Twister Sister Summary - ladies earn a messy win to start the season right

Discussion in 'Women's Basketball' started by acoustimac, Nov 10, 2013.

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    Things started off with a brief opening spurt as Moody hit the opening three and Hal followed up with an inside shot. For the next few minutes things were pretty ugly offensively as the ladies had several misses and UND stayed in it with free throws.

    What I liked early was the movement. This team is quicker and the players are moving around. What caught my eye early on was just how quick to the hole SJ is. She has very good body control. She would drive the lane several times today and it's really fun to watch.

    State would slowly creep out to a small lead while essentially holding NDU scoreless from the field for the first 4 minutes. The defense looks pretty solid. You could see the problems what height will have for us on a few occasions as the taller NDU girls could beat our smaller guards for straight up rebounds. Pure hustle will definitely help overcome that type of edge though.

    Through the first five minutes you could see Hal is undoubtedly the heart and soul of this team. She was doing a little bit of everything getting boards, hitting free throws and playing solid defense.

    Something else that is fun to watch is Brynn playing defense. She has such good lateral movement. It's very hard to drive on her as she is quick and cuts off the drive practically before it starts.

    Through the first eight minutes this thing was no offensive thing of beauty. Lots of missed shots and this led to UND actually pulling back and even taking the lead at 13-12. Of course Kidd answered right back with a three so it was short lived. After a nice feed by Jadda, Kidd would hit another 3 to extend the lead to 18-13. You have to hope that we can find more than one three point threat from this guard court as I've yet to see any consistency from the others.

    UND was working hard to try to keep up with Hal and it resulted in several fouls. Hal was constantly moving and working like a true post. The ladies would have numerous chances throughout the half to go to the line.

    The person I will be keeping my eye on early this season is Maddie. She came in for the first time with about 10 minutes left in the first half. Still not a thing of beauty but both teams were doing just enough to keep it interesting. Hal would hit a three to put State up 24-15.

    Another small observation, the refs are doing a pretty good job of calling the hand checks. They were calling it both ways pretty evenly.

    After starting hot, the outside threes started to miss and the rebounding of NDU would allow them to nearly erase the 11 point lead and close within 4 with about 7 left. The offense was going through one of our frustratingly patented cold streaks from the field. Additionally, the zone defense was not reacting well to the ball and NDU went on an offensive tear to make things more than a bit nerve wracking.

    So the first half had its fits and spurts and fortunately, NDU started missing and the ladies extended their lead at the half to 12 (47-35). It's been one half and a few conclusions can be made. The zone defense (which we went to when several players got into foul trouble) needs a lot of work. We were slow to react quite a few times. Second, there are definitely going to be times when our lack of depth will hurt.

    The second half started with two quick ISU scores and Brynn picking up her third foul. Fouls appeared to be a potential problem. The first four minutes consisted of miss after miss for NDU. Unfortunately Moody would also pick up her third foul during this time. In the midst of all the misses the Sisters were able stretch the lead to 18 (54-36) as NDU had one free throw to its name.

    The half was just a pretty ugly experience to watch. Missed threes, more fouls and a lead that stayed between 14-18 points for quite some time. Moody picked up her 4th foul with 10 left in the game. For once, I didn't fear what the guards were going to do. Jadda had played a solid game handling the ball and my confidence is growing in what she can do.

    The real spark for this team so far this year has been Kidd. It seems she is hustling all over the place and hits key shots when we need them. With Moody out she really picked up her game. I like her grit and hustle. Will she be that most valued sixth "man" this year?

    The foul trouble led to ISU having a lineup on the court consisting of an unlikely lineup of Jadda Seanna, Baier, Kidd, and Ellis. They definitely did enough to hold their own. It's these games that will really pay dividends down the road. They were able to put the lead to 20 after the NDU coach got a technical. Nothing to write home about...more a "I'm fighting for my team" type of thing.

    When it was all said and done the ladies had earned a not so pretty 84-55 victory to move to 1-0 on the season. Lots to work on yet and fortunately we have some games coming up that will allow the ladies to do just that. Next up, the other directional Dakota team comes to town on Wednesday.

    Game notes.

    POG. Of course it's the all everything Hal. She had a career day from the field scoring 32 points and pulling in 11 boards. Very nicely done.

    Others to note...of course Kidd. 14 points and 10 strong boards. Love it!

    Baier watch. 2 points and three boards.

    Free throws. While we didn't make more than NDU attempted, the ladies shot pretty well from the line. This will pay dividends. Again hitting a beautiful 78% as a team.

    Fouls. This is the first time I've seen the team commit so many fouls and I'm sure much has to do with the new rules.

    Three point shooting. Not good. Way too many misses. 29% for the night. This area has to get better.

    The lane. I think I saw more drives down the lane for scores in this game than I did all last season. Speed kills.

    Missing link...on the offensive end it was Brynn. She was 0-4 from the field. She has got to step it up.
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    Was at the game, it was about what I expected ... we have some new players, and with all the fouls there wasn't much of flow to the game. But I liked that Kidd is looking to shoot, and we had a lot of open 3's ... just didn't hit as many as we're used to.

    The rebounding was a little rough at times too, but ND was taking outside shots and got the bounces on a lot of long rebounds.

    Really like Jadda. She only took 5 shots, but had 6 assists, and is sneaky quick. She got caught leaning the wrong way defensively a couple times and got beat, but she also had a nice block underneath on a great hustle play.

    And Moody looks a lot more confident, she got hurt by a couple of ticky fouls. She's going to be key for us this year.
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    Only saw a few minutes of the game on CYtv.

    Got a chuckle when Moody ran into a girl on a moving screen and you could tell she was trying to get back to the girl she was guarding and as she's running to get back to her (a little rattled, I think) she just touches her arm and gets the hand check.

    But hey, if they're calling it even, thats good. Just a weird rule.
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    There were 43 fouls called and 51 free throws taken. I believe BB ought to be a non-contact sport, but, some of these calls didn't need to be made. If this holds through the season, our quick guards who can drive to the hoop will score a lot because you can't stop them without some contact. One troubling aspect is the fouls for contact during the battle for a rebound. How did they decide who to call?
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    On the foul that got the ND coach his T, I thought he was rightly peeved. The ND player had rebounding position and the ISU player jumped into her. However, since the ISU player had inside position, the ND player got the foul.
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    It will be interesting/a struggle in conference against dominant rebounding units.

    Nice start.
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    Hallie is outstanding. Brynn really needs to get things going this year. Sometimes I wonder if she is totally healthy or something. Nikki is Nikki. Kidd is so tough and plays with such determination. I hope Maddie and Fallon both continue to improve, especially offensively. ISU has to get more scoring out of Seanna and Jadda. They both seem a little bit timid yet and not aggressive on offensive often enough.

    Overall, I thought they did pretty well against a tall, but kind of un-athletic ND team.
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    I agree with most of what was said here, but think this team has the ability to use more bench players. I haven't seen any players come off the bench and do a bad job, and some have been pretty effective with three point shots, better than the starters in some cases. Obviously we haven't seen much of some of them so far, Fennelly doesn't seem to like to use a deep bench. Still, they have been impressive.

    Fallon Ellis had a nice game. Albrect has been good every time she stepped on the court. Hagedorn has looked good. Elly seems much improved.

    Moody needs to stay out of foul trouble however. She is still the best passer on the team, and has run the team well so far.
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    Great article, acoustimac. Thank you!
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    RE: Dryburn: "Overall, I thought they did pretty well against a tall, but kind of un-athletic ND team."

    In person, a few of the ND players were more athletic than they looked. A couple could play in the Big 12.

    RE: mitten1975: "think this team has the ability to use more bench players. I haven't seen any players come off the bench and do a bad job, and some have been pretty effective with three point shots, better than the starters in some cases. Obviously we haven't seen much of some of them so far, Fennelly doesn't seem to like to use a deep bench."

    Because of the fouls, there was a lot of significant bench player time in this game. After the starters, 3 off the bench got 26, 19, and 15 minutes. That's a lot for a game that was close through the half. So it would appear that the bench is ready to go and the coach is ready to play them.

    RE: mred: "On the foul that got the ND coach his T, I thought he was rightly peeved. The ND player had rebounding position and the ISU player jumped into her. However, since the ISU player had inside position, the ND player got the foul."

    It was about time they called ND #2 for a foul on the rebound. Whether she committed one there or not, she was jumping all over our players' backs the whole night. Finally, Seanna jumped with good position, and they decided to call the contact from behind. Good call. Plus the ND coach was on the refs the whole night. I'm guessing the refs decided enough is enough.
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    We went to the game, and the thing that stood out to me the most: this is the most athletic I have seen the women in years. It's only 3 games (including exhibition) and they haven't done a lot of scoring yet, but I see huge potential in Buckley and Johnson.
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    I might have to agree with you. This is probably them most athletic team I can recall. I don't think we have ever had a player like Johnson. She out jumped the 6 4 center at the tip, and looks a lot bigger out there than her height would indicate, and her slashing to the hoop is something we've needed for a long time. I honestly cannot recall us having a wing slasher that smooth. With a consistent 3-ball, she could be deadly.
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    What I am saying is substitutions on a rotational basis, not always because of foul problems. This is the kind of team that if we could get them all to play aggressive defense, we could use this bench to be more like Louisville was last year, wearing down their opponents instead of being worn down. We are not that deep yet, but this is probably the best bench we have had for awhile. I am not saying that Coach won't do that, it may or may not happen.

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    I don' know about us having a deep bench. We have one bench guard(KB). Then our posts (MB and FE) are question marks... to be nice about it. That is not much depth.
  15. mitten1975

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    We can only see who is right, if bench players get quality minutes. I understand the concept of winning minutes in practice, but I also sometimes wonder. I know many folks don't like questioning coaching decisions on here, and so I always try to do it in as nice a way as I possibly can. I like Fennelly and his coaching. I am merely pointing out that these two players have only averaged 7 minutes per game in the first three games and shot from the three point line, 3-7 for 43%. Our team 3 shooting is 27%.

    Far be it from me to question a coaching decision. I am just throwing out suggestions for discussion in as friendly a way as I possibly can, realizing that I cannot know everything the coaches know. I will not cease to be an Iowa State fan if the coach does it his way and your way. I realize perfectly that I could be wrong and the sample size is way to low to be sure of anything. If you want reading on this whole subject, and research, I suggest you read Paul Tillich's "Invocation: the Lost Dimension of Religion". We have a tendency to take things way too literally and not seek meaning on the symbolic level, a third dimension.
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    It was good to be back at Hilton with a big crowd. I thought that we did a good job of taking the ND posts out of the game by our defense on their guards. Hallie is going to have a great year and if we can get her some more offense from the rest of the time then we should be very good in conference play. I was surprised by the change in Ellis. She has trimmed down and looks a lot more mobile than last season. It was good to see her play the four spot with HC. It certainly gives us more muscle under the basket. Jadda and Sea. looked good at times but we have to remember that they still are freshman no matter how much talent they have. All in all it was a good first game.
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    We weren't able to attend the exhibition games. In last night's game, I was glad to see the reported improvement of Maddie. I'm on her side. Looks like she has some good upside; last year was not a good measuring stick for her. Also, the play of Ellis was a great and welcome surprise. I trust she'll keep it up.
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    Great game by Hallie (obviously).

    Was impressed by Johnson yesterday, she's going to be fun to watch over the next few years. Jadda seemed to pass up on some open shots, nothing wrong with that but with Moody on the bench a bit more aggression from Jadda would be nice as the season goes on.

    I know she's a walk on but that 3 by Lexi was very nice. She has a good release/shot.

    One thing that concerns me is rebounding. As the season continues and the competition increases I see this being an issue. Kidd and Hallie did well on the boards but too many times it seemed like the Sisters were out of position or just out hustled for the rebounds. But the season is early I'm sure they'll improve.

    Good start to the season.

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