CF Mailbag: 4-7 Edition

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Hello Fanatics. We have an awfully diverse mailbag in store for you today. From the looks of these questions, you all are reverting back to your college days and are also excited about the MLB season. I received three questions this week about the Chicago Cubs. For the record, I strongly dislike that team. So if you ask about them, prepare to have me poke fun at you and your team.

Deal? Don’t worry though Cubs fan. I dislike the Phillies and the Mets a lot more than your team. It’s all good.

Don’t worry though. There is plenty of Iowa State talk in this piece as well.

Let’s roll with this week’s mailbag.

Clonefan32 writes: There seems to be a lot of debate on here about whether or not we should be recruiting JUCO’s as heavily as we are, or if we should be looking more towards the high school ranks. What is your opinion, and how do you see either of these outcomes affecting us in the future?

CW: I’d go after the JUCO’s. At this point, why not? If I am Greg McDermott, I am approaching next season like I have a one-year contract. I am approaching it as a win, or else type of deal. Get the best players available that can help you win immediately. If it is a JUCO guy, to me, it doesn’t really matter at this point. Some people use the term “desperation mode” like it is a bad thing. As an Iowa State fan, I’d sure hope that the coaches are in desperation mode right now. They should be. This is a desperate situation. Get the best players that you possibly can.

Clones21 writes: I know its early and all, but what’s your prediction for the World Series? By the way, the Braves suck. GO CUBS!

CW: The Braves suck huh? Then your pitching must really, really suck after Monday’s debacle. World Series pick? I’ll take the blasted Phillies over the Yankees. I hate both of those teams.

Billpickles writes: After their amazing performance on opening day, are the Cubs already resorting to "wait until next year?"

CW: They probably aren’t but they should be.

RhoadsRage writes: Why did I think it was a good idea to draft and start Carlos Zambrano in fantasy baseball??? Your boy Heyward absolutely destroyed that pitch!!

CW: Jey Hey owned it didn’t he? That was one of the best memories I have as a sports fan. I had goosebumps I was so excited. I realize that it really means nothing but that couldn’t have been scripted any better.

MoreCowbell writes: Do you think we’ll hear soon on an assistant aoach for MBB?

CW: I believe that when the Iowa Energy’s season comes to an end, we’ll know whom the next Iowa State assistant coach is. Could I be more blatant as to whom I think it will be?

And if I forget to ask for next week: What’s your favorite Veishea tradition?

CW: My friends and I had our own little tradition that we followed for three years. We drank Keystone. Not really sure how it came about. But that’s what we did. We took down Stones. My favorite VEISHEA moment came my senior year when Chris Cagle performed right outside of Friley. That concert was sick. I’m a sucker for some good country music and a Keystone you know?

Cloneu writes: What do you think is the best thing about Iowa State besides athletics and VEISHEA?

CW: It is where I met my future wife. That is a good thing. In addition to that, I just love the atmosphere on Iowa State’s campus. That’s ultimately why I went to Iowa State. For example, Iowa City feels like a big city to me. You get all of those Chicago people and it just isn’t me. In Ames, you have your share of city people but then you also have a handful of small town folk like myself. It’s a big place but has a small feel to it. It is just a very comfortable place.

12alphmacchio writes: If you were forced to watch either Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Versions or the Harry Potter Series, which would you choose and why?

CW: I’d rather burn my television than watch either one of those crappy movies.

If you could go tell 18-year-old Chris Williams one thing before he headed off to college, what would it be?

CW: Break up with that high school girlfriend and have some fun! I got very homesick during the first semester of my freshman year. It didn’t take long to get out of that stage though.

Mjones34 writes: Who will be the star of the spring game?

CW: Hmm. That is s a tough one. I am going to give you two names here. Austen Arnaud is the first guy who comes to my mind. I’ve been hearing that he’s been awfully sharp this spring. I’m going to throw a receiver out there too and that guy is a bit of a dark horse. That’s Keith Blanton. I had heard rumblings from different people that he’s been turning heads. Then last week, receivers coach Luke Wells singled him out in an interview. He could be climbing the depth chart over the summer months. Don’t be surprised if he sees a ton of playing time next season.

Kurimski writes: Why not just bank 1 or 2 of the men’s basketball scholarships for next season or something? Wouldn’t that be better than be better than at best finding a marginal player for next season?

CW: With all due respect, I don’t like that idea at all. It all goes back to what I wrote earlier. I just don’t think that this staff is in the position to bank anything for the future. This roster has some significant needs right now. This program needs a shooter and depth in the frontcourt. There are guys out there right now who can help with those problems. You might as well go get them and give your team the best possible chance to win next season.

ISUser writes: Did you ever partake in any intramurals during your time at ISU? If so, did you ever win one and what was your favorite?

CW: I am a two-time champ in get this, six-feet and under basketball. No joke. I couldn’t play with the big boys and I’m man enough to admit it. Okay…I am prepared for the jokes. Fire away Fanatics. My favorite intramural was broomball. Good times. A teammate of mine once got ejected from that game and banned for the entire season.

Meinhardt4ISU writes: Who is your number two RB?

James White or Beau Blankenship or Jeff Woody or (I don’t even want to say his name, he is talked about way to much) or Walker Lee Woods or Brad Adams?

CW: Of the guys that you mentioned, I’d go with James White. But to be fair, I haven’t seen these guys play so far this spring. I’ll be interviewing running backs coach Kenneth Pope here in the next week so I’ll be sure to give you a full progress report at that time.

Vmbplayer writes: Peeps or chocolate bunny?

CW: Chocolate bunny. No question at all. Peeps are overrated.

IcSyU writes: Since you’re pimpin’ Veenker now, what kind of drinks are you suggesting on the course? Beer or liquor and of what variety?

CW: How about an ice-cold bottle of water? I don’t care what you drink. Just be sure that you are of age and have a driver. Also, spend a lot of money out there. Tell them that I sent you. They’ll like that.

Additionally, Es Tas, beef, chicken, fish, or steak tacos?

CW: I was a fan of the beef back in college but I’ve grown into more of a chicken guy. Gotta watch my figure. Let’s be honest though for a minute. Can you really lose with any of those picks? Es Tas literally has the greatest tacos in the world. Not America. The world. The world I tell ya!

247cy writes: Given your present proximity to the football program, perhaps now is the better time to ask… does CPR own a Harley? Does he ride said Harley to visit recruits in their homes?

CW: I have never asked coach but I am almost 100 percent sure that he does cruise around on a Harley. In fact, I remember him telling a group of us that he went cruising down in Arizona during preparations for the Insight Bowl. And yes, I’ve heard about him driving it to visit recruits.

Why is Coach not sporting the beard this Spring… Magnificent razor sale? Scheduled family photo? Shortened growing season due to winter bowl practice? Other?

CW: Maybe it was too itchy? True story here. The summer after my freshman year of college, I just found out that my girlfriend at the time had been cheating on me with every dude in town. I was a little out of sorts so I decided to rebel against the world. I shaved my head and grew a beard. While I enjoyed looking like an out-of-work caveman, the itching was sometimes unbearable as I worked outside in the heat. So while I have no clue why Coach Rhoads eliminated the beard, my first guess is the itchiness.

Unlike CPR, most people can’t pull off the full beard. Is the best term for these people "beardo" (beard + wierdo), or have you something better?

CW: Well, since I once belonged in this category, I’d say that beardo is fair. Yeah. I like that. Let’s go with beardo. Well played 247.

Cyclone06 writes: Will I see the south endzone bowled in my lifetime? Approx 50-60 years left. Is this a main goal of the AD or do the fans make it bigger than it actually is?

CW: Fifty to 60 years left huh? If you make it 60 more years than yes, you’ll see it. If you make it 59 or less, you’re in trouble.

I believe that the fans make this WAY more of a story than it actually is. That’s just my opinion though. I’ve never actually asked Jamie about it though.

Brother bob writes: Other than the obvious…bowling in the south end zone of the JACK, a new sound system to make Sweet Caroline more inviting, who could we lose and be least effective as a team (like that is even a question – because we all know that they win and/or lose as a team), or who’s going to be the #2 at any of the positions nearly everyone is talking about. Who do you think could – in your honest opinion, be an early possible ‘upset’ alert for out beloved CYCLONES? I have often wondered what any one associated with college football, as you are or anyone else who thinks that they know what the heck they are talking about can come up with but to no avail do I ever get a straight answer on this question…I know that college football is so unpredictable but I figured as much as you enjoy talking CYCLONE football you could enlighten us on this one…or maybe Tron would like to help you out with this one!

CW: Congrats Brother Bob. You’ve just submitted the longest mailbag question in history. I think that you are asking me about what team I think that Iowa State can upset next fall? I’m going to officially put the Utah Utes on upset alert as of April 6, 2010. Utah will more than likely be a top 15 team when they roll into Ames next year. They’re a talented football team but Coach Rhoads will have the Clones ready.

Hurdleisu24 writes: I’m not sure if this one has been asked but here it goes anyways:

Can Lisa Koll run any faster than what she ran at Stanford? If so, how much faster? Andddddd, is she the greatest distance runner to ever run at ISU?

CW: Hurdle, I appreciate you trying to get the Iowa State track teams some love but I really have no clue. All I know is that Lisa Koll is amazing. She’s in vet school and still just dominates. The fact that she can compete and do vet school at the same time is impressive by itself. I don’t know if she’ll be the best ever but it is hard for me to imagine somebody who is better.