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Doc Pete Buck here. 

This entry marks the first foray of the three team orthopedic surgeons in Cyclone Fanatic. Dr. Tom Greenwald, Dr. Bryan Warme and I will be blogging about the status of sports medicine, injuries and rehabilitation. 

We work as the team orthopedic surgeons at Iowa State, standing on the sidelines, traveling with the football team and caring for injured athletes in every sport. All of us have special certification in sports medicine beyond our board certification in orthopedic surgery. I joined the ISU family in 1990. Dr. Greenwald came on board in 1992 and Dr. Warme in 2012.  

You’ve heard us give pregame interviews over the years discussing a myriad of sports injuries from ACL ruptures to shoulder dislocations to platelet rich injections to hip arthroscopy.   

We can’t discuss the specifics of an athlete’s injury…. that information is always privileged. But we can use an athlete’s injury as a springboard to discuss similar injuries, their treatment and special needs in rehabilitation. 

Also, we hope to act as Myth Busters in the sports medicine field. It was once rumored that I was draining an Ames High football player’s knee every day during the season. Not! 

Over the years, we have worked closely with coaches Walden, McCarney, Chizek and Rhoads. We have worked with head trainers Frank Randall and Mark Coberley and continue to interface closely with ISU’s family practice team doctor, Dr. Marc Shulman. 

An orthopedic surgeon is an important part of the athletic “team” at ISU and the many high schools that we cover. Of course, if our services aren’t needed, that’s a big win and we are happy to stand in the shadows. 

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