Twister Sister Summary - sort of (sheepish grin here)

Discussion in 'Women's Basketball' started by acoustimac, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I'm honestly saying this rather sheepishly...and I apologize :)

    I didn't realize until Monday that my wife and I had tickets for Wicked last night. We were taking her mom for her birthday. I had to miss the game. I asked my wife if one of her mom's friends could go in my stead. Let's just say after the "cool" response I knew my life wouldn't be the same if I missed it.

    I will say this though (only based on listening to the game on the radio while in transit)...
    1. Pop's free throw shooting is for real. The turnaround is amazing. If I couldn't see her face I'd swear she wasn't shooting them.
    2. Moody...what can I say? Go back to my first post. She is going to be special. What she needs to work on right now is hitting clutch free throws when the pressure is on.
    3. This team has to get away from these slow starts on the offensive end. There are some teams coming up (Penn State, Iowa, Michigan, UNI) that won't let us breathe if they get us down early.
    4. When this team turns it on it is something to behold. Listening to the run at the end of the game made me smile. This team could be very, very good. Right now it is in spurts, but the potential is definitely there.
    5 Big stat of the game. The question has been where would scoring come from this year? Who would step up? Early Answer? Someone named Team. Four players in double figures and Jess has been one of them two games in a row. This is HUGE. If Loz, Harris and/or Williamson get on board look out!

    Will do better next game...promise!

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