What I would like to see the first 12 games of this season:

Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by Shinyhappyclone, Aug 28, 2007.

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    Aug 25, 2007
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    This is what I look for prior to our bowl game this year:

    --Opposing teams have 3rd and 14 or 3rd and 15 and -regardless of if we blitz or not- our defensive backs actually cover the guy when he runs out to his 14 yard route! How many times over the years did Skladany's defense play soft on 3rd and 15. Lord. Those cats were coached to give 10 yard cushions! It was sick and contrary to everything these kids learned since pop warner. Cover the freaking reciever.

    --I want to see Chizik go ballistic when a referee screws us...and they will. We have generational biases and ingrained responses by referees in the BIg 12. On a close call, they know which programs not to make a call go against for thier careers will be in jeopardy. That premeditated horse*&^ call of offensive pass interference in the Nebraska game last year on Blythe is exactly what I am talking about. Mac should have went Eustachy on the guys instead of just letting the Nebraska coaching staff basically script the refereeing. This will take many years to change, but I hope Gene doesn't take it just for the case of being "classy". I want our coaches to be wily enough to get the referees thinking about actually calling that holding call on the NU lineman or the wide reciever pick play on Texas.

    --Jack Trice will never be "loud" or "electric" in its present, parabolic-dish-to-the-stars, Huxley wind tunnel configuration. It is a 1970's-ish multi-use stadium with no use. Quit whining about it and win some games anyway.

    --I want to see Bret Meyer put his head down and knock a Colorado or Kansas State cornerbacks helmet off his head, with or without the head still inside of it. NO ANKLE TACKLES BRET!!!

    --I want to see Shaggy make a game winning field goal at the buzzer


  2. Cyclone62

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    Feb 1, 2007
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    Are you high? :wideeyed:

    Yes, because we were "screwed" so badly in the Mizzou game at the end of the 4th.

    ...alright, but I don't remember anyone saying "we can't win because the crowd is too quiet." Maybe you can enlighten us as to when that was said, preferably by a player.

    Yea, I want to lose our QB because of a concussion that could have easily been avoided too. :eek:
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    I'm just left scratching my head on this one. Love your intensity, it's just a bit off and misdirected (see Drew Tate).

    FYI, the Tate reference wasn't about concussions, this post just reminds me of Tate. Lots of "ROOOOOAAAAAAAAAR" with little sense to it.
  4. cycloneworld

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    Some things I'd like to see for the first 12 games this season:

    -Some hair left on my already receeding hairline.

    -A sense of pride that this team fought with all they had.

    -A sense of confidence in the team for 2008.

    -Not having another off-season of saying "what if we didn't **** this game down our leg"

    -Saying "I'm so glad we didn't run the shotgun draw every other play"

    -Increase my man-crush on Gene Chizik.

    Those are just a few, I could go on and on.
  5. Cyclonepride

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    I want to not be able to predict the offensive play call before it happens. Especially not on a regular basis.

    I would rather see our corners burned deep on occasion, than the slow certain death of 75% completions underneath.

    I want to see deep passes just to keep them honest.

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