CF’s Expert Pick’em: Week 14

Many had a solid round of picks last week, but sadly, none did as well as Mr. Cooter Ray and his 6-0 performance. He propelled to the upper echelon of the leader board and has every self respecting Iowan ready to curl up in the fetal position as he aims to repeat his championship here.

But, don’t count out the hard working Iowan type personofied by one Jeff Woody, who still sits atop the standings.

Buckle up for your Thanksgiving edition of mediocre at best picks!


Former Cyclone RB, Jeff Woody

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – There is something about this game that makes me think Iowa is going to pull it out. I think it’s because they are playing basically "Wisconsin lite" in Nebraska, and they played relatively well. And it’s in Kinnick on senior day. Iowa.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – This game is really interesting. Whenever another Texas team plays Texas, there is a huge "prove them wrong for not recruiting me" motivational aspect. That being said, this Longhorn team is really turning a corner and is going to be frightening in the future. I think the line is a little high, so I’ll take TCU to win, UT to cover.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – 9.5 is really high in any rivalry game. I’ll take the Tigers to cover. Who’s gonna win? No idea, but it should be a single-digit loss either way.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Give me the Rebs. This is partially a desire pick and partially a head pick, because there is a home aspect to a rivalry game. Again, throw records out the window in this rivalry game so it could go either way.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – We’ve seen how well Notre Dame plays on the west coast. And after getting drilled by UCLA, USC will have a revitalized mentality at practice. Trojans.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – MAN, WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO HAVE FLORIDA STATE LOSE!! They’ve eked out wins against mediocre teams all year, and this will be no different. I will take the Gators to cover the 9.5 and lose. But if they lose it’ll be even better.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – A rivalry game where he Wolverines can essentially take OSU out of any national conversation? I’ll take the fighting Hoke’s all day every day. 

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – I really hope that this one doesn’t get out of hand. There is a ton of offensive talent in that WVU offensive skill group, and Iowa State’s defense is just decimated with injuries. I will take the Cyclones to cover at home on senior day. The backup QB aspect at WVU helps.

CF Director of Sales, Adam Gray

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Iowa.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – TCU.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Auburn.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – MSU.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – USC.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – FSU.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – OSU.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – ISU.

ESPN Broadcaster, Chris Hassel

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Iowa. Huskers are injury-riddled. 

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – Horns. UT may pull the upset. 

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Tide. Bama clearly much better than Auburn. 

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – State. But rooting for Rebs. 

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – Trojans. Both teams reeling but ND just isn’t very good. 

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – FSU. One of these days, Florida State will win by two scores. 

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – OSU. Buckeyes usher Brady Hoke out the side door. 

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – Clones. Cyclones come to play. I hope.

Former WOI-TV Sports Director, Dave Zawilinski

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Defcon 5 in Lincoln.  Give me Iowa. 

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – Texas.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Auburn.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Miss St is still playing for a spot in the playoff 

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – Notre Dame.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida. Outright.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Ohio St.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – West Virginia.

Former Cyclone WR, Lane Danielsen

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Iowa.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – Texas.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Bama.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Miss St.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – USC.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida State.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Ohio State.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – WV

Former Cyclone LB, Adam Carper

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – 2 teams going in opposite directions.  Iowa by a couple TDs

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – Longhorns.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – War Eagle!

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Bulldogs need to win convincingly in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.  I think they do and cover.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – Golden Domers finish the regular season with a 4 game losing streak.  USC

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – With this being an in-state rivalry and Muschamp’s last game, I see the Gators keeping this competitive and covering.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Urban Meyer wouldn’t run up the score on Michigan would he?  Who we kidding…OSU covers!

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – Cyclones will fight hard in front of the home crowd and cover. 

Former Cyclone WR, Jack Whitver

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Nebraska not playing well, Iowa is at home. Hawkeyes cover. 

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – his is the time of year where huge National title upsets occur. Texas playing better, win straight up. Longhorns cover. 

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Alabama continues to improve, dominates at home. Tide cover. 

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – The Rebels are out of national title contention, but they can also spoil it for Miss State. Ole Miss wins straight up in the Egg Bowl. Rebels cover. 

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – Neither team is playing very well right now. Trojans have more athletes and are at home. Trojans win but ND covers. 

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida State has been playing with fire every game this year. Florida keeps it close in an in state rivalry. Florida covers. 

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – OSU playing for style points right now trying to get into the playoff. Urban runs it up big and puts a nail in the Brady Hoke coffin. Buckeyes by 21 to cover. 

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – West Virginia has QB issues, long trip, Thanksgiving weekend, cold weather…ISU keeps it close, covers, and maybe wins straight up. 

The enCYCLONEpedia Guy, Kirk Haaland

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – There will either be a meltdown in Iowa City or Lincoln on Black Friday. I choose Lincoln. Iowa covers.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – State pride for the Longhorns gets them the cover…maybe the win.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – This game has had national title implications for the last five years and it is always a hum-dinger with the team needing a win pulling it out. I’ll take the Tide to win but Auburn to cover.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Rebels scramble everything for Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – USC.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Seminoles can’t keep barely beatin inferior teams…so, they’ll crush this one.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Bad year for the Wolverines. Thankfully, the coach of their biggest rival doesn’t often run up the sco – oh, never mind. Buckeyes.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – I want to pick Iowa State, predominantly because of senior day heroics. But, the defense is giving up far too many big plays. A single tear streams down my cheek as I pick the Mountaineers.

Former Cyclone QB, Bret Meyer

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Iowa.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – TCU.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Bama.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – USC.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Ohio State.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – WVU.

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Nebraska is a disaster right now. Hawks 24, Huskers 21.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – The Horned Frogs will always get up for Texas. TCU 34, Texas 24.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Bama has been awful vs. the number all year but I want to be on the plus side of the hook. Alabama 28, Auburn 17.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Mississippi State 24, Ole Miss 20.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – Irish haven’t covered in over a month. USC 35, Notre Dame 24.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida State 70, Florida 3

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Ohio State got its letdown game out of the way last week. Buckeyes roll 41-10.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – Much like last week, Iowa State will show up with a ton of fight. Mountaineers have too many weapons though. West Virginia 38, Iowa State 24. 

CF Columnist, Brent Blum

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Nebraska 27 Iowa 20.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – TCU 28 Texas 24.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Alabama 35 Auburn 28.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Mississippi State 27 Ole Miss 21.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – USC 35 Notre Dame 21.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida State 30 Florida 24.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Ohio State 31 Michigan 14.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – West Virginia 35 Iowa State 24. 

WHO-TV Meteorologist, Bret McIntyre

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Iowa. Nebraska has quit, and Pelini still needs that traditional 4th loss.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – Texas. Horned Frogs last chance to make a statement, but I think the moment may be too big for them. Texas may even take this outright.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Alabama. While I’d love for Bama and Ole Miss both to lose and set the stage for a potential SEC-absent playoff, I’m going to pick this the other way. Win-win now no matter what.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Miss St. While I’d love for Bama and Ole Miss both to lose and set the stage for a potential SEC-absent playoff, I’m going to pick this the other way. Win-win now no matter what.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – USC. I get the feeling the USC team is as indifferent about football as fans are in LA, but it doesn’t matter. Notre Dame is bad, especially on the road.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida State. I’m sure they’ll be way behind or something and still end up covering. Should have made this an over/under on Winston ref shoves this week

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Michigan. 20 is way, way to many to comfortably lay in this rivalry, no matter how hapless Michigan is.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – West Virginia. I don’t know. WV may have quit by the time this game kicks off, but can the ISU offense find enough consistency to score for the second week in a row?

KXNO Host/Producer, Andrew Downs

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Iowa. Gut feeling.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – TCU. Need some style points.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Auburn. Bama probably wins but spread is too big.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – Mississippi State. Better team.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – USC. Just because I don’t like Notre Dame.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – Florida. Again, number is too big.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – OSU. They’ll run it up on lowly Michigan while they can.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – ISU. I don’t think it’s a Cyclone win, but loved the effort I saw against Tech; they’ll keep it close.

CF Senior Writer, Rob Gray

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Iowa.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – ‘Horns.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – Tide.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – MSU.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – Notre Dame.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – FSU.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – OSU.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – ISU.

Former Cyclone QB, Austen Arnaud

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Have to go Hawks here, Nebraska is banged up and reeling right now.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – I like the Horns here. Texas is playing physical football right now and not to mention they are playing extremely hard for their new coach.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – I’ll take Auburn and the points here. Guz Malzahn historically has been able to dial it up against the Bama defense.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – I like Miss St. Bo Wallace hasn’t been at his best lately and he also has a bum ankle.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – This one is tricky both teams aren’t playing very good football right now. I’ll take the golden Domers to keep it close.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – I believe Florida St overlooked BC last week due to this game. A lot of Florida boys on each roster and the ‘Noles are much better than the Gators. ‘Noles by a lot.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – Buckeyes. Tom Herman and JT Barrett too much here. 

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – I like the Cyclones to play hard on senior night, but as we have seen playing hard doesn’t get you victories. The Cyclones have yet to execute for an entire game all year long, I think they keep this within reach but West Va. wins by 3-7 points.

Former Cyclone K, Bret Culbertson

Nebraska @ Iowa (-1.5) – Going for Nebraksa in this one.

TCU (-6.5) @ Texas – This spread is too low. TCU.

Auburn @ Alabama (-9.5) – My heart says Auburn. I’m pulling for an upset.

Miss State (-1) @ Ole Miss – This will be a fun one. Miss State.

Notre Dame @ USC (-7) – Trying to keep the faith in my Irish. ND.

Florida @ Florida St (-9.5) – FSU.

Michigan @ Ohio St (-20) – I believe it. Ohio State.

West Virginia (-13) @ ISU – I can’t bet against the Clones.