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Staff member
Apr 10, 2006
Bondurant, Iowa
Sep 19, 2020; Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback Spencer Sanders (3) hands off to running back Chuba Hubbard (30) against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane during the first half at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

All week long, I’ve had a difficult time nailing down my feelings on No. 17 Iowa State’s top 25 showdown in Stillwater vs. No. 6 Oklahoma State on Saturday (2:30 p.m. on FOX). 

Over the years of working in this profession, I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to say, “I don’t know.”

That’s mostly how I feel about this game.

That’s because, on paper, these teams are pretty even. If anything, Oklahoma State probably has a slight advantage. But games aren’t played on paper. With what we have tangibly seen on the football field this year, I give Iowa State a clear edge. 

I’m throwing the first week out for both teams – a loss for Iowa State to Louisiana and an absolute survival mode...
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Active Member
Nov 5, 2010
Chris - I believe you nail this one, "going with what we have seen tangibly on the football field". Okie State has beaten two of the worst teams in the league (WVA and Kansas), us? We've beaten TCU OU and Tech. Argument can easily be made we are the more impressive team so far.

I actually think this game is more about our defense than our offense. If our D can replicate the effort against Tech and OU, we win here (a turnover or two will be critical). Time to tackle in space, get on spencer sanders early, and play lockdown up the middle.


Well-Known Member
Sep 26, 2008
Kansas City
The D needs to put the clamps down on OSU tomorrow.

Huge game. ISU hasn't been 4-0 in conference play in many of our lifetimes.

This is year five for our coaching staff, and this is a game where the program can take that next step.

Go Cyclones!


May 21, 2014
Ankeny, Iowa
Chris hedging his bet a little bit here. Took the under on this game according to the ActionFanatics podcast but going with a high scoring game in predictions.


Well-Known Member
SuperFanatic T2
Aug 17, 2009
Bold predictions. Well, not so much, except for the KSU/KU game. How the heck with KU score 6 points? 3 KSU muffed punts in their own end zone?


Well-Known Member
Oct 18, 2006
Central Iowa
Worst KU team you say....Can it be much worse than Bud Moore's Last Team......The Athletic Director called Bud into his office right before their trip to Mizzou, a middle of the season game....The AD asked Bud Moore to quit and he said NO!

Bud Moore did not travel with the team but had his wife go with him and they drove over to Columbia Missouri. Then Bud proceeded to run every offensive play into the strength of the Mizzou Defense.. A big donor who was at the game went to the phone at halftime and called the KU athletic director(at home of course)and told him to give Bud Moore whatever he wanted because he had never been this humiliated....
Needless to say Bud Moore got what he wanted and went quietly to Florida and got a Budweiser Distributorship..


Well-Known Member
Oct 20, 2010
Chris you are still over valuing Texas and undervaluing West Virginia. WVU defense is legit. Their QB play is questionable, but they have a decent running game and will be in every game they play this year.. Brown is a good coach and they will be a tough out for ISU, even at JTS. Too much noise at Texas about off the field stuff and Herman's record is anything but consistent. Not sure about Baylor, but they still have some athletes. I expect them to cover. Texas is a mess.

I wish it weren't so, but Oklahoma will roll against TCU. Not sure what's wrong in Frog Land, but they have problems on both sides of the ball.

We are on a collision course with K State. My fear is they somehow prevent us from getting to the title game. The KSU game gives me the most indigestion every year. Kleiman is Vampire 2.0. Doesn't matter that he lost his starting quarterback, he will make do and they will be a pain in the ass all season.


Well-Known Member
Dec 21, 2008
Des Moines
This will be a mental game. Most every time in the MC era that the team was faced with a big time game to take that next step up it had wilted. Talent wise the gap between us and OSU is not going to be the reason why we lose or win it's going to be if the team can step up in the spotlight and over come the hurdle of the bright lights.
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