BARELY AUDIBLE: Where to go from here?

In this week's episode of "Barely Audible," former quarterback Austen Arnaud takes us through his concerns at the QB spot. Austen breaks down their mechanics and discusses ways the the staff can help them, and the offensive line right away. Jeff Woody dissects the...

Countdown to kickoff: Day 4

Cyclone Fanatic is counting down the days until Iowa State’s season opener against Northern Iowa by bringing you a stat, former Cyclone moment or any other random tidbits every morning to help countdown the days. No. 4- Austen Arnaud The quarterback positio...

NDSU brings “harder” & “tougher” attitude to Ames

AMES — All you need to know about three-time defending FCS champion North Dakota State can be gleaned from its final drive in last season’s 24-21 upset of Kansas State at Manhattan.The Wildcats clung to a 21-17 lead with 8:58 remaining as the Bison took possession.An eternity?Not to K-State coach/wizard Bill Snyder, who immediately...

Position Focus: Wide receiver

Former Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud and I continue our "Postiion Focus" series today with a look at the wide receivers. Is this a spot where the Cyclones are bound to improve in 2013? Find out what we think in this CFTV production. 

Position Focus: Tight end

Austen Arnaud knows first hand how important a good tight end can be for a young quarterback. Sam Richardson should have a couple of them this year at Iowa State. Today, we continue on with our "Position Focus" series at Cyclone Fanatic with a look at...

Position Focus: The offensive line

Today, we resume our "Position Focus" series at Cyclone Fanatic as Austen Arnaud and I discuss Iowa State's situation on the offensive line for 2013. Enjoy this video and let us know what you think by voting in this poll. 

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