CF Mailbag: 3-26

By Chris Williams, Publisher

The weekend is here Fanatics. Let’s head into Saturday with a mailbag column. A lot of good questions are in store for you today. Enjoy.

Clones85’ writes: Just posted a thread about it but what are your 2 deeps for the WR position. Assume we are going with a 3 WR and 1 TE formation.

CW: It showed me a lot when the coaches labeled Sedrick Johnson as a first-string wide receiver heading into the spring. After his disastrous sophomore season, the coaches still have a ton of confidence in his raw talent so 85, I will trust the coaches and put him number one. Also, I watched him practice on Tuesday and he looked great. Just a little side note there. Here are my two-deeps.

First String:

WR: Sedrick Johnson
WR: Jake Williams
WR: Darius Darks
TE: Collin Franklin

Second String:

WR: Darius Reynolds
WR: Albert Gary or Josh Lenz
WR: Chris Young
TE: Ricky Howard

That is just a ballpark look. Reynolds could very well start over Johnson. It’s a tossup. The same goes with Josh Lenz. He was getting more YAC than anybody else on the team last season and if he keeps coming around, it will be hard to keep him off of the field. We have no idea what to expect with Gary or Young but I know the coaching staff is very high on all of the incoming receivers. Staying healthy is key though. The coaching staff will have a ton of choices to make and that’s a good thing. Competition equals excellence right?

AngryPanda writes: Since you said you follow WWE who is your favorite wrestler and favorite all-time match and why, and what do you think of the new PG type of programming they have been putting forth lately?

CW: I love the WWE question. Quick story. I am a giant Collin Cowherd fan. In my opinion, there is nobody who even comes close to him in the sports talk business. I know it is all a taste thing. But he is my guy. Well I was listening to him the other day and he was having a conversation about how everybody is a nerd in his or her own little way. I’m a nerd with my love of professional wrestling. I love it. Monday Night Raw is one of my favorite programs of all time, just right behind Seinfeld.

My favorite current wrestler? I have two of them. Edge and Randy Orton. I’d probably lean a little bit on the Edge side and I’ll also throw in that it is ridiculous that the WWE is trying to make them good guys.

Favorite wrestler of all-time? The Rock or Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Not Hulk Hogan. Hollywood Hogan. I loved the nWo back in the day.

Favorite match of all-time? Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan at Starcade 1998. Hogan hadn’t defended the title in like six months…Sting was nowhere to be found. Great match that ended in an awful fashion but that was the nature of the beast in that era of wrestling. There was ALWAYS interference. Bret Hard made his debut in WCW that night. Great night.

Thanks for asking. That was fun. (INSERT LOSER JOKE HERE)

Pyrocyz writes: Summer past time…Golf or Slow Pitch softball??

CW: Funny you should ask about my golf game. I used to love golf. I used to play all of the time when I lived in Shenandoah. I actually went to the U.S. Open last year in New York. Big golf guy. But last July, I retired. I got so sick and tired of sucking; I just couldn’t take it anymore. I am considering making a comeback this spring. Should I?

Who wins the NL Central?

CW: Honestly, I don’t really care. I’m a Braves fan. I take it you’re a Cub guy? I’ll take the Cardinals if Albert is healthy.

Huntt26 writes: If you started your bracket over right now, who do you have winning it all in the NCAA men’s tournament?

CW: A guy would have to go with Kentucky wouldn’t he? Sooooo much talent. Who cares that they are young. They’re the best team that money can buy. Did I just write that for all to see? Whooops.

Isuaggie writes: So, what did you think of the Bill Fennelly locker room video?

CW: I thought that it was pretty cool. That was a perfect representation of Bill Fennelly. No acting at all. He’s a great man and an awesome coach.

JCloned writes: I am so confused by who is going, who is coming, who was going – but isn’t now, who committed but didn’t, in MBB. Is the staff as confused as we are?

CW: Really, the only new drama on this topic that has come out of this week is the John Wilkins deal. I know that he did originally commit to Iowa State and loves Ames. His father wants him to take more visits to make sure. That’s where that story came from the other day. That’s really about it. Everything else is total speculation at this point, disregarding the players who have already announced that they are leaving.

CP44 writes: Could football season take any longer to get here?

CW: Dude…Spring football is here. Enjoy it! We’ll have a ton of football stuff on the site over the next month.

CycloneYoda writes: Okay, Chris. Whiskey season has officially ended. (Minus juleps in July) It is now rum season. What is your recipe for a killer rum punch?

CW: I’m not a huge rum guy. So here is my favorite summer drink. It’s called a Southern Lemonade. Get a glass and fill it with ice. Fill it about a third of the way up with Southern Comfort. Then fill the rest up with Squirt. It will change your life.

Vanillathrilla writes: If you were going into a back-alley street fight, who would you rather have on your side: Wayne or Garth? And why?

CW: Honestly, I was never a big Wayne’s World guy. But I’ll go with Wayne for the simple reason that the movie was named after him. You about have to go with Wayne simply because of that don’t you? Who would you take?

Yaman3 writes: Pick Ones:

Aus or Frees?

CW: Aus…I’ve covered her. I am biased.

Milton Bradley or Kanye West

CW: Milton Bradley. This shows how much I dislike Kanye. He should have never messed with my girl T-Swift.

The Rock or Hulk Hogan

CW: The Rock…Had you said “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, then we might have had to talk.

Sable or Stacy Kiebler

CW: Stacy Kiebler. Legs.

Simon or Ryan

CW: What? Is this an American Idol reference? If so, Simon. Did you really even need to ask?

Popcorn or Nachos

CW: Easiest question of the day…Nachos. Throw some jalapeneos on there as well.

CYdTracked writes: Any good info on our incoming recruits in women’s basketball? Hopefully we have someone coming in that can help replace Lacey because I don’t see a go-to kind of player currently on our roster that can take over games like Aus can when the shot clock is running down or the game is on the line.

CW: Great question. I don’t have a ton of information at this point but I do plan on doing a big story on this once the season is over. Check out THIS THREAD that was started by mred and you’ll learn a lot. He’s a very intelligent women’s basketball poster.

VeloClone writes: You prediction (with a final score) for the UCONN game. Include some tidbits like ISU player of the game, surprise ISU performance and which UCONN player does the most damage to ISU.

CW: I don’t think that Iowa State will win this game but Bill Fennelly will give his team a chance. I guess the only way I think this thing is within 15 points is if the Clones just go crazy from behind the arc. Kelsey Bolte will have to score 20 plus. Aus needs to score 15 plus and dish out 10 assists. It is all about hitting 3-pointers in my opinion. It will have to be one magical day.

My final score…UCONN 80, Iowa State 61

If I didn’t get to your question today, I apologize. I am either working on getting you an answer or your question has already been addressed through a different blog or story.

Have a great weekend Fanatics!