CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 11


Chris Hassel, 39-22
Adam Carper, 36-25
Bret Culbertson, 33-27
Andrew Downs, 31-30
Jack Whitver, 31-30
Austen Arnaud, 29-32
Brett McIntyre, 29-32
Dave Zawilinski, 29-32
Trevor Enerson, 28-33
Brent Blum, 27-34
Chris Williams 27-34
Kirk Haaland, 25-36
Adam Gray, 25-36


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – C’mon. OU a two TD dog to Baylor? Sooners may win outright.

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Stanford has what it takes to stay with the Ducks. Cardinal covers.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Michigan really needs this one but Huskers cover.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – I really hope it’s a close game but ‘Bama is an NFL caliber team at home. Tide rolls.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – TTU gets back on the winning track. But it won’t be easy. Red Raiders squeak out a win, and a cover.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – The Longhorns have their confidence back. Should be a rout.

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – I won’t pick the Cyclones until they prove they can keep a game within 30.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – Never thought I’d say these words…The Baylor Bears throttle Oklahoma!

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – If you love college football, no way do you miss this game Thursday night. Stanford covers at home.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Michigan is a different team at home and Nebraska has too many key starters injured. Michigan covers.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – In the words of Harvey Updyke (famous tree-poisoner)…Roll Damn Tide!!

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Red Raiders get back on track and cover. 

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Texas

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – Hard to pick ISU after the last 3 weeks.  Hope I’m wrong but I’ll take TCU to cover.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – For the first time in my 5-year old’s lifetime the Bears will rip off the giant green band-aid, and years later I’ll tell him the tale of how Baylor couldn’t fill their stadium. My, times are a changin’.  Baylor’s been cruising through games like it’s nobodies business, but this is going to be the first major test. Sooners beat the spread.

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – My head tells me yes, my heart tells me no. Going with my heart. Stanford stays close at home.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – TOTALLY wrong about Michigan and Michigan State last week. I’d like to officially announce my apology to Spartan punter Mike Sadler for doubting his crew. As for this match-up, I’ll go with Michigan at home.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – Roll Tide.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – I think the Wildcats are better than their record shows. If they found a way to stay "close" against Baylor’s offense I think they can do it here. K-State wins.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – I’d give Texas a little more credit that that. Longhorns big.

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – The Clones need one. Cyclones.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – Oklahoma. Baylor’s run ends here, the Sooners win outright. 

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Oregon. The Ducks need a convincing win to get back to 2nd in the BCS. They’ll get it. 

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Michigan. I don’t know what to expect from either team, but I think the Big House is worth a touchdown, so give me the Wolverines.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – Alabama. Best team in the country at home against a rival…Bama by 2 touchdowns. 

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Texas Tech. I’m surprised this line isn’t bigger. Tech wins big.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Texas. This pick seems so obvious, I’m afraid it will go the other way.

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – TCU. Until I see something I like from the Cyclones offense, I can’t pick them. I hope I’m wrong.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – I’m taking Baylor to cover every game until somebody keeps it close. Baylor blows out Oklahoma! That sounds weird.

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Stanford plays the Ducks tough. They cover and have a chance to win outright and shake up the BCS picture.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Michigan wins a high scoring game by 7.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – That is a lot of points in an SEC game. I’ll take the Mad Hatter to keep it close.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – KSU is starting to figure it out, but Tech stops the losing streak at home and covers.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Texas stays undefeated in Big 12…wins by 10.

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – I guess I’ll just keep picking the cyclones. I’ve been with them all year….


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – Baylor is on fire right now. I don’t know what to think of this game.  This is a battle of the most talented skill guys in the Big XII. I believe Baylor is just too good on offense and pulls away late. Bears cover.

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Last year, Stanford pulled off the impossible. This is a new year and I think Oregon is as good as there is in college football. Ducks go into Palo Alto and win by 2 tds.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Karma will work against Nebraska this week in the big house. Great play by the 3rd string qb to heave that ball down to beat Northwestern, however Northwestern is headed to hell in a hand basket. Michigan is a better team and with a susceptible young Husker defense, I like Fitz Touissant and the Wolverine offense to win this game by more than a td.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – Bama is easily the best team in the country, DUH. I don’t care what people are saying about the past two games and how LSU should have won. This LSU defense is not equipped to stop the Bama attack this year, they are giving up nearly 100 yards more of offense this season. Bama by 21.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Puzzling line here, after watching K State last week against Iowa State, it surprised me that this K State defense is still a very good unit. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean success against a very capable Red Raider team. I like TT to cover here.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Texas continues to roll here. WVU is a Jekyll & Hyde show on weekly basis.  UT covers. 

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – I’ve got to think that TCU sort of feels the same way as the Cyclones do. A lot of bad play recently for both of these teams. On Saturday, I believe this game will be a defensive struggle. The wind will be whipping once again in JTS. The Cyclones are still looking to find a spark on offense that they haven’t had since Texas Tech, this game will be a test of character for this football team. They will be down at some point in this game, do they let their heads hang or do they respond?  Cyclones cover here.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – Oklahoma. I’ll take the Sooners to cover….but Baylor wins and keeps their BCS titles hopes alive another week.

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Oregon. Just feels like something is missing with Stanford this year. Can’t put my finger on it, but Oregon ends up covering.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Michigan. I guess? I don’t know? Wolverines are at home, but I can’t decide which of this two is more hopelessly mediocre.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – Alabama. Bama doesn’t even make it interesting anymore. Just chew up and spit out everyone.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Kansas State. Get ready. Snyder hexes another offense this week.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Texas. Horns keep rolling. We’ll find out the next three weeks how much smoke and mirrors has been involved here.

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – TCU. Have to show me something here Clones.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – Gut Oklahoma.           My pick – Baylor

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Stanford.              Oregon

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Michigan.               Nebraska

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – LSU.                  Bama

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Texas Tech.               K-State

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Texas.                   West Virginia

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – Iowa State.              TCU.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – A lot of talk around this one like OU should win. I think people have forgotten about Texas railroading them. That Baylor defense is good enough to hold OU down. Baylor covers.  

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Everyone makes fun of Clemson for losing the big ones when they start off hot. Oregon has done that the past few years. Not this year. The best QB in the nation rips Stanford apart and Oregon covers. What has happened to college football to make it so that Thursday night is the best night of football? I mean, I understand OU/BU, but to put the Oregon/Stanford game on Thursday night is wrong. 

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – If you look at the Michigan program, they are very similar to us, with a better defense and those close games going the other way. They are not a good team and are an awful offense…….unless they face and awful defense. Michigan covers this. 

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – Les Miles covers this with some stupid thing he does late that works. Heck, they might even win on the arm of Mettenberger. 

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – KSU has found something. KSU covers and wins. 

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Continuing Macks effort to keep his job, Texas rolls here. 

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – I’m sorry but TCU covers. Simply, this team is going to have to prove me wrong. I just don’t see much reason to think they cover that against a pretty solid defense. 


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – Baylor took the TARP off for this week. There was some magical powers in that thing. Beware Bears, I predict strangeness. Oklahoma 35 Baylor 34.

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Stanford has injuries up the ying yang. That’s right, ying yang. Oregon needs some style points. Oregon 45 Stanford 27.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Pelini mellows out before the game with his brother Carl and they get it done. Nebraska 27 Michigan 24.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – Alabama is due for a fight. LSU keeps it tight. Alabama 26 LSU 20.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – The vampire vs. the swag machine. K-State is playing better, but let’s not get carried away here. Texas Tech 31 K-State 21.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – I googled "Magic 8 Ball" and found a website that answers questions.  I asked if Texas would cover against West Virginia and it said "NO WAY." I then asked if Dana Holgorsen’s mullet would light on fire on the sideline and it said, "Definitely." There you have it. Texas 30 West Virginia 27.

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – I have no feel for this game. This is obviously not a good match-up for the Iowa State offense, but TCU’s offense is also putrid. Seven points is a lot for a bad offense in either direction. Oh what the heck… Iowa State 17 TCU 14.


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – I understand the reasoning that OU will run the ball and burn the clock like Kansas State did, but this game is being played in Waco folks. That place will be electric tonight. I think that the Sooners will hang but eventally, the Bears will pull away. I’m thinking a backdoor cover and 17-point Baylor win. 

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Stanford covers at home. 

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – I might take Michigan to cover this number even if the game was in Lincoln. Wolverines by 10. 

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – The most difficult pick of the week in my opinion. That’s a big line for this game. A big one. All of the money in Vegas is on Alabama here so I’ll be strategic and take LSU to cover. 

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – Two teams heading in opposite directions. Give me Bill Snyder over the rookie head coach outright. 

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – Texas gets caught with its pants down looking ahead to Oklahoma State. Plus, the Longhorns weren’t what I call impressive last week vs. Kansas. Texas really struggled in the first half. Mountaineers have a ton of momentum after a big comeback vs. TCU and cover. 

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – Will have a detailed preview published on Friday. Horned Frogs by 10. 


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – I know I should pick Baylor, I…I, just can’t. Sooners.

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Stanford usually plays Oregon well because of their stout D-Line. I again think they hang and cover but the Ducks will win. 

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – If I have to choose a team I suppose I’ll go with the home team, Wolverines.

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – Bama.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – The Red Raiders have hit some rough spots in the schedule and despite Kansas State looking like a top ten team last week I’ll take the Raiders to cover at home.

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – I have no idea here…West Virginia has played marginally better at home and I still can’t fully trust Texas. That said, I’ll go out on a limb and take the Horns.

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State – It’s hard to fully understand right now after the Cyclones have struggled so mightily in their last three games but TCU has some of their own issues. I hope that Aaron Wimberley returns and can make a difference for the offense. The quarterback situation to me is more of a symptom of a struggling offense than the cause but they’ll have a tough task with the TCU defense this week. This does at least seem to be a break as the Frog offense struggles as well. Cyclones snap the losing streak and win outright. 


Oklahoma @ Baylor (-14) – This one is interesting to me.  It’s the first game all year where Baylor has played a team with a winning record.  Are they for real?  It seems so, but I like OU to cover still in this one.  I think they can run the ball on Baylor and keep their O off the field.  

Oregon (-10.5) @ Stanford – Oregon wins this by 20+. Payback for last year

Nebraska @ Michigan (-6.5) – Michigan is a fraud.  Nebraska wins outright

LSU @ Alabama (-11) – I’ll take Alabama and the points.  

Kansas State @ Texas Tech (-2.5) – KState is getting and I will take them to win outright

Texas (-7) @ West Virginia – I picked Texas to win the league but this seems like an upset game to me….but I will stick with my original pick.  I’ll hedge the bet and say Texas wins but doesn’t cover.  

TCU (-7) @ Iowa State –  My record in picking ISU games this year is 2-6. That is slightly better than the Clones actual record. I’ll take TCU to cover