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Discussion in 'Women's Basketball' started by acoustimac, Jan 11, 2017.

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    This again will be brief. The first half was what I expected. Points scored and a close game. As previously mentioned these teams over the years have mirrored each other in style, but OU has something ISU doesn' play. The second half featured the same failings we have seen over and over again. A quarter where the team falls apart. This time it was the third where OU dominated 21-12. Scoring droughts. The critical one was in the fourth when the ladies scrapped backmto within two and then went three minutes without a bucket and allowed OU to pull away. It all results in the same things...a loss. This time it's a critical home loss that is pushing the ladies deeper into the pits of the Big 12.

    Free throws. We lost this battle again only getting to the line 12 times while OU made 14.

    Burkhall's line was pretty decent with 12 points and a surprising 11 boards. But I still see too many balls get knocked out of her hands.

    Guards. Colder than Lake Superior in January from deep. A whopping 22% on 27 attempts. This was the killer stat. When the shots deep won't fall you have to attack and be smart about it.

    There were all sorts of reasons for the ladies to win this game even shooting that poorly. But three straight possessions with offensive fouls in the fourth doesn't get the job done.

    The second half wasn't pretty and when these disfunctions continue the same results will keep happening. I keep hoping the coaching staff and the ladies find some answers before this season slides too far out of control.
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    Yeah, this was one of the worst games I've seen the ladies play all year. Not sure if it was OU being that much better and playing hard defense or just an off night by the cyclones. Jada looked "off" all game, which really hurt late when it seemed OU started hedging Seanna's drives more.

    I was excited to see Durr and Jada on the court together for an extended time, but it never really worked out as i was hoping with Jada being off. I'd like to see it again as Jada is a good 3 pt shooter off the catch.

    I totally agree the lack of a post presence is a major problem for this team, but I have seen improvements with Meredith this year. It's odd that it almost seems like she's a better at shooting 3 pt shots than layups (ok, probably not really.. just seems that way with how many bunnies she misses :) ).
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    Acoustimac, Thx for the summary. Does anyone know why Nia didn't get in? When she has played, this yr I personally thought she looked pretty good spelling Jada.
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