doubt him in any way, actually has a plan. Some believe that the Mayor is beyond reproach, but the Mayor himself is taking nothing for granted in this era of college basketball where coaches are hired an fired without seeing a 4-year athlete through his career. And who can blame him?

Without the context of a long-term plan, the head-scratching is understandable. For the time being, the Campanile may be the Statue of Liberty and the Sukup Basketball Complex may be Ellis Island. The media will continue to talk about how Iowa State is taking college basketball’s tired, poor and huddled masses. But, like our ancestors, this mass of transfers has assembled into a sleeping giant. We’ve withstood our depression and the giant is about to be awakened.

On the heels of some NCAA tourney appearances, Hoiberg’s strategy could be heralded as pure brilliance. Personally, I can’t wait to watch this bit of Cyclone basketball history unfold.


Cyclone Fanatic