Twister Sister Summary - Defense is the cure to all ills


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Jan 8, 2009
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I followed the advice shared in last game's thread about how to use the Roku app and view the game. Yes, it was a pain in the butt, but I was able to see most of the game and it was so worth it. First, Penn State was 4-1 coming in and was averaging well over 80 points per game. Hadn't really played anyone of note yet, but I thought it would be interesting. Well, the only thing interesting was seeing how ISU reacted to having three players out with injuries and how our rotating posts would play.

The game was only really close during the first five minutes. The game was 12-10 ISU when everything just started to take off for ISU. Facing full court pressure all game, the ladies started scoring from the three point line. Behind six threes, the ladies zoomed out to a 24-10 lead at the end of one. It was a technical demonstration of ball movement and open players hitting the shots. Coach Fen said they installed a new defense during the shoot around (really?) and it was effective. Each quarter saw the team stretch the lead. By the half it was 45-28. Second half saw both teams struggle a little in the third. ISU had a three minute scoring drought, BUT PSU went on a 7 1/2 minute scoring drought. The lead kept extending. 20 points. 25 points. 30 points. 35 points. As big as 37 and a final margin of 34 (Final was 93-59).

Defense - I'm not sure what new defense Coach Fen tossed in, but I'm not sure how much it mattered. The women executed quite well, rarely giving PSU an open look at the basket. When they did take a shot they very rarely ever got a second chance. Our ladies were like glue on them. It was very clear that the PSU players were getting frustrated. The looks on their faces spoke volumes. On the other side, our ladies seem to thrive on the defense and it clearly feeds the offense. PSU was held to 32% shooting overall and only hit 17% from deep. Nice.

The bigs - This was the best overall contribution by far from the bigs this season. Jordao was the highlight of this group. She had a nearly perfect offensive showing going 6-8 for 13 points and added four boards. Kane was also battling hard (seemed she was on the floor as much as she was on her feet). How about 11 points and 7 boards. Then Izzi came in for a few minutes to add another 4 points and 2 boards. The composite here is a total of 28 points and 13 boards from the post group. I'll take that every day of the year.

The Four Guard System - This group of guards is, overall, one of the most talented I've seen since the early days of Fen ball at ISU. They work so well together and do everything needed to be successful. We've been amazed at how Aubrey Joens goes about pulling in rebounds. How about ELEVEN boards and 21 points today? Sister Ashley is most definitely the senior leader and plays so unselfishly. She only had 13 points and 8 boards, but it was nice to know we didn't need her to do more. She and Donarski didn't have the best shooting outing today, but Lexi added 12 points to the mix. Then there is the floor general. Is Emily Ryan really just a sophomore? She had TEN assists and her court vision is amazing. Turnovers for her? ZERO.

Scoring - EVERY single player scored.

Free Throws - One thing I didn't pay much attention to (is it becoming too routine now?) was free throws. We got to the line alright, but only twelve times while making nine. Pretty unassuming night in this area.

I know we've all been enamored with the men's team and their miraculous, almost phoenix-like rise from the ashes performances. Cyclone fans need to really pay attention to the women's team because they are doing many of the same things as the men. They move as a team. They play exceptional defense. They rebound hard. Of course one big difference is the ladies collectively shoot much better. But's fun to watch. I've said it before how I remember the days of three guards standing immobile around the three point arch while a someone dribbles the ball within an inch of its life. This is a different team. We have movement. We have drives. We have multiple inside and outside threats. This is a very, very dangerous team. Even when a scoring drought strikes (which isn't often) they still keep up the defensive pressure and shrug it off. This is real, fundamental, team basketball and its fun to watch.

The Reserves - Everyone but the injured got to play today. First it was Frederick. She has struggled shooting in past appearances, but not today. She came in an immediately made her presence known. Made one trey and had five points. In four short minutes Vick had 3 points and 3 boards. And the new Sarah Robson - Mary Kate King - came in and was as fearless as they come. Not only did she make her only basket, but she pulled in a couple of boards to boot.

This was a complete team butt kicking in every conceivable way.

Next up is UMass in the finals of the tournament. UMass is 7-0 and has had a mix of close games with a few blowouts. In the tourney they dispatched South Dakota State (3-4) 81-63 and Kent State (4-1 and who beat #19 UCLA in the opening round) 72-64. They are led by 5'7" Destiney Philoxy, 6'1" Sam Breen (has had several double-doubles on the season...likely their version of Ashley), and 5'9" Sidney Taylor. We def have a size advantage over them. One big note - they do not shoot the three. In seven games they are 5-13 from the arc. They are also a terrible free throw shooting team (55%). What they do is go inside a lot and based on opponent shooting percentages they play stingy defense. Not someone to overlook by any means, but a team that we have some definitive advantages over.
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Jan 8, 2012
I open the link on my phone and every time there is a dead ball or free throw, I just update the site. Saw almost everything. The one time I missed was the foul on Ash and Em draining the three.
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Oct 16, 2008
This team is dangerous! Our posts are clicking! We are hitting 12.5 3s a game. We have 3 great players that will bounce back from injuries soon!


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Dec 2, 2009
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Glad I found the game on the radio. Guess they had the first game but only a few found it (I did not), Also followed the stats/play by play on the app. First 6 non conference games we are averaging 83.7 points and holding the other teams to 57 points. Keep that up and you win a lot of games.


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Sep 14, 2009
What happened to Fritz? Will Espenmiller-McGraw play this season?


Fritz is in a boot on the bench. MEM back maybe for conference play? No news one Diew that I've heard.

From ISU Facebook.

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