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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by daniel22, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Mar 4, 2011
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    has anyone went white water rafting before? I am going at the end of the month and i am wondering what peoples experiences were. I am signed up for the intermediate class. I was wondering if anyone has signed up for the advanced class before. this is my first time. thanks.
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    What sort of advice or experience are you looking for? What is the class through? What is your level of paddling (raft, kayak, canoe, etc.) experience? Where is this located? What does the intermediate class entail (what sort of trips; what gear; what class of rapids)?

    I've rafted in Colorado and Alaska and have always enjoyed it. Before that my experience with paddling had been exclusively canoeing while growing up, and while they are significantly different I felt I was able to learn quickly as a result. Since it's a class I'm sure the guide will be able to make sure you get the most of it, and have a fun time while learning.
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    Where/what river are you going on? The suitability of intermediate/advanced would probably be a question to ask your outfitter, as they'll know the river you're going to be on. It may also depend on water levels/flow (which in late July may not be particularly high).

    I went a couple years ago on the Cache La Poudre River west of Ft Collins, Colorado... neither my gf or I had ever done any rafting before and we did the longer trip with more/harder rapids and got along fine. That was late July/early August and water levels were much lower than in the spring during snowmelt.
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    The first time i went was in Colorado with My mom, uncle, cousin, dad, and the tour guy. We went through level rapids from level 2 to 4. It was amazing and definitely a great experience but mainly for what happened. We were coming upon a rapid section called "Deliverance" My uncle made some witty comment with something like "i wonder why they call it that hahaha:biglaugh:" as we start we go on a large drop, rowing as fast as we can then hit a rock or something on the left middle. my cousin who was to my left was jolted off his spot and so he wouldnt throw me off, i lowered my shoulder into im, keeping both of us in the raft. i then see behind and to my left my dad falling backwards off the raft into the rough water!:shocked:.

    The guide yells at us not to jump in and to keep paddling. Quickly we get separated from whatever we hit and continue down, all the while freaking out about my dad. He soon popped up but it was evident he was very disoriented. We were in no position to pull him in, but the raft behind us was able to grab him by his life vest and pull him into their raft.

    After surviving through "Deliverance" we maneuvered to the shore and helped him switch rafts. He spent spent awhile kind of in a shocked state. He never went to the doctor but we think he had a very small concussion and should have gotten stitches on his arm. After that crazy ride the guide told us that someone falling out happens like 1 in 30 rides. We had plenty of laughs and jokes after (especially at the pub we all got plastered at) Definitely was scary at the time but has been one of our favorite family stories since.

    If you and whoever you go with can handle GO FOR IT. I dont suggest anyone fall out of the raft for sure. I loved it though and i suggest you do it and if you can take classes to do it more often definitely go for it because its a huge thrill ride
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    I hope for your sake the trip doesn't turn out like it did for Mr B. on White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild 2.

    If anybody at all understands this reference, you are officially awesome and my favorite.

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