Q&A: Reggie Stephens, 10-26

Iowa State’s offensive line is statistically the best in the country at protecting the quarterback through eight games this season. Senior Reggie Stephens is one giant reason why. Find out what Stephens had to say during yesterday’s press day here in this Q&A.

How are you feeling Reggie? Are you sick at all?

RS: A little bit. You guys might want to keep your distance. My roommate is Ben Lamaak so I’m sure. I’ll be all right.

Is he taking precautions at home?

RS: I think that he’s wearing a mask and all of that stuff.

Do you have to wear a mask?

RS: No, I don’t. I stay healthy.

How do you feel like your offense played against Nebraska’s great defense?

RS: There were some yards that we probably left out on the field but at the same time, we took care of the ball, got some yards when we needed it. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement. We can do a lot of things better.

What do you know about Texas A&M?

RS: They’ve got a really good defensive end. He’s leading the Big 12 maybe in sacks or something like that. Other than that, I don’t know much.

What about playing there?

RS: It should be fun. It’ll be like last week. A great environment, loud. It should be a lot of fun. It appears that Coach Rhoads’ enthusiasm has really rubbed off on you guys. Is that fair to say?

RS: I think so. They always say that a team takes on the identity of its head coach. Coach Rhoads is very passionate. The way he talks to us, we have to take it or leave it. I think that all of us are taking it. Have you ever played for a coach who would stand up and jump around with you guys like we all saw in that video?

RS: Coach McCarney was pretty close to that. I’d say that’s the closest.

Does he remind you of Coach Mac in a lot of ways?

RS: A little bit. In his demeanor and the way that he talks to us.

Do you prefer the business-like approach that Coach Chizik brought to the table or the emotional one?

RS: We’ve been more successful with this one so I’ll go with that.


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