Five questions with Bret Meyer, 12-1

Once again, is gathering analysis from one of the greatest quarterbacks in Iowa State history, Bret Meyer on the current state of Cyclone football. In today’s section, Meyer chimes in on bowl games, the Heisman trophy and who Iowa State’s MVP was for this past regular season.

You’ve been to both places. Shreveport or Houston…where would you rather bowl and why?

BM: Both bowl trips were special for different reasons. You can’t go wrong spending a week with your teammates, coaches, and fans. Putting the game aside, I would have to say Houston was the better trip. Practicing at the Houston Texans facility and playing in an NFL stadium was a great experience. In addition to the facilities, the Galleria in Houston is a great area and spending New Years Eve in the city is something I will always remember.

What was it like as a player when you had to wait to see who you’d play in a bowl game? How do you practice?

BM: This is an exciting time for the players and coaches at Iowa State. My freshmen year we found out at our year end banquet and most of the upperclassmen who had already been to Shreveport began sharing stories of the experience. My sophomore year, we were still reeling from the loss to Kansas, but the anticipation was still there. As far as preparation for the game, we approached it like the beginning of two a days or spring practice. Coaches put a heavy emphasis fundamentals and getting guys healthy and refocused on football.

Is there any chance at all that Nebraska pulls of the upset this Saturday?

BM: Of any team in the North, Nebraska has the best chance. Suh and the rest of the defense are the reasons why. If they are able to contain Colt McCoy and the Texas receivers, they will have a chance. But they will have to move the ball on a defense that may be as good or better than their own. In addition, playing in Cowboys Stadium can be somewhat of a distraction for college kids. Whoever handles their emotions the best may get off to a quick start. If you had a vote, who would win this year’s Heisman Trophy?

BM: My vote would go to the player who leads the country in rushing yards and touchdowns scored. Or to the quarterback who’s team is undefeated and leads all passers in touchdowns and passing efficiency. Unfortunately for Tobe Gerhart and Kellen Moore they don’t play at Texas, Florida, or Oklahoma. That being said, I think that Colt McCoy has the wins, stats and big school appeal that the voters are looking for.

Who is Iowa State’s MVP for this regular season?

BM: Lots of great performances this year but my vote goes to Jesse Smith. Going from walk-on status to a three year starter and first-team All-Big 12 performer is remarkable. Jesse was the quarterback of that defense and we would not be going bowling without his stellar play in the middle.


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