CF Mailbag: 1-13

Good day to you Fanatics. We’ve got a big one on tap tonight. The top-ranked Longhorns will be in Hilton and I have a feeling that the place will be rocking. It better be. Just an FYI, this will be my blog for the day, as will the Mailbag column every Wednesday here at CF.

Also, just a reminder to tune into KXNO or after the game for the inaugural Cyclone Wrap-Up program presented by the Ridgemont Bar in Windsor Heights. After Iowa State games, I’ll broadcast live from Es Tas Bar and Grill in Ames. After away games, I’ll be at the Ridgemont in Windsor Heights. I’ll be giving my thoughts after every Big 12 game and I’ll be taking your calls as well! We’ll start the program at the conclusion of the Cyclone Radio Network’s post game coverage.

Let’s dig in with today’s mailbag.

SuperCy writes: Why do people still report on what former team members or coaches are doing? It’s the same everywhere. I’m sure most of us don’t care about Floyd, Alford, WJ, and the list goes on and on. It bugs me about as much as seeing a local station report on a national story because of “Iowa ties.”

CW: I actually believe that you are in the minority here SuperCy. You mentioned Floyd, Alford and Wes Johnson, but what about the Dan McCarney’s of the world. I’m sure that Iowa fans are curious about what Alford is up to, regardless of how they feel about him. I guess with me, it depends on the individual. But I disagree with you. I like these reports. My pet peeve is when a local newspaper runs an AP story from the NFL or NBA on the front page. Nails on the chalkboard for this guy who believes in local, local, local.

Knownothing writes: What position would you play if you walked on the football team? Also give us some of your skills that would make you effective at that position.

CW: I should have NEVER posted that press release about football walk-on tryouts yesterday. You Fanatics really ate that up didn’t you? What position would I play? Kicker or punter. Probably punter because I don’t have the stomach to kick important field goals. I’m not fast or athletic enough to play any skill position. I’m not big enough to be a lineman. So yes…I would make the perfect punter because I am a bit of a sissy. I really hope that somehow this gets back to my good friend Mike Brandnter.

D4nim4l writes: If you could pick one member of CF to walk on to the football team, other than yourself, who would you pick? And why?

CW: I would pick CoachDags to walk on as a quarterback. Though I have never met him in person, he appears to be a quality leader via the phone conversations and PM’s we have exchanged. I also hear that he is very athletic and agile. He’s got the reflexes of a cat and the speed of a mongoose. So they say at least. He’d fit in well with the spread offense. I’m not sure how much eligibility he has left though.

I hereby nominate ISUFan22 as our head coach.

Clones21 writes: Do you enjoy doing the Vlog at Mr Bs, Tommys salon or by yourself more?

CW: I love doing the VLOG everywhere. You don’t really expect me to pick one sponsor over another do you? The fact of the matter is that without these businesses, wouldn’t exist. That or you’d have to pay for it. That’s all the more reason to support these good people.

Cyclone2424 writes: In your opinion, of the incoming recruits for football, who stands out as the most likely to make an immediate impact?

CW: I think that the addition of JUCO DE Rony Nelson has the possibility of being huge, mainly because there is an open spot on the defensive line. This will read as trendy but Shontrelle Johnson will have an opportunity to come right in and make some big plays for Iowa State’s offense. With Jeremiah Schwartz out of the picture, he’ll more than likely get a chance to prove himself at some point during the season. The word out of Ames is that James White was solid during bowl practices but as we found out last season, you can never have too many running backs. So there are two guys for you all to chew on. All in all, this appears to be a great class that I’m looking forward to learning more about in the coming weeks.

Who is your favorite Sports Center anchor?

CW: Erin Andrews………..

Oh. You said Sports Center anchor…okay. I’m going to kick it old school. Chris Berman. I laugh out loud every time I hear him go “whoop” while giving NFL highlights. It is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ll give you a current favorite too. Josh Elliot is going to be really good. Mike Greenburg is my favorite though because honestly, he has always been one of my idols in the business. Last year, I read his book about being a sports journalist/dad/family man all together and it really helped me shape what I want my life to look like in 10 years.

What is your favorite ESPN commercial of all time?

CW: I posted my all-time favorite at the top of the page. Note to all Fanatics. I am a HUGE WWE fan. My roommate and I got second row tickets for Monday Night RAW which is coming to Des Moines in February. Holler.

ISUonthemove writes: I’m not convinced the spread offense is what we should be running. Every team in the Big XII is building their defenses to stop it. Wouldn’t it be smarter to run more of a power offense? I don’t understand the reasoning that we will try to “out-recruit” every other Big XII school. Doesn’t make sense. It’s easier for Iowa State to develop stud linemen than skilled position players.I guess I’m just worried we’re going to have a hard time keeping up with the Jones’ playing their game.

CW: I think that we are all about to see a trend heading back towards the power game in the Big 12 over the next 10 years or so. Look at Nebraska. Look at Kansas State. Look at what Turner Gill will more than likely do in Lawrence. I just know that these trends come and go. I doubt that the Wildcat will be huge 10 years from now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see with the Iowa State situation. I really feel like when Coach Herman gets his players in, Iowa State’s offense can and will be something special. Give it time. You didn’t see a true representation of what this staff wants to do last season. Again. Give it time.

Yaman3 writes: Chris,I am wondering why you don’t go with the “blowout” hairstyle as seen on Jersey Shore and on other various guidos elsewhere. I think it would look great on you. Also, of all the Jamie Pollard decisions, which do you disagree with and at the time did you disagree with it?

CW: Congrats Yaman3. You just made the first Jersey Shore reference in the history of’s front page. You should feel honored. What a stupid show. I say that, but it is like this. While watching it, I feel myself constantly getting dumber. But I still can’t take my eyes off of the television. I know that I am only frying brain cells by having the television on, but I cannot look away.

With the Pollard question, that one is tough. I have never really disagreed passionately with one of his big decisions. Everybody was blown away with the Chizik hire at the time. I loved it when McDermott took the hoops gig. Giving Bill Fennelly a lifetime contract was a great move. The Cael situation wasn’t his fault. It’s hard to argue with Paul Rhoads. I’m not really sure what you want me to write here.

GeronimusClone writes: “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I drink Dos Equis.”

I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I enjoy a Boulevard Wheat.

What’s the CF BSD like to drink?

CW: Kind of weird GC…kind of weird. I am a Boulevard Wheat man myself. That’s my all-time favorite. The best thing in the world is going to a Kansas City Royals game, getting some Boulevard on tap and watching the Royals get pounded by anybody who happens to be their opponent that night. As far as simple domestics go, I am a Miller Lite guy all the way. If I feel like going cheap, Busch or a smooth Stone always tastes great.

Cycofan1 writes: If Greg McDermott was fired who do you think would replace him.

CW: Not Fred Hoiberg.

Who is your favorite CF’er. (Be honest)

CW: All of the moderators. I couldn’t do this gig without them.

Huntt26 writes: What is your opinion on the state of college football – with coaches leaving teams after such a short stay and the amount of money that is thrown around?

CW: Here’s the deal. I don’t blame Kiffin at all for taking the USC job. It is a better job for better money and ultimately where he wants to retire. I was listening to Colin Cowherd earlier today and he touched on what I though was a great point. Fans get upset all of the time and post that they want coaches fired after a tough loss. I guarantee you that some knucklehead Tennessee fan did that to Kiffin at some point this year. A lot of fans (not all) have no loyalty to coaches, but get mad when coaches opt to leave for a better opportunity. See where I am going here? It should be a two-way street, but it’s not.

Do you think a good part of why Pete Carroll left USC is because they will be in deep crap with NCAA sanctions?

CW: According to Carroll, no. I hope not. To be honest, I am and always have been a giant Pete Carroll fan. He was great for college football. I don’t know what next year is going to be like without him and Bobby Bowden. I will be lost. Pete Carroll’s name gets mentioned with jobs all of the. Usually, that happens for a reason. So no, I am not surprised that he left. The timing is a little bit odd but in the end, I think that he did it for the right reasons.