WBB: Senior day versus Baylor at noon on FSN


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Sep 14, 2009
Deep down she probably isn't all that upset about the loss. Nice little wake up call for her players before the tournament(s).

I am guessing she was upset at the end because she wants to win every game but in the big scope of things it's a meaningless loss to them just like the one five years ago. They still win the conference and are a #1 seed. Big deal for us to get over .500 in conference. Not going to help that much with seeding, if at all, but we only win like 1 of 10 from Baylor so got to enjoy the ones we get.

BTW, Johnson was player of the game IMHO with those 11 points in the 4th. We lose by five or so without her ramping up our stagnate offense. Was happy to see she at least got to sit in the postgame for a change. She's had some really big games for us while playing hurt and rarely gets even a hint of credit.

4th quarter box.

johnson 4th quarter.png

And speaking of unheralded, Kane with 8 minutes of solid play in the 4th with 4 rebounds and underrated defense on Baylor bigs.
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Jan 10, 2021
Bumping this thread to celebrate the one-year anniversary of upsetting then #2 ranked Baylor on March 8, 2000.

Also, today's International Women's Day. I'd like to send my gratitude and appreciation to all the female players, coaching staff members, officials and supporting staff members in our athletics department for their hard work and dedication.

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