CF Mailbag: 4-21 Edition

By Chris Williams, Publisher

What’s cracking today Fanatics?

So it is the Wednesday after the spring game. I assumed that with this week’s mailbag, I’d be overflowed with football questions. That is not the case. I had two or three submitted this week. A few are on basketball. The rest are on as random of topics as I could possibly think of.

I love it. It’s your mailbag Fanatics. It can be about whatever you want. So let’s fire away with a NFL Draft question from CYISFLY.

CYISFLY writes: Will Reggie Stephens go in the draft, if so who do you think will draft him? Will any others clones get a look from anybody?

CW: I interviewed Reggie on Monday afternoon. You can read that Q&A by CLICKING HERE. Reggie didn’t know a whole lot about his future but he did mention the Bears, Vikings and Bengals as teams that are interested in his services. He had no clue as to what round he’d go but I’m hearing 5-7. Some draft analysts have him listed as a sleeper. Reggie said that playing in Chicago would be like a “dream come true.” I’m a Vikings fan so selfishly, I don’t want him there but if that’s what he wants, that’s what I’m hoping for. As far as any other Cyclones, there’s a slight chance that Chris Lyle could get taken but he’ll probably sign as a free agent somewhere. That’s probably it. Maybe a couple of other guys will get shots at random camps.

Vmbplayer writes: Was JP right to call out the generation that all of the student athletes are a part of as lazy and entitled, and does that go against the NCAA we’re here to grow student athletes approach?

CW: Well let’s get something straight before I answer this. I don’t really think that JP called out every individual athlete. The generation? Maybe, but it wasn’t like he singled anybody out. Here’s my problem with the insane amount of reaction that this “story” got. I mean, I understand it because the men’s basketball transfer issue is a pretty big deal right now. But why are people so surprised by what Jamie said? To a certain extent, I think that we can all agree that he’s right. Not totally, but to a point he is. But that’s not even my beef. My point is that this again is just Jamie being Jamie. Since the day he stepped on campus, Jamie Pollard has told us what he honestly thinks. Sometimes it is popular, sometimes it isn’t. So why were people so shocked to read this letter? I don’t get it. So you’re ticked off that he’s still supporting Greg McDermott? Do you really want Iowa State’s athletic director tearing his current coach to pieces? Yeah, that’d make Iowa State a very attractive job, whenever it might come open in the future. Big name coaches love working for athletic directors that constantly critique them in public.

Do you get where I’m going? This was blown out of proportion in my opinion.

You have the option of going too one game of spring training for the Braves or the ISU Spring Game, which do you choose and why?

CW: Honestly, I’d probably take in the Braves spring training game for a couple of reasons. The first is because it is in Florida. The second is that at the Braves game, I’d be a spectator. I’d be able to kick back, have a cold one and I’d more than likely be on vacation at that time. And last, I go to the Iowa State spring game every year. So because of those reasons, I’d head down to the Disney complex in Orlando.

Cycopath25 writes: On a Scale from 1-10 rate these people’s looks.

Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, CYdTracked, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Venus Williams, Salma Hayek, Smurfette.

CW: This question has disaster written all over it but I am more than up for tackling it. Let’s roll.

Jennifer Aniston – 10 – One of the most beautiful women in the world. That makes Brad Pitt one of the stupidest men in the world.

Taylor Swift – 13 – You all know my thoughts on T-Swift. Here’s why I like her so much. She’s a real girl. No fake baking going on with T-Swift. She looks like a girl that I could run into at a bar in Ames. You know what I mean? She’s genuine. I hope to God that my beautiful fiancé doesn’t read this.

CYdTracked – -6 – I had a chance to meet CYdTracked down at the Big 12 Tournament this year. He’s a nice guy…but not attractive. But really, can I write that a man is attractive without a bunch of snarky threads popping up all over the site? I’m not sure what the rules are on this.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan – -7 – USA…USA…USA…Hacksaw is one person whom CYdTracked is better looking than. ☺ I keed, I keed.

Venus Williams – 5 – Venus doesn’t do much for me, nor does her sister.

Salma Hayek – 8 – Now we’re talking.

Smurfette – TBD – What?

I know a lot of people on here play fantasy sports. Why can’t we ad a Fantasy Sports Forum?

CW: Reply to this if you agree with Cycopath and want a Fantasy Sports forum. If enough people want it, we’ll deliver.

Clones85’ writes: 2011 QB: Tiller or Barnett?

CW: Tiller. No question.

Mfleske writes: Jake Williams was a big part of the offense last year, but there’s been pretty much no talk of him this spring. Where do you think he fits into things this year? He’s not flashy, but he seems to get the job done.

CW: You’re right. Jake does get the job done but that’s about it. He’s a very serviceable player and will have an important role on Iowa State’s 2010 roster. He’s probably the most consistent receiver on the roster and when you need a sure 10 yards; Jake Williams is your guy. But he lacks explosiveness and that’s where guys like Darius Reynolds have him covered. Expect six or seven Iowa State receivers to get a lot of catches this fall, with Williams being one of them.

Yaman3 writes: You’re a big deal in Ames…A regular superstar. What do you do, when out on the town, to keep yourself out of the spotlight and chaos that come with being a local icon? Are there disguises or what? Also, how large is your entourage. Also, how do I become a member of said entourage?

CW: Wow. Sarcasm was just spewing from that question. I’m just going to move on wise guy.

One more. Can I do a mailbag?

CW: After that question, heck no!

CydTracked writes: I know you’re a country music fan, thoughts on the ACM awards? Any surprises to you or noteworthy performances? Lady Antebellum cleaned up while Taylor Swift surprisingly went home empty handed.

CW: I am sooo glad that you asked this question. Here’s a quick little story before I get to it. I’m not sure if I should be sharing this information but I am going to anyway. My fiancé constantly tells me that I have “too many hobbies.” Among those that she speaks of are my career, country music, the WWE, Seinfeld, NASCAR, Spartacus, old westerns, the Braves, the Vikings and whatever other random topic I’m hooked on for that particular month. But for the first time the other night, I kind of understood where she was coming from.

I was watching the CMA’s and it just clicked in my brain that I needed to start writing/commentating about this stuff. I cannot explain to you all how passionate I am about country music. It rivals my love for the Clones. It will never, ever be there, but it is sniffing around being in that league. I actually thought about creating my own country music blog but then decided against it because nobody would likely read it. And…I don’t have any time.

Sorry for the rambling.

I was a little disappointed in the CMA’s to be honest with you. George Strait didn’t perform. That’s a giant letdown. Some other notes that I took went like this.

– I was sooo glad to see Miranda Lambert finally pick up some awards. I believe she won Album of the Year and Female Vocalist of the year. It’s about time that people recognize what she is. That’s a REAL country music singer. She hasn’t sold out to that stupid pop influence like T-Swift or Carrie Underwood. That’s why I’ve always loved her music. It’s about time that people recognized her.

– I thought that Luke Bryan was a very deserving winner of Newcomer of the Year. I like him a lot. He’ll be around for a long time.

– I’m not crazy about Lady Antebellum. I just don’t like that type of music. You know, the trio type stuff. In my opinion, Rascal Flatts is nothing more than county music’s version of N’Sync. The only difference is that N’Sync is a lot more talented. I’d love to have a beer with Hank Jr. and get his real opinions on Rascal Flatts.

I could go on about this topic forever. I better stop though. Don’t want to lose my Cyclone audience. Thanks for the question.

ThatGuy writes: Do you think this message board has a negative or positive affect on recruiting, or do you think it is more lack of success that is keeping recruits away.

CW: This has been a hot topic as of late. On the surface, sure, I bet negativity on message boards could have some sort of an impact. It is natural. I mean anymore, if you want information about something, what do you do? You look it up online. So I’m sure that recruits do that too. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it is as big of a deal as a lot of people like to make it seem. Listen, had Iowa State gone to the NCAA Tournament last year, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Am I wrong? Heck, the recruiting season would probably be over for Iowa State and it wouldn’t be an issue. Recruits and their families aren’t stupid. They do research on schools before signing. They aren’t going to base one of the biggest decisions of their lives based off of what some random Internet posters say. Right? That’s just my opinion. I could be way off base.

MNCyGuy writes: What’s your take on the Clones21 love saga? HERE’S THE LINK.

CW: That is what this site has become. Wow. I wish Clones21 nothing but the best. I am a fan of GeronimusClone’s advice but it is not suitable for our front page. I’ll leave it at that.

Any update on some sort CF Podcast?

CW: Yes and thanks for asking. I’m still working on getting this sponsored. Any businesses out there want some great exposure for an awesome price? I bet I can give you more exposure for less money than pretty much any alternative in this market. Shoot me an e-mail to and we’ll talk. The podcast will happen though. Please be patient.

67CY writes: How about a Q & A with Jamie Pollard?

CW: Great idea. I’ll probably request this sometime during the dog days of summer. How’s that sound?

Tman24 writes: Who will be Mr Irrelevant in this year’s draft?

CW: Brian Bulaga. LOL. I couldn’t help myself.

IcSyU writes: You get to make one huge upgrade to Iowa State facilities. What are you doing (i.e. JTS endzone, Hilton renovation, new arena for wrestling/volleyball/etc., track & field) and with what features?

CW: Well I would not bowl in the end zone, I can tell you that. I’d rather do a bunch of little things than the one big project. I’m not sure if you consider this major but I would upgrade the football weight room. Make it state of the art. Like one of the best in America. The only reason I say this is because I saw that Ndamukong Suh is donating like 2 million to Nebraska for something similar to this. I’d stay away from wrestling/volleyball etc. Hilton is fine. Keep pouring money into football in my opinion. Basketball got their much-needed practice facility. It is time to support the monster that makes the cash.

MoreCowbell writes: Do you do the vlogs in one take? Are you flying solo or is there a cameraperson back there?

CW: Most of the time it is one take. I fly totally solo. I have a little Flip with a tiny tripod. Pretty simple production really. I’m hoping to get a better camera with better sound quality for football season.

Palmer writes: Your guess on the end zone getting bowled in….2011, 2012 or 2020?

CW: Honestly, I would guess that it will be later than that.

Jbhtexas writes: Lean on your sources, and lean on ’em hard…

Is the Big 12 proactively looking at expansion, or are they going to react to whatever the Big Ten decides to do?

CW: Nobody really knows the answer to this but I am starting to get flat out angry with the Big 12. Go read MY BLOG that I wrote last night. I actually address this very topic. It is time for the Big 12 to get aggressive. Start making some headlines. Quit waiting on stuff to happen. Go out there and recruit Utah or BYU. Grab some other markets. Do something! Don’t let the Big Ten control the world.

How was Bo Williams injured? Seems pretty serious since he is off seeing a specialist.

CW: Coach Rhoads addressed this a few weeks ago. He was doing some sort of offseason drill and got kneed in the head by a teammate. Let’s hope for the best. You have to feel bad for the young man.

Ms3r4ISU writes: If you were in charge of a category of questions for next year’s Cy’s House of Trivia, what would you call it?

CW: Best Cyclone websites would be the category. All of the questions would result in the answer,

GeronimusClone writes: You’re on a plane with Taylor Swift, Jamie Pollard, Greg McDermott and Bill Fennelly. The sucker is going down and you have four parachutes. Who gets them and why?

And no, you can’t strap yourself to Taylor. One person per chute.

CW: I’d give the chutes to T-Swift, Pollard, McDermott and Fennelly. I like to think that I am a selfless human being. And let’s be honest, think of a world without one of the four mentioned above. Then think of a world without me. Who would be missed the most?

Exactly. I’d be saying my prayers in this situation.

SuperCy writes: I’ve never been a person to change my allegiance. I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Pirates, Bills and the Cyclones. Why should I care anymore?

CW: Because it is sports man! It’s not life or death. If your teams lose, it isn’t the end of the world. You still are a healthy human being with a lot of other great stuff going on. You don’t become a Cyclone fan because it is easy. You do it because you have a connection and a passion for the university. That’s what it is all about with me at least. That’s why I’d never leave central Iowa to cover a random SEC team or something. I have an emotional investment in Iowa State. That’s why I love it so much. So relax and just hope that the Bills get sold and the Pirates just shut down because they are so freaking terrible.

Azn4cy writes: Chris, Why no love for hockey? You seem like a non discriminatory sports guy.. Can us CFers pick you a team to follow? Also, if not hockey, will you be watching the World Cup this summer?

CW: I have no problem with hockey at all. I just didn’t grow up around it and don’t know much about the sport. It’s just not a big art of my life. Go ahead and pick me a team to cheer for I’m down with that. And yes, I’ll tune into the World Cup this summer. I watch soccer for a couple weeks every four years. You do the math.