CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 2

By Chris Williams, Publisher

I don’t want to come off as arrogant by writing this but only two guys went undefeated in last week’s pick’em column. I was one of them. The other was the best man in my recent wedding, former Cyclone linebacker Adam Carper.

Yes, this is just more proof that there is something in the water of the halls of Clarinda High School. Okay, enough of that crap. There is a long college football season ahead of us and week two will provide all sorts of challenges to our panel of "experts." Let’s get to the group’s picks for week two.


Chris Williams, 6-0
Adam Carper, 6-0
Brent Blum, 5-1
Steve Deace, 5-1
Matt Perrault, 5-1
Chris Hassel, 4-2
Dave Zawilinski, 4-2
Adam Gray, 4-2
Bret Meyer, 3-3

WEEK 2 PICKS(Games 1 and 2 are against the spread) Publisher Chris Williams, 6-0 on the season

Iowa State @ Iowa (-14.5) – The loss of Ter’ran Benton really hurts Iowa State in my opinion. His likely replacement, Jeremy Reeves is 5-foot-7. Stack him up against Iowa’s big and talented receivers and that’s a big blow. Still, Iowa State has covered the spread in this rivalry 10 out of the last 12 times. I’ll take the Cyclones to cover but Iowa to win the game 31-20.

Miami @ Ohio State (-9.5) – I am really torn on this one. On one hand, you have Miami and Jacory Harris. There’s just so much raw talent and athleticism on that team. But then you have Ohio State, who I think is a national title contender. I’m going to take the Buckeyes to cover, barely. Ohio State 30, Miami 20.

Florida State @ Oklahoma – In this match up, I say ignore what both teams did in week one. Oklahoma is a lot better than what they showed and I don’t really trust Christian Ponder on the road in a hostile environment for Florida State. Oklahoma 27, Florida State 14

Colorado @ California – This is a huge game for the Buffs. Do the good vibes keep flowing or will those 2009 demons sneak back into their brains? I’m thinking the latter. California 31, Colorado 21

Michigan @ Notre Dame – I got to watch Michigan last weekend and I came away very impressed. I don’t think that Notre Dame has enough on offense to outscore Rich Rod’s boys. Michigan 28, Notre Dame 24.

Georgia @ South Carolina – No question here. South Carolina all the way. A.J. Green is a difference maker and he’s nowhere to be seen within the Georgia program right now. South Carolina 24, Georgia 10

Former Cyclone linebacker Adam Carper, 6-0 on the season

Iowa State @ Iowa (-14.5) – If the Cyclones can establish a ground attack and not be one dimensional, I think they can pull off the upset, but there is too much depth and experience for the home team. Hawks 27-21.

Miami @ Ohio St. (-9.5) – The Canes continue to have their struggles against Big 10 teams after their defeat to Wisconsin in last year’s bowl game, but they cover the spread. Ohio State 27-21.

Florida State @ Oklahoma – After last week’s dismal performance, the Sooners will shake off the rust and win a close one. 31-28.

Colorado @ California – Don’t even know why this game is on the list as I think Cal will win convincingly.

Michigan @ Notre Dame – The maize and blue will continue to rely on Dernard Robinson and will come out of South Bend with a W. Michigan 35-24.

Georgia @ South Carolina – With AJ Green out of the lineup for Georgia and "The Old Ball Coach" now calling the plays, I like the Gamecocks 31-17.

1460 KXNO & 1040 WHO’s Steve Deace

Iowa State at Iowa – Before talking about winning the game, the Cyclones need to first score an offensive touchdown in this rivalry, which they haven’t done since Tom Vilsack was governor and before my son was born. I think the spread is just about right. Iowa 27, Iowa State 13

Miami, Fla. at Ohio State – A lot of NFL prospects on the field in this game and the two teams are evenly-matched. If Jacory Harris takes care of the football, the Hurricanes can spring the upset. Ohio State 24, Miami 17.

Florida State at Oklahoma – I’m thinking the lackluster performance against Utah State was because the Sooners were looking ahead to this game. The Seminoles are as talented as they have been in several years, but this is a tough spot for them with a new coaching staff. Oklahoma 28, Florida State 24

Colorado at California – Measuring stick game for the Buffaloes, who looked very good in their instate rivalry game last week. That could lead to a road letdown this week. California 27, Colorado 17

Michigan at Notre Dame – Irish have not had enough talent on defense to stall Rich Rodriguez’s offense yet, depsite it being inconsistent his first two years. Even in their blowout win two years ago, the Irish were outgained by a 100 yards but benefitted from 6 Michigan turnovers. Michigan 27, Notre Dame 20

Georgia at South Carolina – Gamecocks are more experienced and playing at home. Spurrier was playing possum with his training camp whining. South Carolina 23, Georgia 13

1460 KXNO’s Matt Perrault

Iowa State @ Iowa (14.5) – This game could go so many different ways but I’m going to go with my gut here. I’m taking Iowa 31-17…that’s 14. So I’m taking the points and picking Iowa State. I don’t think Austen Arnaud can beat Iowa on the road and Iowa has too much at stake to lose this game but I don’t see a blow out coming unless Arnaud repeats last year’s pickfest.

Miami @ Ohio State (-9.5) – I’m beginning to really like the ACC this year. I know V-Tech lost to Boise but I think the league is going to bounce back. UNC, Miami, V-Tech, Georgia Tech, and Florida State, I think are going to have good seasons. I’ll take Ohio State to win but I think Miami will put up a fight. I’ll take the points – Ohio State 27-20

Florida State @ Oklahoma – I really like Florida State’s offensive and I think Oklahoma is over hyped. The Sooners nearly got beat by Utah State. I think they do get beat this week by Florida State – 30-24.

Colorado @ California – This is a really hard game to figure out. Colorado looked pretty good last week against Colorado St., led by Scotty McKnight. Cal crushed UC Davis 52-3. I’ll take the home team here to get the W as a welcome to the Buffs to the Pac-10. Cal 28-20.

Michigan @ Notre Dame – I think this is the hardest game of the weekend to pick. Was last week a coming out party for Michigan or is UConn just not good? Notre Dame picked up a nice W over Purdue but first year head coach Brian Kelly still has a lot of work to do. Again, I’ll take the home team 30-27 to win.

Georgia @ South Carolina – Georgia got hit with the bad news that they will forced to play the next 3 games without star WR A.J. Green for selling his jersey. I HATE the ruling and I think it does plays a major factor in this game. South Carolina wins 33-21.

The Cyclone Radio Network’s Brent Blum

Iowa State @ Iowa (-14.5) – Any time I can get two touchdowns in a rivalry game against a team quarterbacked by Ricky Stanzi, I will take it. I’ve enjoyed making my Iowa friends a little nervous by sending out emails such as, "Hey friend, did you know Ricky Stanzi averages an interception every 23.4 attempts during his career? He threw 23 times without one against EIU, he’s clearly due." If Iowa State can get the ground game going, they keep it close throughout. No chance Austen plays as poorly as he did last year. This is a 10 point game one way or another. Iowa 27, Iowa State 20.

Miami @ Ohio St. (-9.5) – I think this is the coronation game of the Terrelle Pryor for Heisman campaign. ESPN has been waiting to find their Tebow this year and he is it. 9.5 is a pretty steep number though and Jacory Harris and the Canes are feisty enough to keep in entertaining. I think this stays in the 4-7 point region. Ohio State 27 Miami 21.

Florida State @ Oklahoma – Quick story: During the Big 12 basketball tournament in Oklahoma City in 2007, I visited the Bricktown district to throw back a couple cold, frosty one’s following the Iowa State women’s win over Texas A&M in the semi-finals. It was nearing midnight or so and the crew and I were on about stop three of the night. We were in a sports bar and I spot this gentlemen that looked like Bob Stoops. Check that, it was Bob Stoops. He was hanging out by himself staring at a picture in the corner. The picture was of he and his brother in their Iowa uniforms. That seemed like a very Bob Stoopsian move to stare for minutes at a picture of himself. I know, cool story, bro. Oklahoma 34 Florida State 17.

Colorado @ California – The biggest disappointment of the conference realignment fiasco is the fact Dan Hawkins could be leaving the Big 12. He is pure comedy. Well truthfully, he probably won’t make it past this year regardless, but his "Go play intramurals brother" rant will lose some significant credibility. "It’s Division one football! It’s the Pac 47!!" or however many teams the Pac-10 wants to add… just doesn’t have a great ring to it. Cal 28 Colorado 17.

Michigan @ Notre Dame – Fun fact: Michigan and Notre Dame are 1 and 2 in lifetime college football winning percentage at just over 73 percent. Good for them. Iowa State is 94th out of the 108 that qualify. But we’re better than K-State!! Iowa is 57th by the way, sandwiched by Virginia and Purdue. Be prepared for whoever wins this game to be inundated with "They’re Back" stories. It’s inevitable. I will take the team with the quarterback who ties his shoes. Notre Dame 24 Michigan 21.

Georgia @ South Carolina – Watch this year how many SEC games end with the score in the 20-17 region. There’s a multitude of them each year. This has that SEC classic feel to it. And in that case give me the Gamecocks. South Carolina 20 Georgia 17.

WHO Channel 13’s Chris Hassel

Iowa State @ Iowa – I would be shocked if Iowa doesn’t win the game, but I wouldn’t put money on the Hawks to cover two touchdowns. You should be able to tell the outcome of the game by looking at the quarterback box score, on Sunday. If Ricky Stanzi has fewer turnovers than Austen Arnaud, it will likely be a long day for State. I’m picking ISU to beat the spread, but lose the game 21-10. In the words of Chris Williams Bot, "Seneca Wallace".

Miami @ Ohio State – It took the Buckeyes two overtimes to beat the ‘Canes in the 2002 National Championship game, but I don’t think the 2010 matchup will be as dramatic. Ohio State could have the best team in the nation, and I expect the Buckeyes will stay on course for a trip to this years BCS title game. I’m taking OSU and laying 9.5 — final score, 30-17.

Florida State @ Oklahoma – Florida State is no Utah State, but I’m not sure the ‘Noles will be able to keep it as tight as the Aggies. Oklahoma rarely loses at home (which is odd considering it’s not a great home-field advantage), and I don’t see it happening this weekend. OU rebounds for with a solid 31-20 victory.

Colorado @ Cal – I feel bad for the Colorado beat writers heading to this one. Cal has, without a doubt, the smallest press box in the history of college football. Dave Zawilinski covered a game there, once. It was so small, he had to leave his ego in the car. Give me the Golden Bears 27-14.

Michigan @ Notre Dame – I love this matchup. The winner is going to be 2-0, and roar into the top 25. The Wolverines looked awfully good, at home, in their opener — but there will be 100,000 less Michigan fans in South Bend, Saturday. I’ll take the Irish, in a very exciting game, 31-28.

Georgia @ South Carolina – This could be the year the Ol’ Ball Coach finally puts together a good to great season at USC East. I’ll take the ‘Cocks 24-20. Maybe next time AJ Green will think team before ‘green’.

ABC 5’s Dave Zawilinski

Iowa State @ Iowa (14.5) – On paper it’s an easy pick. But this game is never easy to pick. The spread is ALWAYS too high. I think the Cyclones will move the ball. I think they will get inside Iowa’s 30 at least four or five times. I just question their ability to finish. I think this game could look a lot like the last Cy-Hawk game played in Kinnick (minus the RIDICULOUS muddy conditions in the south endzone). I think the Cyclones will settle for a lot of field goals, miss at least one and probably turn the ball over on that end of the field. Two weeks ago I predicted a 23-9 Iowa win. Iowa outright, Cyclones with the spread. That being said, if they can find a way to convert on some of those drives I would not be surprised to see this turn into one hell of game. I wouldn’t be surprised if ISU wins. Nothing surprises me when it comes to this game anymore.

Miami @ Ohio State (-9.5) – There’s only one reason I’m upset about attending the Iowa State Iowa game . I have to miss the OSU Miami game(but trust me thats ok). I think this will be the best game of the weekend. Miami always seems to play well early in the season. Remember what Jacory Harris did to FSU in the opener last year? This kid is a STUD. This one is a no brainer in my book… Miami with the points. (31-26 OSU)

Florida State @ Oklahoma – Did you see the way Oklahoma played against Utah St. ??!?! They looked terrible. I even heard an ESPN analyst call the OU "D" soft today! I have never heard the words OU "D" and soft in the same sentence before. Christian Ponder is a legit Heisman candidate and FSU is on its way back to prominence. That being said, I chalk up OU’s miscues to just that, miscues in week one. They will be ready this week. DeMarco Murray (future Heisman winner) will carry the Sooners to a victory. 27-17 OU.

Colorado @ California – Colorado sure looked good in week one against CSU. Shane Vereen is a future star in the making for Cal. I learned by lessons last week by picking UCLA to beat KSU on the road. I won’t make the same mistake in a toss up game. Give me Cal at home.

Michigan @ Notre Dame – Dernard Robinson was the best player in the country in week one. 19-22 over 200 yards passing and 197 yards rushing. I think Manti Te’o will keep him in check but Dernard will still have his way. When has Brian Kelly ever been known for his defense? Rich Rod’s seat gets a little cooler with a big win and a 2-0 start. 31-14 Michigan.

Georgia @ South Carolina – An early battle between Georgia and SC could go a long way in shaping the SEC East. This division truely seems to be up for grabs for the first time in several years. AJ Green won’t play again and I just don’t trust a freshman on the road in the SEC. Ill take SC 21 Georgia 17.

CF advertiser Adam Gray, of the Adam Gray Agency (insurance)

Iowa State @ Iowa – ISU has covered 10 out of the last 12 times in this series. Arnaud cuts down on the turnovers and Wally Burnham draws up a good game plan to help keep the Cyclones in it late. Hawks win (puke) 27-17.

Miami @ Ohio State – Give me Miami to cover at the Horseshoe but in the end the Buckeyes defense makes to many plays and holds of for a 24-17 victory.

Florida State @ Oklahoma – Oklahoma looked awful in week one and Florida State looked great, but the Sooners have won 31 straight home games. I look for that streak to continue until the Cyclones come to town on Oct 16th!!! Sooners 27-24.

Colorado @ California –
Could this be the game that Dan Hawkins gets the Buffalos back on track? He sure needs it. Early look at what kind of teams Colorado will be facing when they join the Pac 10. I think being away from Boulder proves to be to difficult to overcome and Cal wins 28-10.

Michigan @ Notre Dame – Impressive win by Michigan in week one but not so fast Steve Deace!! Brian Kelly will do a heck of a job putting in a gameplan for Michigan and show that the Irish are close to be being back to National prominence. Notre Dame wins going away 31-13.

Georgia @ South Carolina – Liked the Gamecocks in this game from the beginning but with AJ Green looking to be out I think it is a lock. South Carolina wins 34-17.

Former Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer

Iowa State @ Iowa (-14.5) – Will we win? I don’t know. But I don’t see us losing by two scores. Always a smaller margin for error on the road, even smaller versus a top ten team. Austen finally has a start vs Iowa in an offense he’s comfortable with, we will score a TD and look for the game to be decided in the 4th.

Miami @ Ohio St. (-9.5) – I like Miami to not only cover but to win. Jacory Harris seems unflappable under duress, should be a great matchup but the “U” prevails.

Florida State @ Oklahoma – Look for OU to come out firing after a shaky week one win over Utah State. Demarco Murray has a big day, Landry Jones protects the ball and the OU defense shows up. OU wins 28-24.

Colorado @ California – Is Dan Hawkins still at Colorado?? Cal wins big at home. 48-20

Michigan @ Notre Dame – Very intriguing matchup here. I like Michigan simply because Rich Rod finally has the personnel to run his spread offense. Look for Denard Robinson to have another big day, Michigan wins 31-20.

Georgia @ South Carolina – South Carolina always plays well early in the year. Look for Georgia to struggle without A.J. Green (complete idiot…sell your own jersey?? Really???). South Carolina wins at home 13-10.