Twister Sister Summary - If you thought the last game was ugly?

Discussion in 'Women's Basketball' started by acoustimac, Nov 25, 2011.

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    This was a game that was a paradox to me. How so many things could go wrong in a game and yet the sisters had a chance with 3 minutes left when they drew within two. Yet, the paradox continued as they turned the ball over and rushed the second offensive possession to let the game get away. They lost 66-59.

    What went right in this one? This will be the short list. I have to give them credit for making a comeback after being down by double digits. They didn’t come back using upper classmen. They didn’t come back by hitting clutch free throws. Instead it was the freshmen hitting some key shots including three’s by Williamson. Unfortunately, the last time ISU drew within two they had a personal foul and a bench technical (obviously not for Bill yelling something) that put the game out of reach. Out of reach only because of the way the team was shooting. What else went right? Some of the freshmen didn’t shirk while in their first really tough game. Keep in mind this was a Penn State team that had 20 fouls in the first half alone. They were beating on our girls and the refs appeared to be so clueless at times that even the announcers were starting to make fun of them. The only other bright spot was Pop pulling down 17 boards. So what else went right? Not much tonight. Not much at all.

    What went wrong? This could get lengthy but I’ll try to focus. Prior to the game I stated the keys were going to be (1)defense, (2) the inside game, and (3) making free throws. Unfortunately the ladies failed in all three areas. The defense couldn’t keep up with PSU’s running game and that led to way too many easy shots. They outhustled us for many key offensive boards. The inside game. This is where we have upperclassmen should be providing the ompf to get over the top. Big C only shot the ball FIVE times. Part of this was due to her foul trouble, but FIVE times? Even worse was she only hit one shot. Pop. Ugly game. Very ugly. She reverted to her bricklaying free throw shooting. This was a night when it was critical as she got fouled frequently. Five for 13 at the line is horrid. Three for 8 from the floor is bad. She hustles her butt off and fights for everything, but she left her offense in the locker room tonight. Free Throws. This could earn its own paragraph. Bottom line? 19 of 35. 54%. Sit back and look at those numbers and keep in mind that many were front ends of 1 and 1 opportunities. I’ve been saying this since the last game that free throws will make or break this team. Tonight it broke them. Rather than being in the lead they were constantly battling from behind and their shooting at the line usually made it worse.

    Moody. One for 11 from the field. One assist. For all the hope we were seeing in her so far this season, she finally had her first nasty game. These are going to happen. When they do someone else has to step up and make the plays. Cole? Oh for 1 from the field and 1 assist. Loz? Two for 6 and 1 assist. The entire point guard court failed to get the job done tonight.

    While she didn’t have an outstanding shooting night, Jess really played a pretty tough game. Three for 7 from the field with some tough drives for points. Seven points, 3 boards, 2 assists, 1 block and 1 steal. Not a bad line at all. She’s like Pop. You know she is going to go 100% all of the time. Circle K (Mays) put in some good minutes scoring 5 points and pulling down 4 boards. Williamson was probably the player of the game. She hit some clutch shots and was high scorer with 15. Hit 4 three pointers at seriously critical moments.

    This is a pretty easy game to sum up. You simply can’t do nearly everything badly and expect to win against a top 20 team. This was a game we could easily have won. You correct any of the three game factors I mentioned and we win. You can’t shoot barely 30% from the field, barely 20% from 3 point land, and 54% from the charity stripe (this may be the season of giving, but the charity stripe is the other team giving to you!) and expect to win. Even with Pop ripping down boards we were outrebounded. Even with PSU committing an astronomical 32 personal fouls we couldn’t take advantage. Points off turnovers? ISU 10, PSU 19. Their stats weren’t anything to call home about, but they hit free throws at the end of the game to ice it and made the key plays they needed to win.

    So what does this say about this team? Well, the on air announcers keep talking about how young they are. We do have four frosh who play regularly and are contributors. We only have two seniors who aren’t contributing much right now. So, yes, this is a young team and they hung with a top 20 team away from home. We know the frosh will be up and down. Today it was Brynn and not Moody who shined. Tomorrow who knows? I’m hoping this will be a good thing to teach some lessons. Sometimes you have to experience the sky falling to get better. As Coach F. stated last week…there are some players that are going to need to wake up and realize what they need to do to represent ISU the way they are expected. Tomorrow will be a big day. Will they bounce back in the consolation game? Who will lead the way? Will Pop recover from her one game free throw funk? I’m sticking with the same three keys to victory. Defense. Free Throw Shooting, and establishing the inside game. Until then….
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    Thanks for the comprehensive review and reload the pops. We need them badly.
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    Sigh. Not much else to say Acoustimac. But I'll try to add:

    1) This team is WAY better with Anna Prins available. She changes the game on both ends in so many ways. Gives us big time options, not to mention she seems to relax the othe other players with her presence. Need her back badly.

    2) Again we are witnessing the incredibly shrinking bench with players who we thought had promise basically disappearing under the heat of the big stage: Z, Harris, and even Cole & Loz. And as you pointed out Christofferson sort of disappeared, but not surprising as she isn't built to tolerate brutally physical play like the Penn State thugs.

    3) Moody disappeared, 1 for 11, but Williamson is rising as the real deal. The freshmen want it.

    4) We hit our free throws and we would have won easily.

    5) I still love my Cyclones and I know this is an NCAA-tourney caliber team that will get better and gel as the season moves on. Only lost by a couple possessions against the team picked to WIN the Big 10! Great potential! The Twister Sisters will rise again en route to the Sweet 16!

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    Great follow-up NYCY. I couldn't agree with you more. This is one game that can provide major growth. A gut check.
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    Sounds like we're a team in the making, hopefully hard work will pay off as the season progresses. I don't follow the women's team like I do the men's BB or football, so, please answer a question.

    With all the success that Bill F. has had, and all the sucess ISU has had in Women's BB, I would expect us to sign many more/top notch recruits. Is Bill F. known by players for being a hard coach to play for? I would think players would be kicking the door down to play for a coach that is good as he is.
  6. acoustimac

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    Jan 8, 2009
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    I think the difference is this...there is a certain type of player Bill goes after. One that isn't always the best athlete, but combines the athlete/scholar/good person traits. The women's team has one of the highest GPA's at ISU. I also think the gooderson part is important. This is part of why Hilton fills up. The ladies are like a part of the community.

    The other factor is who he competes against. Greenfield is a good example. She was choosing between ISU and the opportunity to play for a national powerhouse and go to an institution like Stanford. That's a tough one.

    There aren't nearly as many division I level women's ball players in my opinion as there are in the men's ranks. Could be totally off here, but the small number gets divided up by 20-25 top teams. Then you know that 20 of the top players all go to UCONN and Tennessee. Tough.
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    The one thing I was impressed with was that Hallie was out for the second part of the first half, roughly 10 minutes. Cyclones still had chances, and they still kept it close. As others have said, it will be interesting to see how the girls respond.

    An ugly & unfortunate game, but a big learning experience against a good team.
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    I agree with the above. Anna Prins needs to get back on the court for this team to go anywhere. The other inside people are showing too many flaws.
  9. barometriclow

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    We will end up better than Penn State at the end of the season.
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    Can someone fill me in on why Prins hasn't played this year?
  11. mred

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    She had her knee scoped a few weeks ago. She'll be back soon.
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    I would say our current freshman class is a serious step up in athleticism. BF knows that we can't rely on the finesse offense we used to run, and that the women's game is becoming more and more about toughness and physicality.

    We are in a transition period right now, and the lack of shooting accuracy is an indication of that.

    IMO, our freshman class is the best class we have signed. Next year looks to be a good class as well, and Buckley is a huge get for 2013 as well. The future looks good, but a lot of the problems we are seeing now are a result of the misses of the Whit/Arlen/Yackley/Rockall year, which are all gone now. Whit would be our floor leader right now, but she is gone, and some say she still wasn't strong/physical enough to play in the Big 12. I can't say, because BF wouldn't leave her in the game long enough to evaluate.

    The problem with recruiting isn't per se the lack of quality recruits, its that WBB gets 15 schollies. Knock that down to 13, and that is about 20 more top recruits that go somewhere else besides the elite programs in WBB.

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