Want some Gene Chizik Humor!!!!!

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    Gene Chizik is more of a class act then Urban Meyer......

    Thats right folks, you have to read this article in the Birmingham news talking about how Gene Chizik handling of Al Del Grecos lack of support and how he handled it with class. As opposed to how Urban Meyer and his 2 national championship rings handled Shane Mathews.....

    Scarbinsky: Despite his two rings, Urban Meyer could learn a thing or two from Gene Chizik - Scarblog - al.com

    The comments after the article speak to a completely divided fan base.....and there's some people in the auburn faithful that call geno a puppet....

    Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, his staff is awesome, but, i would love to see him fail and then watch the message boards blow up!!!!! Cant wait for the Bama beat down and see the faithful then......
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    Is the schedule out there somewhere? We need a gamewatch.

    And a few companies like Tailgate Apparel need to stock some 'Bama gear - it'll probably sell pretty good this summer/fall.

    Edit: Nov 27 at Auburn.

    Dang, I was kinda hoping it would be a timeslot around one of our home games - we could do a remote-tailgate for 'Bama and have JP broadcast it on the big screen. :jimlad:
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    That was the most worthless article in the history of crappy articles.

    Gene Chizik has not commented on Al Del Grecko's no comment! No, ****.

    I'm surprised the NY Times didnt break this story and the way they compared it to Urban Meyer and Shane Mathews well....bravo!
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    Contrast Meyer's reaction to Matthews to Chizik's response to former Auburn place-kicker Al Del Greco.

    Like Matthews, Del Greco has a radio show, "The Opening Drive" on WJOX in Birmingham. Like Matthews, Del Greco doesn't think his old school or its employees are perfect.

    The day Auburn hired Chizik, someone from this newspaper asked Del Greco for a comment, and he offered one.

    "No comment."

    No comment about the hire said more. Del Greco couldn't have spoken any louder at that moment had he said, "Oh, no." How did Chizik react to getting kicked in the groin by the old kicker?

    Like a man.

    The new coach has said nothing publicly on the subject.

    So Chiz doesn't say anything publicly about a guy who says "No Comment" and this is an example of showing class and "being a man"? Wow, color me impressed. I see Chiz in a whole new light now. Very blogworthy. Tweet when GC waves at the mailman since he is such a class act.

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