Scott Christopherson illness update

We’ve known for weeks that Iowa State’s starting shooting guard Scott Christopherson hadn’t been feeling well. Now, we know why.

During player interviews earlier today, Christopherson confirmed to the media that he has been suffering from mono.

“It was one of those things that had been going on since before the Duke game. I just felt like, really sick for a couple of weeks but I thought I was fighting through a cold,” Christopherson said. “The day before the Kansas game, we finally decided to go into the Kansas game to get it checked out. They said that I had mono. They decided that with where my body is at that I would be able to play if I wanted to. I would just be sick for a while.”

Mono is always a slow process when it comes to recovery. The good news for Iowa State is that Christopherson claims that he is making progress.

“I am getting better, getting a little stronger and getting my appetite back. I’m not 100 percent,” Christopherson said. “It is hard to really put a percentage on it. I am not able to really practice and get into the gym on my own as much as I’d like to. Usually, once the game comes I am able to muster up enough adrenaline to play in the game and stuff.

Christopherson is currently averaging 7.1 points per game for Iowa State. He’s 27-for-55 from 3-point range, at .491 percent.


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