What are your favorite memories of Monte, Naz and Matt....and Deonte too

Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by psyclone51, Mar 20, 2017.

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    I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite memories of our departing 4 (5) year seniors, and maybe toss in Deonte because of his impact.

    I'd like to start. It may not be my best memory, but my first memory of Monte was seeing him on the floor as a freshman and seeing how tiny he was; I think he said he arrived on campus at 145 lb, which seems awful light for a guy over 6 ft. But any worries about his ability to compete soon faded - but at the time, I never dreamed he would become the rock start he is today.

    My best memory of Naz is probably the same an many others and that was the dagger buzzer beater against Oklahoma State. I was in the crowd, and that shot for a few seconds silenced 14,000+ people, and then caused a massive deafening roar to replace it. Wow.

    My best memory of Matty Ice was not so much one play, but rather the perseverance he showed to improve his game and become a starter. This poor guy, having dealt with so much long before he even graduated high school was the brunt of a lot of crap on this forum and in other places, but he paid no heed (I hope) and now I know I will remember him for his character. Plus a ton of in-your-face 3's!

    As for the man in the pink shoes, I went from a frustrated fan to a fan in awe, not just of his physical ability to dominate a game, but his eloquence and his academic abilities. You don't lead the team in GPA without a ton for effort and drive and focus. You don't honor your Mom the way he did without having character. To see his development in the last 4 months of the season was memorable, and I'll remember that long after his power dunks up the middle.

    I wish these young men all the best in the future. They have given so much to this school that they deserve to earn their just rewards in life.

    What are your favorite memories?
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    Monte - as a FR at OSU locking down Forte and hitting a nails 3 in OT.

    Naz - the Michigan game as a SO. Just showed what tons of dedication and being a gym rat can do for a guy and transform him as a player.

    Matt - the steal and dunk to ice the KU game last year.

    Deonte - honestly it was Prohm getting choked up at Sr night introducing him. Obviously all of the highlight reel plays were unbelievable, but I think most of us gained a lot better understanding if what kind of teammate Deonte is as the season went on.

    When one of our talented CF colleagues makes a highlight reel for each them it will bring back a lot more memories.
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    I'm amazed Burton wasn't a bigger star here. He's a great kid/guy and one of the most talented to play at ISU

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