Staff standings after Week 7

Jared Stansbury: 28-25

Brent Blum and Rob Gray: 27-26

Garrett Kroeger: 25-29

Kirk Haaland: 23-30

Chris Williams and Adam Gray: 22-31

Jeff Woody: 21-32

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa – A lot of people picking Iowa around here. I just don’t see any reason why, other than blind faith. I’ll take the Badgers by two scores.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas – Kansas is just such a hard place to play at when there’s 45 people in the stands. Jayhawks cover.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech – My gut says to take the Red Raiders in a Lubbock night game but the Baker Mayfield hating Tech thing is very real. I’ll take the Sooners mainly because Tech has the worst defense in college football.

Ole Miss @ LSU (-5.5) – LSU by a touchdown.

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5) – No way I will lay nearly three touchdowns for the 6th ranked team in America. Bama by 14.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5) – Brutal game to pick. I’ll take WVU because of the hook and where the game is being played.

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10) – I feel like Vegas knows something here. Still I’ll go with my gut and take the points.

Senior Writer, Rob Gray

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa- Badgers have been oh so close while attempting to topple titans such as Michigan and Ohio State. Hawks won’t be a problem. Wisky covers, though Iowa puts up a good fight.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas- The Jayhawks should have beaten TCU a couple weeks ago, but are, ahem, “learning how to win.” I think they hang somewhat tough this week at home. No cover for the Pokes.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech- Red Raiders are frauds. Good defenses defuse their potent attack. OU all day in this matchup.

Texas @ Kansas State (-3)- Wildcats get a much needed win and Strong again sees his support in Austin weaken. KSU cover.

Ole Miss @ LSU (-5.5)- Rebels can score and LSU still doesn’t have a viable QB. Still, at home I’ll take LSU to keep it close and prevent an Ole Miss cover.

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5)- Crimson Tide has been kicking ass and taking names. Time for a modest letdown. Aggies make this a game for three quarters and don’t allow ‘Bama to cover.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5)- Not sure what to think about the banged up Horned Frogs and I’m going to consider Dana’s boys legit until proven otherwise. Still, I don’t think WVU covers. Should be a fun game.

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10)- Why are the Hogs 10-point dogs? Auburn’s solid but far from a complete team. I’ll take Arkansas to at least keep it close, so no cover for the Tigers. Oh, and last year’s meeting was one for the ages. Should be another great matchup.

Staff Writer, Jared Stansbury

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa – The game seems like it is prime for a 14-10 final score. In fact, that’s what I’ll pick. Badgers cover.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas – 24 is a big number. I’ll take the Jayhawks to cover at home.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech – Give me Oklahoma by all the points. OU’s defense isn’t great, but I’m starting to think Texas Tech isn’t very good in general.

Texas @ Kansas State (-3) – In my “I have no clue game of the week,” I’ll take the Longhorns.

Ole Miss @ LSU (-5.5) – I think LSU might be hitting their groove with Alabama on the horizon. Tigers cover at home.

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5) – Roll damn Tide.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5) – West Virginia rolls to a cover.

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10) – I’ll take the Hogs in a close one, but the Tigers get the win.

CF Columnist, Brent Blum

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa. Wisconsin has to be like Forrest Gump in the famous running scene, “I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go home now.” Iowa 27 Wisconsin 13.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas. Oklahoma State sleepwalks. Oklahoma State 34 Kansas 21.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech. I know they aren’t very good, but night games in Lubbock are trouble. Oklahoma 37 Texas Tech 31

Texas @ Kansas State (-3). Vampire special. K-State 30 Texas 20.

Ole Miss @ LSU (-5.5). I say this with all-seriousness, Ole Miss is the greatest soon-to-be 3-4 Football team of all-time. LSU 24 Ole Miss 20.

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5). Alabama is due for a come-down-to-earth game. Alabama 33 Texas A&M 27.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5). TCU with a week to prepare, Frogs come to play. TCU 31 West Virginia 28.

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10). Auburn 27 Arkansas 21.

Former Cyclone running back and CF Analyst, Jeff Woody

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa  – Badgers. The Hawks have lost at Kinnick already this year to NDSU. Wisconsin is just a better version of them.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas – OSU. Kansas is real, real bad. Real bad.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech – OU. Tech’s defense is real, real bad. Real bad.

Texas @ Kansas State (-3) –Wildcats. I think last week was an aberration, plus, K State never gets phased by helmet logos.


Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5) – A&M. Bama is really good. But 18.5 to the number 5 team in the country? Get outta here with that mess.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5) – Eers. Again, I don’t trust Kenny Hill as far as I can throw him.

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10) – Pig Sooey – Is Auburn that good that they get 2 scores at home to a ranked team? I think not.

Stat Guy, KiRk Haaland

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa – Wisky by two, Iowa keeps it close.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas – Kansas keeps another one closer than expected, but not THAT close.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech – The projections love the Tech offense…not enough to win, just enough to cover.

Texas @ Kansas State (-3) – Kansas State, ever so slightly.

Ole Miss @ LSU (-5.5) – Ole Miss covers a close one in Baton Rouge.

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5) – Alabama by 13, Aggies cover.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5) – West Virginia covers, barely.

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10) – Arkansas, also barely.

Director of Sales, Adam Gray

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa – Only concern is that Wisconsin is worn down from last weeks OSU game.  I’ll still take them to win a low scoring game 17-10.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas – Thanks to Chris Williams for putting this horseshit game in pickems…..OSU 42-24.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech – Tech rebounds after an embarrassing effort last week to put up a fight against the Sooners.  Their offense should be good enough to score 40 against this awful OU defense.  Tech covers.

Texas @ Kansas State (-3) – Snyder > Strong.  State by 6.

Ole Miss @ LSU (-5.5) – LSU wins.  Ole miss covers

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5) – Trever Knight is going to give Alabama some issues with his ability to run/pass.  Not enough to win, but enough to cover.  Alabama 37-20.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5) – TCU wins outright

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10) – Auburn 10 points better than Arkansas?  I don’t see it.  31-28 Auburn.

CF Intern, Garrett Kroeger

Wisconsin (-3.5) @ Iowa – Badgers cover easily.

Oklahoma State (-24) @ Kansas – Oklahoma State wins but Kansas somehow covers.

Oklahoma (-14) @ Texas Tech – Baker shows coach pretty what he is missing. Sooners cover.

Texas @ Kansas State (-3) – It’s October which are Vampires’ favorite month. State by a touchdown.

Ole Miss @ LSU (-5.5) – LSU wins but Ole Miss covers.

Texas A&M @ Alabama (-18.5) –  This will be a close game people. Bama by a field goal.

TCU @ West Virginia (-6.5) – Give me the Mountaineers!

Arkansas @ Auburn (-10) – I don’t see how the Tigers are a 10-point favorite over the Razorbacks. Give me Auburn by 3.


Garrett Kroeger

Cyclone Fanatic Publisher

Garrett is an intern for Cyclone Fanatic and is currently a junior at THE Iowa State University. He is studying Journalism and Mass Communications while minoring in Sports and Rec. If you like college football, NBA or just random life tweets, Garrett is a must follow on Twitter: @gkroegs.