Where Iowa State projects in the Phil Steele preview

We’ve covered what Lindy’s and Athlon Sports‘ college football preview magazines have said about the Cyclones, but it’s time to get to the big one.

Chris Williams and I sometimes joke about which magazine is the best between these three brands, with my childhood bias to Phil Steele coming out in full force. It’s been a running joke and can certainly be a debate if people want to spend their afternoons having one; I just like the layout and fillable schedules.

Anyways, I’m here to take y’all through where Iowa State projects according to Phil Steele.

Like other magazines, Iowa State’s Will McDonald earned first-team all-American honors. Wide receiver Xavier Hutchinson also ended up on the fourth all-American team in the magazine.

Each of them were named as first team all-Big 12 players along with Anthony Johnson, who transitions to the safety position.

Steele is very high on Johnson and mentions the high ceiling of him and Malik Verdon.

Other Cyclones earning Phil Steele all-conference honors include second-teamers Trevor Downing and O’Rien Vance, third-teamers Darrell Simmons, Gerry Vaughn and Jaylin Noel (at returner), and fourth-teamers Jarrod Hufford and Isaiah Lee.

Steele calls for Iowa State and Kansas State to tie at the No. 5 spot in the Big 12 standings at the end of the year.

The overarching theme of his info on Iowa State mentions coach Matt Campbell having an underestimated team to work with.

“Opponents had better be prepared as this is the type of year with no expectations for the Cyclones and this is when Campbell does his best work.”

Steele’s magazine is available across the country at any Barnes & Noble store, as are the Lindy’s and Athlon Sports previews mentioned.