Survey Time: Who will be favored?

By Chris Williams, Publisher

It is survey time fanatics. This idea was brought to my attention in response to a mailbag question from Wednesday.

Looking ahead to Iowa State’s 2011 football schedule, what games will Iowa State be favored in?

Due to the fact that this software only allows us to ask 10 questions per survey, I took two games out of the equation for you all to vote on. The first is the season opener vs. Northern Iowa. I think we call can agree that the Cyclones will be favored in that one.

The second is Iowa State’s road trip to Oklahoma on Nov. 12. It is hard to imagine any type of scenario where Iowa State would be favored heading into that one. As for the rest, it is up to you. For some video analysis courtesy of Badowers on Ingersoll, click up above.

Click on the link below and fire away in this CF survey!