CF Mailbag: 6-2 Edition

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Happy Wednesday my fellow Cyclone Fanatics. We are officially in the dog days of college athletics but to me, it doesn’t feel like that.

We’ve got plenty to talk about here on the site and to be honest; I’ve been very busy following all of the different stories going on inside of Iowa State athletics. You all seem to be very curious in today’s edition of the CF Mailbag so let’s get to it.

We’ll start with a football question from MesaClone1.

MesaClone1 writes: Do you think we will know OL Hicks status prior to the start of fall practice?

CW: My sources tell me that Hayworth Hicks will be able to play this fall and I’m also hearing that he is the early front-runner to replace Scott Haughton in the starting lineup.

Tec71 writes: Does Iowa State have the best fans in the world? Yes or No? In 10 words or less, why?

CW: Yes. Most loyal fan base in America. (For the record, I would have liked to have written more there but Tec71 told me it had to be 10 words or less. It’s all good though.)

GeronimusClone writes: You have to take a cross-country trip on a moped with one former or present ISU male athlete. Who is it?

CW: Paul Shirley. Here’s a guy who has seen the world and after reading his book, I’m pretty sure that he knows how to have a good time. Paul is in the journalism industry so we have that in common. I think we’d have a heck of a time. I’d also consider asking: Jared Homan, Jackson Vroman, Ben Lamaak, Austen Arnaud, and Robert Faulkner to go on the trip. I have no idea why Robert Faulkner came to my mind. Heck, I might as well ask Aaron Agnew while I’m at it. Now that would have to be a jacked up moped.

Paul SHirley

Kurimski writes: Where do you think Brackins ends up going in the NBA Draft and who will draft him? Who do you think is someone he has a comparable game to?

CW: I spoke with Craig last week and he told me that he really has no clue as to what team might draft him. Flip a coin. At the time, he still had a half dozen more teams to workout for. I’ll get in touch with him again between now and June 24. Right now, the “experts” are projecting Craig as an early second round pick. I think that sounds pretty safe. I really hope that he can sneak into the first round to get some guaranteed money though. One scout told me that Craig’s game is comparable to former Texas player and current Portland Trail Blazer LaMarcus Aldridge.

Wesley writes: Will we land a Euro player this year?

Who does the dishes in your new household?

CW: I honestly don’t know about this European player that the rumor mill seems to be buzzing about. I’ve dug and dug and dug and I can’t get anything solid from anybody. I’ve heard rumblings, but don’t even know a for sure name. I promise to keep working the story though.

About the dishes, you’ll all be proud of me Fanatics. The wife has been working the overnight shift at the vet hospital here in Ames so I’ve been doing the laundry/cooking/dishes. Pretty impressive huh? Yeah. I try. Thanks for asking Wesley.

TPups21 writes: How soon before the Bobby Lutz hiring becomes official?

CW: I’m hearing that it could be the end of June or beginning of July before we hear anything. I have no idea what the holdup is. I haven’t even been able to confirm that he’s been hired, although I certainly have plenty of reasons to believe he is the guy.

Yaman3 writes: Dr. Chris M. Williams, Relationship Guru,

What is your feeling on age differences between a male and female who are both out of high school. How far is too far apart when the female is older and when the male is older?

CW: Wow. This is a first Yaman. I’ve never received this sort of a question in my mailbag before. Having said that, I’ll gladly dive in. My only bit of advice on age differences is this. Remember that you won’t be this age forever. If you’re 15 years apart, at some point in time, your significant other will be 60, when you’re only 45. Make sense? This scene from Seinfeld comes to mind.

Yankee Beans

I could care less about age differences though.

It is all about love Yaman. It is all about love. If you’re 25 and you love a 43-year old woman, then go for it. To each their own. It is your life my friend. It is your life and nobody else’s.

If you are Tim Donaughy, how far will you go to make people listen to you? No one is listening. You can look over hours of tape and everything he has said about other refs has been shown in tendencies. I realize we will never have perfect refs. They will always have tendencies but doesn’t David Stern need to do something to at least save face?

CW: I plead my ignorance on this one. It is hard for me to combine two more boring topics than the NBA and officiating. I don’t care about either of them. However, with the Iowa State ties in the upcoming NBA Draft and what looks to be an awfully busy offseason for my Chicago Bulls, I am getting back into things a little bit.

As far as Donaughy goes, he reminds me of basketball’s version of Jose Canseco. He makes headlines by tattling on everybody else. Except as history has shown, Canseco has been spot on. What is Donaughy’s track record like?

PsycloneBrian writes: With all of the excitement in recruiting surrounding coach Hoiberg, have there been any raised eyebrows on some possible long shot recruits in his sights? Possibly a 4 or 5 star recruit? Thanx!

CW: Brian, I think that the chances of Iowa State signing a four or five star player this late in the game are very slim. There just aren’t that many guys out there at the beginning of June. If I were you, I’d really start looking ahead at the 2011 class. That will be where the Hoiberg staff really makes their debut on the national recruiting scene. If any big names pop up on the roster over the next month or so, I suspect they’ll be transfers.

Erikbj writes: Who wins the Memorial Skins game Wednesday, Jack’s team or Tiger’s team? My money is on Jack!

CW: I had to Google this to know what in the heck you are talking about Erik. Don’t get me wrong. I am an avid golf fan. I flew out to New York last June to attend the U.S. Open. I did a little bit of reading on today’s event. You went with Jack? Tiger is pretty beat up right now. I don’t have any choice but to side with you and take the Golden Bear. Is anybody going to the Principal Charity Classic this weekend? I was planning on going but some family stuff came up over the last few days and that has taken away from my free time away from work. If you go, PM me and let me know what it is like. That’s an event that I have always wanted to attend but have never had the time.

Ripvdub writes: Did Pollard or any other ISU rep at the Big XII meetings say anything of substance?

CW: I don’t think that we’ll know the answer to this until the end of the week. From what I know, the big fish get into town on Thursday and that’s when the action will happen. I mean no disrespect with this in any way, but I’m not sure Jamie is in the position to say much at all at this point in time. He’s not really in a spot where he can do a ton of talking. Let’s all be honest here. Iowa State isn’t a school with a ton of leverage right now. As much as that stinks, it is the truth.

MoreCowbell writes: Do you like fishing? If so, biggest fish you’ve ever caught? If not, aside from watching races, what’s your preferred summertime activity?

CW: I love fishing. I’ll get specific with you now. I love farm pond fishing. I’m not a big, go out into the middle of a giant lake type of guy. I genuinely prefer fishing in a farm pond. I like sitting in a small boat with a large cooler. I like listening to George Strait and most of all I enjoy fishing for crappie. Why crappie you ask? Because you don’t have to do anything. Just drop the line and wait for something to bite. That’s my type of day out on the pond. I never measure the fish that I catch. Is that bad?

You nailed my other favorite summertime activity. That is dirt track racing. I’m super-excited to head south to Knoxville tomorrow night for the World of Outlaws. It has been years since I’ve last seen the Outlaws.

But you asked, “besides racing?” Well, I like golfing. That’s up there but nothing beats boating. My dad has a ski boat. He’s had one since I was a young lad in Clarinda. Water skiing is a passion of mine. I love doing it. Going to the lake with my family ranks right up there with everything else.

Rworkman83 writes: It’s a Saturday night this summer and you have nothing going on. Taylor Swift is playing at Wells Fargo Arena. George Strait is playing at Hilton. The WWE is hosting a big time event (but not Pay Per View) at the Five Seasons Center in CR. Where is CW2.0?

CW: I know what you’re trying to do here Rworkman. You’re trying to make this decision insanely difficult for my tiny, pedestrian brain. Little do you know, this is an incredibly easy decision for me. I’d go to George Strait in Hilton.

Yes, I like Taylor Swift. But she’s nowhere near the King in my book. Wells Fargo Arena doesn’t compare to Hilton. So that’s an easy decision. The WWE was the wildcard in this decision. But I’ve been to enough WWE events to know what to expect. Yes, they are an absolute blast but you always run the risk of seeing a dud show. With George Strait, there is no such thing as a dud. So I’ll go with the sure thing. Bring on the King.

George Strait

IcSyU writes: Chris, one drive with little time on the clock, which current or former Cyclone quarterback do you want leading it?

CW: I’d go with one of the top big play threats in Iowa State history, Seneca Wallace. He’s a guy who can change a game in the matter of seconds. There’s really no question here in my mind.

More dangerous question, if you have to pick a current or former Iowa State kicker, whose leg do you want to put it on?

CW: I’ll go with a wildcard here. Get ready. Bret Culbertson. I’m going to give one of my favorite Cyclones ever, Shaggy, one more shot. I want to give Shaggy one more opportunity to make that big kick. Am I crazy?

Coachdags writes: Who is your favorite Women Sports reporter…..? (You know what I mean)

CW: You’re expecting me to say Erin Andrews aren’t you? Yes, she’s lovely. But my favorite would have to be NASCAR Now host Nicole Manske. Well, she’s formerly Nicole Manske. I was a bit ticked off last night when I turned on NASCAR Now to see that her new name is Nicole Briscoe. Apparently, she recently married INDY Car driver Ryan Briscoe. I’m not upset that she got married. I am married. It’s not like I had a shot. I’m just upset that she married a driver. How do these dorky racecar drivers get all of these beautiful women? Yes, they are rich. But not all women are gold diggers. How does a big nerd like Kyle Busch smoking hot women? I just don’t get it. Is money that powerful? That’s sad.

Nicole Manske

Enisthemenace writes: Anymore news on Royce White, and whether he may end up wearing the Cardinal and Gold?

CW: Nothing new on the Royce White front. Based off of what I know, it will come down to Kentucky, West Virginia, Georgetown, UCLA and Iowa State. I’ll keep you updated.

CY9008 writes: Anything more on Karron Johnson? Is there any way he wont go to WVU at this point?

CW: I don’t know where he’ll end up but I am positive that it won’t be Iowa State.

Phipsiclones writes: What song do you think the 2010 Cyclone football team will enter the field with?

?-2005: Twilight Zone (Good times with McCarney)

2006- 2008: ? (I can’t remember the Chizik years)

2009: Smoke on the water

CW: I believe it was the same song that Nebraska and the Chicago Bulls come to. The only reason I remember that is because I recall being ticked off when I saw it the first time. Why mimic Nebraska? That makes no sense.

As for next year, how about this song?


Hollywood Hogan always used to walk out to it during his WCW days. I’ve always been partial to it. Or what about the old Stone Cole Steve Austin entrance?


That’d be sick. Thoughts?

isucy1234 writes: Favorite name of any athlete in any sport?

CW: Dick Trickle (NASCAR) and Coco Crisp (baseball). Honorable mention: Ocho Cinco, Rusty Kuntz and Milton Bradley.

CycloneYoda writes: Have you ever considered purchasing a tribble?

CW: A what?

JHudd writes: How concerned should we be in regards to the summer school session as it relates to the football team? Are any potential issues those that can be cleared up prior to the fall?

CW: Quality question JHudd but I have to be honest with you. The day the football program starts giving me academic information on the team is the day the Athlon will pick Iowa State to go undefeated. I seriously have no clue.

RhoadsRage writes: If every member of this site chips in a dollar, can we get a new server???

CW: I realize that you are frustrated about our recent server problems, as am I. I’ve submitted so many support tickets over the past two weeks that I’m getting to know their customer service people on a first name basis. Trust me. Every time we have an issue, it hurts me much more than it does you.

D4nim4l writes: In all seriousness, what is the issue with the servers? CF has been down more in the last 6 months than in the prior 3 years I have been reading the site.

While all sites require maintenance usually we have had warnings in the past when things like this would happen.

Also, if we are hosted on the same server space why is HawkeyeNation working fine while CycloneFanatic is down? Conspiracy?

CW: That’s the exact question I have posed our server company. I can assure you all that we are working adamantly on resolving the issue. One quick note is that our database is sooooo much bigger than HN’s, it’s not really a fair comparison. CF has years of archives. HN has months.