Weird Police Blotter Report

Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by herbiedoobie, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Jan 3, 2007
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    I'm used to reading about stuff like this on the national news; usually accompanied by some Paul Harvey-esque commentator talking about how far downhill things have gone. But, today, when I checked the Newton Daily News, online version, I found this in the Police Blotter:

    A 9-year-old Newton male was charged Wednesday with simple assault in connection with an incident reported at 1:40 p.m. Tuesday by Woodrow Wilson Elementary School officials. The boy was charged for allegedly assaulting a 55-year-old Pella woman by swinging his arm and hitting her wrist when she attempted to guide him into the school building for misbehaving during recess. The boy was referred to Juvenile Court Services

    Here's the link: Newton Daily News

    It's the fifth report down.

    You know, this bugs me on so many different levels, I cannot begin to start. When did the world turn upside down, with me still in it???:no:
  2. cybsball20

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    Nov 26, 2006
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    I smell coutersuit if that 55 year old woman had her hands on the boy...
  3. redrocker

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    I remember getting in trouble at school. I was fearful of the teachers, and even more scared of going home to the wrath of my parents, for getting in trouble. Now it is the schools that need to be scared, because of the parents ready to sue school for handing out some dicipline.

    No wonder I see so many respectful young adults and teenagers these days. :rolleyes:
  4. mj4cy

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    Who was the guy that posted the hilarious list about discipline now and 30 years ago...I would love to read it again.
  5. redrocker

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    Sep 5, 2006
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    I remember the "Board of Education" in the principals office.:eek:
  6. Cyclonesrule91

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    Kids have it so rough nowadays.

    I can still vividly remember the sand painting that was in the principals office that I had to look at while he whipped me with a wooden handle with two plastic straps on it. A lot like the whips I used to use later on to get the sows in the barn. Got it a few times, but the most memorable, and painful one for that matter, was when I put two tacks on a teachers chair while she stepped out(probably to smoke). She came in sat down, screamed. I was pretty easy to find because noone else knew I did it and they were all wide eyed wondering what just happened and I'm the one in the back row with my face buried in my arms so noone can see me laugh. Not a good day.

    Of course, I got it twice as hard when I got home with the little phone call the Principal made to my dad. It took me 5 yrs before my rear end grew back enough so a belt would keep my pants up.
  7. jtaconutz

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    Sounds like Newton
  8. CYdTracked

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    I hear ya, I hardly ever got kicked out of class because of this too. Funny thing is I do remember 1 time me and 2 guys all who you would probably least expect to get kicked out of class were told to leave and the idiot teacher (my parents and some others were not pleased with this teacher either so this just adds to how bad he was) didn't give us a reason why. He didn't tell us to go to the principal's office or anything so we just went and sat in the library and did some homework. Well a couple teachers passed by and asked us why were not in class (this is a 1A school, everyone knows everything there!) and we just said that we were kicked out. They asked what for which we told them we had no idea and the teachers just laughed at that since like I said, we were not kids who you expect to be kicked out of class.

    So it gets even more funny... next class when he collects homework he asks us why we didn't have any to turn in. We tell him because he kicked us out of class and never gave us our assignment which he then looks confused and says he doesn't even remember kicking us out of class! DUH!!!!! And that my friends was our HS math teacher for 2 years. I can pretty much say he was part of the reason why I had no clue what was going on in some of my freshman math classes at ISU because he never taught us some of the stuff that everyone else said they did back in HS.

    Oh, did I also mention he apparently tutored the ISU basketball team the same time Kenny Pratt was ineligible for grades 1 semester. Hmmm, I wonder what class he was failing? :eek:
  9. scottie33

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    Nov 25, 2006
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    haha I'm from Newton, and it sounds like Newton if you ask me!!

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