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Rhoads talks bowl game

Iowa State University held a press conference welcoming Insight Bowl representatives to Ames on Friday afternoon. After the press conference, a group of reporters caught up with Iowa State head football coach Paul Rhoads. Here is what went down.

Is there any update on any personnel situations with the team?

PR: Everything is good. The only update that I would give is that Terran Benton is practicing and practicing very well. He’s running around and doing everything that we do as a football team. It will be exciting to have him back in uniform.

Have you looked much at Minnesota yet?

PR: I have not looked at one snap. That is not true. Coach Burnham and Coach Herman were watching some and I walked in to talk to them. I caught a glance of their football team. I have been out on the road recruiting all week. The coordinators were off the road recruiting. They have all of the games already broken down and are starting to formulate their thoughts on what they want to do from a game plan standpoint. We really won’t start working on that until next week. We are practicing today. We are practicing tomorrow. Those will be ball practices. We will just go out there and play football against each other and play our own offense and defense. Just try to execute and be productive.

What is your practice schedule like?

PR: We practiced yesterday. We missed Wednesday with the inclement weather. We will practice today. We will practice tomorrow. They will be off on Sunday, heading into finals week. We will lift them on Monday and Wednesday. We will run them on Tuesday and Thursday. We will practice on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday before we let them go home for the holidays. Then, we will leave here as a football team on the 26th.

When you were on the road recruiting, did the weather hamper that at all?

PR: It did not hamper it. It got me back in a little bit later than I had anticipated. But the weather was not pretty everywhere I went, from southern California up to Fargo, North Dakota. It was about cold or rainy every place that I stopped. I got to see everybody I anticipated seeing and had a very successful trip.


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