Twister Sister Summary - a new streak has begun!


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Jan 8, 2009
Lamoni, IA
The one positive early in the game came early when Brynn hit a 3 that would extend the distance streak to 600 games. Otherwise the shooting was as ice cold as it has been during the past 3 games. At the first timeout state was down 7-3 and was a miserable 1-6 from the floor. Defense was doing ok, but the offense was just missing good looks.

Finally Nikki would nail a deeeep three to make it a one point game. What I liked was when our ladies attacked Tech fouled. The officials were calling the contact game. Uncharacteristically, tech's Spears was hitting some threes and it was 12-6 with 12 to go. ISU had some turnovers, some because of Techs defense. Our defense was having to work overtime as we were giving up offensive boards.

We continued to clog the middle and Tech kept answering from outside while ISU was 3-12 from the field and tech was leading 17-8 with 10:28 to go. So far it was the same story. Tech had one player - Spears lighting us up. A traditional three by her followed by two more FTs and the lead was 12. Hal would make a strong rebound put back attempt and her FTs cut it to 8. A great assist to a streaking Nikki and the lead was 6. This all keyed off of good defensive stands and getting the boards. It seems every time we give Tech a 2nd chance bad things happen.

Hal and Fallon would hit FTs and the lead was down to 4 (24-20) with seven to go. Jadda attacked and it was now 2. An uncharacteristic poor shot by Hal would lead to a basket on the other end and then an ISU foul would turn it over leading to another Tech basket. Four minutes to go and it was 30-24 Tech.

Every time the ladies would creep closer we made a stupid mistake. Examples included a lane violation on a missed front end FT (they made both after) and following that with an offensive push off foul to turn the ball back over. That one led to Spears hitting another deep three and the lead was 9. Two straight threes and it was a two point game. Brynn would hit two FTs and it was a tie game. Unfortunately, we would give up two and the harm to give Tech a 40-37 lead.

Interesting stat at the half...both team were a combined 21-21 at the line. This was Tech's highest offensive output in a half all year. Hal only had 4 points on free throws. She had to get involved more.

The second half would start with some good offensive guard play and the ladies would take the lead after a Buckley drive. Seanna would do the same and it was a 3 point lead. Tech was cold and Hal would hit her first bucket of the day and it was a 5 point lead four minutes in. Unfortunately a timeout seemed to slow us a bit and Tech answered with a 3. Shaping up to be a back and forth battle. The ladies stayed cold, going one and done and it was just sticky defense that kept the game close. Tech seemed to be getting offensive boards like crazy so their misses weren't as hurting. Both teams just were cold. It stayed at 47 apiece seemingly forever. Tech would hit one to extend their run to 7-0 while Nikki would break a 4 minute scoring drought to tie it back up.

Back and forth it would as State would edge ahead only to see Tech come back every time. Tech would overcome a 5 point deficit to take the lead 58-57 on yet another deep three. State would fall into another scoring funk...stopping the attack that worked so well and just put up deep clunkers. The ladies would continue on a scoring funk again as Tech would work out to a 5 point lead after going on a 10-0 run at the 6:41 mark.

The ISU offense just kept misfiring and that allowed Tech to gain confidence and move out to a 7 point lead with 4 to go. But the ladies would battle on. Hal would hit on a drive to pull within 3. The clock was just looking less friendly all the time. Jadda would hit a couple and it was a 1 point game with 1:39 to go. Tech answered back and the lead was again 3 at 70-67. Hal would score and get the harm to tie. Nail biter this one is. Nikki would make a great drive to give the ladies the lead and the clock meant we also got last possession. Tech answered back and we couldn't get the ball to fall on three shots around the hoop. Overtime.

The OT seemed to breath life into the attack offense. Nikki made a great drive and another good basket extended the lead to 5. We still put up a couple of clunkers, but they were fighting hard. After an offensive foul by Tech, Nikki again drove hard to the hoop for another 2. With a 7 point lead Tech took it to the hole and not only scored, but we fouled. Then Tech began to foul. Nikki made one, Hal followed with two, Nikki had one more and the game was ours. The streak is over at four. A new streak has started. 85-76.

The record goes on. Brynn hit one early to extend the record to 600 games with a three point bucket. Interesting observation. It seems most of Brynns misses are when her feet don't get square. Anyone else notice this? The 3 ball still isn't falling as it should (7 of 24), but it's getting better.

This was a team game good and bad. This wasn't pretty and there were parts that were beautiful. Every player contributed to the ups and downs throughout. Brynn 15/6, Jadda 13/3, Seanna 10/5, Fallon, 7/1.

POG. I have to go two directions here. Overall I really liked Nikki's game. 20 points, 6 boards, 6 assists. Her aggressive play made a huge difference. On the defensive end I have to credit Hal with huge boards at critical times. Her line no slouch either. 20 points, 10 boards while playing with 4 fouls.

The free throw line is a place of excellence. Men take notice. How about 26 of 29 for 90% efficiency. Wow. We made 13 more than Tech attempted.

Congrats ladies. This was well deserved. Build on it.


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Jan 1, 2013
Basically agree with you. Would feel better about this win however if it hadn't been (in ot ) against the bottom feeder of the league. But after all the losses can't really complain. Just hope this changes the ladys willpower to such extent that that they can start competing again with the "mo better" teams.


Mar 14, 2011
Playing at Texas Tech has never been easy for this program. We were 3-7 at TTU. We won by only 4 last year, but lost there the previous two years.

And given the dire situation this team was in, and pressure it was under, this is a huge win. HUGE. Congrats to the team!

There is still so much to work on. But it's a step in the right direction that was not guaranteed. As BF has said and as other games have showed, there are no sure things in this league this year.

The team did the right things when it counted most in this game.

One area that still needs to be fixed is letting previously quiet players go off on season highs. This has now happened at least since the WVU game. BF said in the radio postgame that 2 players who had averaged 8 points so far scored 32 points for Tech. That's in addition to their star Battle getting 24. Our defense has to do one or the other. Contain the star, and/or contain everyone else. This is why these teams are shooting mid 40%'s on us. Too high. Maybe the scouting reports need to look more at the secondary players and do better contingency planning on adjustments that might be needed during the game.


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Oct 27, 2012
Very nice writeup! Our defense for some reason hasn't been that good. I am going to watch the Oklahoma game which I haven't seen yet, and I assume this game will show up because Fox games seem to show up on It will be interesting to see first hand what is going on.


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Apr 26, 2008
just got done watching the game. All in all, I think Tech is going to beat someone at home this year, and probably will be a ranked team. They are starting to gel, and I was impressed with Cook and Minta.

Overall, I was very pleased to see Jadda and Nikki playing so well together. The back door cuts have finally arrived in style! Also glad to see Brynn get some threes, Fallon playing aggressive. Thought the offense was quite efficient, if Hal would have hit her shots, it could have been a repeat of last game.

Also glad to see this team come back from a 12 point deficit, and that they had fight in them.

And, is Seanna the most consistent player ever? Wish she would take a couple more threes, but she quietly just does her business.

Defense, well, think Cous nailed it, but being so worried about foul trouble makes them play a little tentative.

On an aside, watched some of the KU/KSU game....hardly anyone there....why does Deb every year run those big promotions when they play ISU....always, every year.


Mar 14, 2011
Outside of hitting rock bottom with OU (well, even our shots would have missed hitting rock bottom :) -- the team had a chance in every game it lost in the streak. Even with the terrible shooting and defensive mistakes.

That should give ISU some confidence and opponents some doubts moving forward. Just imagine if shots starts to fall consistently. Kidd cannot be held down for much longer. Brynn has got to get her feet set and start swishing them. BF likes to play the odds, and the odds are that we will start hitting the long shots again. Heck if Drake WBB can blister the nets for a record (what, 17?) threes, ISU WBB can get back in the groove. Hallie too, cannot keep coming up short on her shots.

IF that gets started, look out. Plus the coaches and team are too smart to keep making defensive mistakes or letting players go off, and off, and off. This team can only get smarter and better in its defensive strategy and execution (said with hope).

These are big IFs, but ISU has the potential to be extremely dangerous if the IFs play out.