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Discussion in 'Women's Basketball' started by ChrisMWilliams, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I like the excitement around PG. We won't have to worry so much if there is a flu or a sprained ankle with plenty of backup. BF's statement clears the air, Schroll isn't in the mix, rather, "two junior college transfers (Darcie **** and Lauren Mansfield), two high school recruits (Kelsey Harris and Elly Arganbright) and junior Chassidy Cole." Out of that pool, there will come a great PG. I do get from that that Schroll will likely be the starting two.
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    Not to sound ... well, you know. But WOW!!!! We have got the most gorgeous female basketball players in the league!!! Great criteria for victories, I know! But holy smokes! CyBeauties!!!
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    I got a kick out of one part of the presser - can't remember the question but it had something to do with the post players - and BF commented how everywhere they recruit people are telling players don't got to ISU because they don't feed the post yet some of our all-time great players were post players such as Angie Welle so he wasn't sure how they got that reputation on the recruiting trail.
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    Watch any game tape. Like it or not, ISU does not run a low-post offense. They don't. Our centers are in constant motion, setting screens at the top of the key, moving around the perimeter to shoot and looking to pass to teammates criss-crossing down low in freed-up space.
    I'm not dissing our system, but if I was a classic post player, ISU would not be the place for me.
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    Chicken or egg? The past few years we haven't had a ton of classic low post offensive skill. When we've had players who have shown the ability to score in the low post, we've implemented an offense that plays to that. I think BF is more flexible than many people (including myself) give him credit for.
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    I don't buy that, I have been to plenty of women's games over the years and yes our posts do move a lot and sometimes even shoot the 3 but last year I thought both Poppens and Prins got plenty of looks near the basket. In the past we had some pretty physical post players like Desiree Francis, Angie Welle, and Monica Huelman who all got a lot of points around the basket too. You do have to have a little athleticism to play in our system but I think especially this season you are going to see our post play be a big part of our offense since we are lacking that player like Aus who could create off the dribble.
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    Would disagree with you on this one. If you watch ISU's post players there are specific plays where they set up inside looking for the lob or bounce pass from the guard/forward. Bill takes advantage of their athleticism when defenses collapse on them by bring them out front to can a three. Opens up the low post area for slashers. Its all a complete strategy versus just being a post dominated team. Watch what Stanford does and with Appel they've had a great post.

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