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Discussion in 'Big XII Conference' started by cysocool, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Would someone tell Texas A&M the best way to beat the Longhorns and become a national football power is to stay in the Big 12 and start the Big 12 Network. If the remaining Big 12 would form a network including Oklahoma, it will be in more households, more profitable and seen by more recruits than LHN. Texas A&M and Oklahoma could elevate their rivalry on the network and would also reinforce OU's recruiting footprint in Texas. Also, positioning OU only having to beat texas and A&M to make a BCS title game most years, the same for A&M.

    How would Texas like to see A&M and OU showcasing their new elevated rivalry all over Texas to all those Texas recruits on the Big 12 network?

    The new Big 12 network would only show longhorn content when playing the 9 members of the network. Another great thing would be that each member would only have to split content nine ways instead of 10, or 12 like the big 10 network does.

    Let the other conferences grow to 14, 16, 18 teams eventually they would dilute their content to the point of diminishing returns and have to add another network thus basically being 2 conferences under one umbrella. What a diluted mess that would be IMO.

    Just some thoughts...
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    That is far to logical for the self absorbed elites of the Big XII. As ESPN and Texas are beginning to realize, you have to have content to make a network viable.

    The problem with the Big XII is that there are too many egos arguing over who gets what share of the pie, and thus no one gets any pie (except Texas). To make a network viable, you need multiple teams to provide enough content. Without that content, a dedicated network isn't really viable.
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    You would have better luck telling that to a brick wall than you would telling that to the Aggies.
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    Should of stuck to my orginal thread of telling A&M to screw-off and leave, they would've understood that better.
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    Invite ALL. Whoever shows (less TU and ATM), make a part of the "Big XII-less ___ Network"

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