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    Special Holiday Effort by Wrestlers

    DES MOINES – Iowa State wrestlers Phil Hawes and Max Mayfield weren’t just thinking about what they would get for Christmas. The Cyclone duo decorated gift bags that would be filled with toys for children who are current patients at Blank Children’s Hospital during this Christmas season. Hawes and Mayfield then went to Des Moines Tuesday to visit patients, including some individuals at Iowa Methodist Hospital.
    “I think this was a great opportunity Phil and Max,” Iowa State head coach Kevin Jackson said. “With finals over, it was a great chance to celebrate the season. They took the time to focus on others and I know it was very rewarding for both the patients and Phil and Max.”
    Iowa State’s wrestlers report back to campus Dec. 26 and will compete in the Midlands Tournament Dec. 29-30 in Evanston, Ill.

    Special Holiday Effort by Wrestlers - Iowa State University Athletics Official Web Site - www.CYCLONES.com - The home of Iowa State Cyclone Sports

    First of all, Merry Christmas to all you Cyclones out there. I saw this article this morning on cyclones.com and thought it was a great story. I have lived in Ames almost forty years now and so in that amount of time have had numerous friends spend time in the hospital. Anyway, there are two things that really lift the spirits of the hospital patients and that is people that bring their dogs up for visits and when ISU athletes and coaches make the rounds up there. Great job by these two wrestlers and I am sure it made the day of all they visited.
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    That's really sweet, good for those kids

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    Thanks Phil and Max. I'm sure the kids were thrilled that you came to see them and you guys make us Cyclone fans proud.
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    What a bunch of attention whores.

    Hawkeye Nation
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    Good for those two.

    Since college athletics is king in Iowa I bet those kids really appreciated it. I remember when a classmate's uncle, who played football at Simpson, came to our class one day when we were in elementary. I thought it was such a big deal at the time.

    Hope more of our guys get out to do this sort of thing, regardless if they are Arob or the 3rd string kicker. It's such a boost for those kids and makes them feel really special.

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