CF Expert Picks: Championship Week

There’s been a major mix up at the top of our CF expert pick’em panel. Former Cyclone linebacker Adam Carper dropped the ball two weeks ago. The Cyclone Radio Network’s Brent Blum and WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel took advantage. Below are our expert picks for championship week. We’ll have a bowl pick’em special coming up in a few weeks too. Enjoy.


Brent Blum, 44-28
Chris Hassel, 43-29
Adam Carper, 42-30
Matt Perrault, 41-31
Chris Williams, 40-32
Steve Deace, 40-32
Adam Gray, 39-33
Dave Zawilinski, 39-33
Bret Meyer, 38-34

NOTE: The first two games are being picked against the spread.


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – Carolina had a great opportunity to win the earlier meeting this year @ Auburn, but turned the ball over four times in the 4th quarter. They have the ability to control the ground came and clock with RB Marcus Lattimore. After the Cam Newton news this week, I feel it would be strangely fitting to have the Fightin’ Spurriers knock off the Chizzles and ruin their national title hopes. If Newton wins the Heisman and a national title, he should probably ask for a pay raise. That said, give me the ‘fellas from Columbia. South Carolina 31 Auburn 30.

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – Has there ever been a compelling ACC title game? It’s a lot like those times you are flipping channels and stumble upon Wedding Crashers on TBS. "Oh, didn’t know this was on, I may watch for a few minutes." Then it fails to capture your attention and you move on to something else. That’s what the ACC is like. It’s worth a watch in-between the breaks in the Big 12 title game. Nothing more. Virginia Tech 27 Florida State 20.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – I am not big on Bob Stoops, but I will be the charter member of his fan club on Saturday night. The Husker fans and their enabling media have become out-of-control over this Big 12 conspiracy thing. They have lost all touch of reality. It’s both sad and irritating. Prior to the Iowa State game, I was a bit nostalgic about Nebraska leaving to the Big 10 and part of me wished they would stay. Not the case anymore. I hope the Sooners roll them and Bo is captured chasing around officials like a five year old throwing a tantrum. Seriously. I may even grow a Landry Jones mustache to support the cause. Bo and Carl have no place in a BCS game. Good riddance.  Oklahoma 74 Nebraska 0.


Auburn (-7) vs South Carolina – Since Cam Newton is ineligible, I’ll go with USC. Edit — Cam is now eligible, so I’ll take Auburn in a tight one, but the ‘Cocks cover.

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – Virginia Tech is one of the hottest teams in the country. I like the Hokies to cover.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – Oklahoma wins thanks to a phantom pass inference call on a hail mary


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – The Fighting Chizzz have been riding a fine line all year as they’ve been squeaking out games lately.  Auburn moves to the title game but the Gamecocks cover!

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – Va Tech comes in with a 10 game winning streak and Frank Beamer’s squad has imposed their will on ACC opponents all year.  Va Tech goes to a BCS bowl and covers.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – Outside the Husker faithful, I don’t suspect anyone else in the country rooting for the scarlet and cream.  With the uncertainty of Taylor Martinez’s health and Bob Stoops being their coach, I give the Sooners the upper hand in this one.


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – I’m going to take Auburn to win this game in a similar fashion that they did vs. Arkansas and Alabama. They win but not but much. USC keeps it to win in 7..AU 27-21

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – This game is tough to pick cause Florida State is playing really well and Va Tech is a good team. I’ll take FSU and the points. Va Tech wins 21-20.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – No points here huh? A straight up pick ’em. Steve M. Sipple of the Lincoln Journal Star says he loves Nebraska to win cause they are better in the trenches. I didn’t see that vs. Iowa State for the Huskers. Without a healthy Taylor Martinez, the Husker offense really struggles. I’ll take Oklahoma in a barnburner 31-30.


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – I could go two ways here. I could see the Tigers really coming together as a football team due to all of the recent adversity their program has faced. I could also see that being a major distraction. In the end, this team has walked on a tight rope too many times this year. How many times has the BCS not imploded? Auburn or Oregon has to lose this weekend? I’m taking the Cocks to cover and win the game. South Carolina 38, Auburn 35

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – The Noles are hot right now. Last week’s 31-7 pounding of Florida might have been exactly what Jimbo Fischer  needed to get the corner turned in the post-Bobby Bowden era. Virginia Tech is a the sexy BCS pick here but I’m going to cut against the grain. Florida State 30, Virginia Tech 28

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – If you can guarantee me that Taylor Martinez is healthy and that the doesn’t hate his coach, I’ll take the Huskers to win this one……….Yeah, that’s what I thought. Sooners 31, ‘Skers 14.


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – Actually, the best bet is the over, but since that’s not an option I’ll take South Carolina and the points because I like underdogs and rematches. Auburn 38, South Carolina 34

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – The Hokies are just the class of the ACC. Virginia Tech 27, Florida State 17

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – The Huskers just aren’t an explosive football team without T-Magic playing at a high level. Oklahoma 27, Nebraska 20


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – Hopefully the ol ball coach can draw up a great game plan to do the entire country a favor and beat Auburn.  That way we don’t have to worry about their title being stripped down the road and we can watch the title game without a cloud being hung over it.  I’m banking on the balanced attack of South Carolina being to much for Auburn and winning the game 34-31

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – Florida State has had the Hokies number over the years.  This year will be no different.  FSU 27-21

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – Dear Bob Stoops,

Please send Nebraska to the Big 10 with their last game in the Big 12 being an absolute butt kicking.  Something like 72-0 will do.


Big 12 fans everywhere


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – I think SC will be ready to play plus I HATE Auburn(always have).  I’ll take the seven points.  Aub 28-24.

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – Tech has been on a roll since week 3. They are on a mission. Hokies roll to a 31-10 victory and Orange Bowl berth.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – Same as the SEC champ.  Give me Oklahoma.  No way big red cam go out on top. Plus I think the Sooners are better.  OU 17-3


Auburn (-7) vs. South Carolina – After last weeks comeback, hard to pick against Auburn. Chiz and the boys cover.

Virginia Tech (-4) vs. Florida State – Va Tech is on a roll, the Hokies Momentum continues. VT covers.

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma – Nebraska finally meets a team they can’t beat without a passing game. OU reminds Nebraska why the joined the Big 10.