Worst city in Iowa?


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Nov 8, 2006
Waterloo, IA
I assume it has the cuisine of Mexico, Missouri, not the real Mexico.
Depends on how you feel about Tasty Tacos. The family that started Tasty Tacos from what I understand came from Ft Madison. The Hispanic population there goes back over 100 years to when they were building the railroads and they all came from the area of Mexico that made fluffy tortillas. That's a super regional way to make Tacos and the only places you can really find that outside of Mexico that I'm aware of are Ft Madison and Des Moines.


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Mar 17, 2012
SW Iowa
Any town more than 20 miles from a large metro area is hurting, unless they have a progressive civic leader and banker.


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Aug 14, 2013
Lakewood, CO
Last time I drove through Webster City... that place seemed to be on the downfall much like Fort Dodge. Kind of sad. I don't remember it being like that back when I interned at Electrolux. I knew the plant had closed but didn't realize they demolished the entire thing.


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Apr 12, 2006
I once got lost and drove through Greene. It was night time but the town seemed nice enough. Then a cat ran right out in front of my car in the dark and scared the crap out of me and I'll never go near there again. Mostly because I don't really have any reason to drive through Greene again.


Feb 28, 2006
These threads are fun, but not as fun as when the graph gets updated each year with "Top Fetishes By State", "Top Porn Searches By State", etc. Those are gold mines.

Mr Janny

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Mar 27, 2006
Did a couple nights in Mariposa. Had no idea before getting there but it was their annual fair - that was an experience. Nice enough little town, but they could put your average redneck to shame when they get after it.
Several of my family members have relocated there. But, I'll share a story about their annual fair.
My brother moved out there when he was 22. My uncle already lived out there, so they hung out a bunch. For the fair, my uncle would set up a booth and sell smoked tri-tip sandwiches every year. So he asked my brother to help him. This involved getting up very early to get the smoker going and prep everything in the booth. It also involved a fair bit of drinking, specifically in the form of tequila. And wanting to earn respect, my brother decided to go shot for shot with my uncle who was a seasoned pro. Long story short, my brother ended up passing out in the grass in front of the booth by around 9AM.

Well, the grass in front of the booth also happened to be prime sitting real estate for the 10AM parade, and people just sort of set up shop around him with lawn chairs and blankets. When he woke up, there were all kinds of people around him. He'd accumulated a good deal of parade candy as well. It seems the people throwing candy saw him as something of a target, all splayed out there in the grass, and none of the surrounding kids were brave enough to take it off of him.

He asked my uncle later, why he didn't wake him up and he was like "I was keeping an eye on you."

But it always stood out to me, as evidence of what the town was like, that people were very comfortable sitting down to watch a parade next to a passed out drunk guy

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