Twister Sister Summary - more of the same leads to another loss

Discussion in 'Women's Basketball' started by acoustimac, Jan 15, 2020.

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    Some of the non-movement on offense is not being able to move, which circles back to the "freedom of movement" point of emphasis that seems to disappear every season around mid-December.
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    Women's basketball has 15 scholarships to give out. Why do we only play 7 players? We should't be waiting for next years class of guards to get here. Softball gets 12 scholarships and has to put 9-10 kids on the field. Our Coaches aren't new, we shouldn't be rebuilding, no one is leaving early for the WNBA. I get the game has changed but until it changes back you need to adapt don't you? Athleticism and speed we are lacking so defending against other Big 12 teams or any good team is going to be hard as we've witnessed. Do we have a strength and conditioning coach? I haven't seen any visible difference in our girls the last several years. When kids hit college getting stronger and faster is a must especially in any college sport in a Power 5 conference. It's perplexing with the fan base our program has why we've struggled to maintain being top tier in the Big 12 during a down time for the conference. Last year hasn't been the norm the last 1/2 dozen years.
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    Athletes...I assume the ESPN ratings consider that? We have had athletes on our team. Last year we had top notch in Carlton, Middleton, Joens, Scott, etc.

    Current lineup has players who were tops in high school (Rae Johnson - rated top prospect out of Minn, Scott - all state three years, Joens - 5 star, Espenmiller-McGraw - 5 star, Wise - 5 star). So did they suddenly lose their athletic ability like in Space Jam?
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    I remember the hawk game here specifically and there are others I suppose, but we simply aren't strong or tough enough in my view and haven't been for awhile. Joens is certainly getting there. Poppens is someone that we need more of. Their effort is certainly there it's just how physical the Big 12 is.

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