McDermott to Creighton?

By Chris Williams, Publisher

If you went to bed before 10 last night, prepare yourself for what you’re about to read.

Late last night, KMTV in Omaha reported that Iowa State head basketball coach Greg McDermott has accepted the head coaching position at Creighton. The deal is reportedly wroth nine $9 million over 10 years.

However, a handful of media outlets, including, have reported that the deal is not officially done, as McDermott wanted to “sleep on it,” before deciding at some time on Monday.

Some Links

Gary Parrish of has been all over this story. His report matches up with mine.
The Omaha World Herald says McDermott will decide today.
Sean Keeler’s take from the Des Moines RegisterABC 5 in Des Moines first reported that Creighton AD Bruce Rasmussen was in Des Moines on Sunday.

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Chris’ Take

I think that we can all agree on one thing. If McDermott really did meet with Creighton athletic director Bruce Rasmussen on Sunday and if the job really has been offered to him, he has to take it now. He cannot come back to Ames if all of the above is true right?

Hold back your comparisons too. This is absolutely nothing like what happened with Dana Altman and Creighton back in 2007. At that time, Altman was essentially worshiped in Omaha. He left a great situation to move to a BCS school. Altman changed his mind to go back home and the Blue Jay faithful loved it.

If McDermott ultimately decides to stay in Ames today, can you imagine how fans will react knowing that he seriously considered leaving?

That is all just stating the obvious though.

Yesterday was a wild one. On top of all of this McDermott/Creighton talk, there were basketball commitments and reported signees as well. At around noon, it looked to be very positive day for McDermott’s Iowa State program. Two new assistant coaches were on board and as WHO TV 13 sports director Keith Murphy said it on Sound Off last night, last week was one of McDermott’s best at Iowa State.

Now, it is likely that McDermott could be on his way west.

What’s next? It is going to be a very active day, one way or the other.