Williams Blog: Wednesday realignment thoughts

By Chris Williams, Publisher – 6-9-10

The following are two separate posts I made this morning on our forums.

One thing that comforts me… — LINK TO CONVERSATION

I’ve remained rather silent on all of this over the last few days. I apologize for that. This is just such an important and touchy issue. I don’t want to write something based off of emotion that any of you would take as fact. Know what I mean? 

I guess I woke up this morning and am needing to get a lot off of my chest. 

I love Iowa State. Other than my family, this website and university mean more to me than anything in the world. It is my life. So obviously, I am going to be very passionate about this whole scenario. 

But honestly, like you, I am not on the "inside" of this thing. A very select few are. So it all comes down to taking an educated guess as to what will happen. 

……Again…I don’t know. 

The one thing that somewhat comforts me about Iowa State’s future is Jamie Pollard. 

Sure…he has his critics. But Jamie Pollard has done SO MUCH during his time at Iowa State. 

The athletic budget is exponentially higher than it was the day he got here. The last I hear, it was nearly 60 percent higher. Iowa State has a football coach in Paul Rhoads who I believe can take this program to heights it has never seen before. That’s with the right resources of course. I don’t know if Fred Hoiberg is going to be a good coach. But I am extremely confident that he’s going to bring talent to Ames like we haven’t seen in a long time. Bill Fennelly is IMO one of the best
WBB coaches in America. Iowa State is a top 25 school in the Director’s Cup. 

Does the Director’s Cup matter in this instance no? But my point is, Pollard has done things during his time in Ames that many once thought was impossible. 

The one thing I’ve learned about this man over the last five years is to expect the unexpected. 

He’s always three or four steps ahead of us. 

Will Jamie Pollard save the Big 12? The answer to that question is no. 

But what comforts me is that if the Big 12 falls apart, which I think is a very real possibility, I have a hard time believing that Pollard and his crew didn’t plan for the worst, five months ago. 

Now in the end, Iowa State might not end up in a major conference. But at the same time, I trust Jamie Pollard. Maybe this is faith that I shouldn’t have. I don’t know. But I do know that Pollard and the current "heavy hitters" in the Iowa State athletic department don’t have a loser’s mentality. 

When I was at five years ago, we always discussed how Iowa State needed to change the culture in Ames. 

"Think like a winner. Expect the best."

Our fan base was very vocal with their thoughts on Greg McDermott. Cyclone fans were not going to accept a losing program. 

In my opinion, the culture has been changed in Ames. I credit Jamie Pollard for that.

I trust Iowa State’s administration. So right now, I know it is easy to freak out. This is a scary time. 

No. Jamie Pollard cannot control a lot of what is going on right now. But I have a hard time believing that he has just been sitting back in his chair watching everything unfold for the last few months.

Thoughts on Tom Osborne quotes in today’s Omaha World Herald — LINK TO CONVERSATION

Here are a few quotes from TO in today’s Omaha World Herald. I have always respected and admired TO. It seriously pains me to write this. But I just don’t believe him in this instance. 

“We certainly don’t have anything against anybody in the Big 12," Osborne said. “This decision is not going to be based on animosity or petty jealousy. You’re talking about something that could maintain for the next 75 to 100 years."

“This is not a case of reacting to any one school," Osborne said, “particularly Texas."

My Take:

I don’t blame Nebraska for taking a long hard look at the Big Ten. It really is a good fit and none of us can honestly be upset at Nebraska for considering this. Iowa State would do the same thing. It’s a lucrative league and a better situation for both schools (IMO). 

But don’t lie about it TO. Nebraska has been out to get Texas since day one of the Big 12. Last week’s Big 12 meetings proved that once again. But don’t sit here and say that this isn’t at least somewhat about Texas because it is. 

You’re upset that the Big 12 slants towards Texas. Do I blame you? Not really but again, keep it real TO. Don’t tell me it isn’t about Texas. 

You all were upset when the league offices moved to Dallas. You were the only school that voted to not play the Big 12’s football title game in Dallas. Yes. The 11 other schools voted against you. You’re still upset about the extra second from last year’s Big 12 title game. 

Do not lie. This has a lot to do with Texas. 

End Rant Now.