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Prospect Profile: Teddy Lampkin

By Trevor Enerson (yaman3), CycloneFanatic.com’s football recruiting guru

What he is: Dude is a rapper! Check this out by CLICKING HERE.

I will forgo the music evaluation. Rivals.com lists Teddy at 5-foot-7, 159-pounds. They also have him running a 4.42 40, which I would consider to be pretty accurate based on his tape. He is also currently chasing Gale Sayer’s long jump record. As far as speed, this guy is pretty darn good. His whole game is based off of speed and in the future, it could be lethal.

What he does: Teddy just wants to run by you. He doesn’t want to run you over. He doesn’t want to make you miss. He just wants to go right by you. He doesn’t show a lot of wiggle, but he has great acceleration and good top end speed. I think that in the return game, he could do a lot of damage for ISU in the near future.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Obviously, speed is his biggest strength. He has good quickness as well, but when he is given a crease, that is where he shines. His weakness will be his size. I imagine that he will be relatively easy to bring down if you can get a hold of him. This isn’t a guy who is going to be catching five-yard slants with corners all over him. That’s not his game. His game will be catching the ball quickly, finding a hole and accelerating through it before it closes. Once he get’s through it, he’s gone. We won’t see a lot of dancing from him. It will be catch and go. Bubble screens will be his friend.

What’s in store: Unless he comes in and shows that he is much better returning punts and kicks than the next best guy, I think that Teddy will redshirt. Jarvis West came in with the last class and I see these guys as about the same in terms of what they will do on this team. If you can stretch one of them out another year, you do it. If he is to redshirt in 2011, all bets are off for 2012. I just think he has a skill set that will be hard to keep off the field in the return game and also on offense. By the time he is done here, he could become one of the better returners we have had at ISU.

He looks to me like: Take your pick of itty bitty fast guys. Tavon Austin, Jeffrey Demps, Chris Rainy, Jock Sanders. Sanders is probably the one I would go with. Small, but they get the ball, find a seam, and get down the field.


Cyclone Fanatic


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