Never forget 2009, buy this print today

Courtesy of the Cyclone Gridiron Club

The 2009 Cyclone football season was an unforgettable one. To commemorate Paul Rhoads’ first year at the helm as the head coach of the Cyclones, the Cyclone Gridiron Club (CGC) has commissioned an exclusive limited edition print.  The CGC commissioned Keith Sandvig, (who is also the father of Alex and Zac Sandvig’s, as well as a nationally recognized artist) to create this one of a kind print commemorating the success of the 2009 season.  The print depicts significant moments from the 2009 season including key plays, great victories and the Cyclones’ win in the Insight Bowl.

All proceeds from the sale of the print will go directly back to the Cyclone Football program.  The money will be used for non-budgeted football program items.  This includes items like new furniture for the players’ locker room, weight equipment, nutritional supplements, new signage and workout clothing.

The specially-issued print by Clive artist and CGC member Keith Sandvig is available in the three following versions:

950 Numbered and Artist-Signed Regular Issue Print $45 45 Numbered and Signed Printer’s Proofs (Artist’s & Coach’s Signatures) $225 95 Numbered and Signed Artist’s Proofs (Artist’s & Coach’s Signatures) $350

An $8 shipping charge is included as well.

Framing and Shipping (includes insurance) $150

About Keith Sandvig:

Through the years, Keith has received many awards, including the prestigious Johann Strauss Gold Medal from the Austria Tourism Department. Sandvig received the award for an art print titled “Vienna, Prelude to Austria.”  He created a limited edition series of five prints titled, “Children of the World.” Former President George H.W. Bush displayed the series’ first three prints while in office. Another Sandvig print titled “A Preferred Pilgrimage, Egypt/Israel” hangs in President Jimmy Carter’s public library in Atlanta, Georgia. The print was presented to President Carter as well as to Menachem Begin, and the family of Anwar Al Sadat because of President Carter’s Middle East Camp David agreement in 1978.


edition: Aset of prints with similar or identical qualities that have been made from the same plate(s), on the same paper with the same ink.  The prints in an edition are approved by the artist, printer or owner of the plate(s).  There can be more than one edition of an image.

proof: Aprint that shows the progress an artist is making in the development of the final image.

artist’s proof: A set of prints, hand signed or approved by the artist for quality, separate from the main edition and made for the artist’s personal use. The artist may use it to work out the proper colors or registration, usually the first satisfactory print that defines when an artist determines a plate ‘finished’ and ready for printing in a full edition. The production is stopped until the artist’s approval. They are traditionally retained by the artist and because of the limited number, have a greater value.  Usually comprises a number equal to 10% of the total printed in the edition.  These prints are marked on the print surface with one of the following: AP, A/P, Artist Proof as well as being signed and numbered by the artist.   Also known as epreuve d’artiste. Any additional signature(s) to the print can add greatly to the value of the proof.

printer’s proof(s): The proofs outsideof the edition which are given to the edition’s master printer for their reference and own use as a gesture of appreciation.  Usually comprises a number equal to 5% of the total printed in the edition. Because of the limited number, these prints have a greater value. These prints are marked on the print surface as one of the following: PP, P/P, or Printer’s Proof as well as being signed and numbered by the artist. Any additional signature(s) to the print can add greatly to the value of the proof.

To view the print, CLICK HERE and scroll down to the appropriate links.


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