CF Expert’s Pick’Em: Week 14

We’ve reached the final week of our Expert’s Pick’em. Congrats to Ken Miller of 1460 KXNO for wrapping up the regular season championship. WHO/KXNO Radio personality made a strong statement last week by going 8-0, but mathematically, Miller has won the championship. The real battle to watch this week is between Bret Meyer and me. Who will end up in the cellar? Don’t count ABC 5’s Eric Murphy out of that battle. With a slip up, Murph could be in the tank with Bret and me.

Updated Standings

KXNO’s Ken Miller, 68-35 (5-3 last week)
WHO’s Steve Deace, 63-40 (8-0 last week)
ISU Football Alum Adam Carper, 62-41 (6-2 last week)
ABC 5’s Eric Murphy, 61-42 (7-1 last week)
CF’s Chris Willams, 60-43 (6-2 last week)
ISU Football Alum Bret Meyer, 59-44 (7-1 last week)

Ken Miller’s Picks

Ohio vs. Central Michigan – Pulling for Solich but Central Michigan is a better team.

Nebraska vs. Texas – I’ll be shocked if the Hiskers score more than 10 points. Texas wins.

Florida vs. Alabama – Two evenly matched teams with one major exception, the QB, I’ll take Tebow.

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson – Toss up, maybe this is the year that Clemson doesn’t choke in a big spot.

Cincinnati @ Pitt – Love Pitts front 4, lets take the home team in a mild upset.

Steve Deace’s Picks

Central Michigan 27. Ohio 21 – Quarterback play is the difference.

Texas 31, Nebraska 14 – Too much outside explosiveness for the Longhorns.

Florida 24, Alabama 21 – Tebow is the difference.

Clemson 28, Georgia Tech 27 – Tigers pull upset in the rematch.

Cincinnati 31, Pittsburgh 24 – Coaching mismatch here.

Adam Carper’s Picks

Ohio vs. Central Michigan – Central Michigan claims the MAC Championship decisively.

Nebraska vs. Texas – Nebraska just doesn’t have enough firepower on offense to contend. Texas.

Florida vs. Alabama – Florida is just the better team in this matchup and get their opportunity to win 3 national titles in 4 years.

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson – Give me Georgia Tech in this one.

Cincinnati @ Pitt – The Bearcats finish undefeated with an impressive win on the road.

Eric Murphy’s Picks

Ohio vs. Central Michigan- Dan LeFevour is the Tim Tebow of the MAC (minus the Tebowisms) Chipps ride his arm and legs to the title.

Nebraska vs. Texas – Huskers D is money but the Texas offense is clicking. Horns national title hopes stay alive.

Florida vs. Alabama – Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas (Tebowism) The Gators will be wearing SEC Championship hats Saturday night.

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson – Both coming off of tough losses to rivals. Tech rebounds better and takes the ACC crown.

Cincinnati @ Pitt – Brian Kelly pads his resume…will Notre Dame be watching?

Chris Williams’ Picks

Ohio vs. Central Michigan – I am anything but an expert in MAC football. I’ll take Central Michigan.

Nebraska vs. Texas – There is no way that Nebraska has to offense to keep up with McCoy and Co. I like Texas by two touchdowns.

Florida vs. Alabama – How good of a guy is Tim Tebow? Ha. Tired of hearing that? Who cares? If you’re not a Gator, you’re Gator bait. I’ll take Florida by a field goal.

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson – I love Paul Johnson. One of my top five favorite coaches nationally. Give me the Jackets by 10.

Cincinnati @ Pitt – The Panthers are notorious for pulling upsets like this one. Still, this Bearcat team is destined for positive things. I’ll side with Brian Kelly.

Bret Meyer’s Picks

Ohio vs. Central Michigan – Dan LeFevour leads Central Michigan to another MAC title.

Nebraska vs. Texas – Nebraska’s defense makes it closer than the experts think. Colt McCoy wraps up the Heisman and BCS Championship berth with a 4th quarter touchdown run to seal it for the Longhorns.

Florida vs. Alabama – Florida wins another close game. Hard to pick against Tebow and the Gators.

Georgia Tech vs. Clemson – The crazy Clemson fan has yet another meltdown. Georgia Tech wins in Tampa.

Cincinnati @ Pitt-The Brian Kelly farewell tour begins with another Big East Championship.