Tulsa's best receiver Willie Carter had 0 yards on 10 passes!

Discussion in 'Football' started by Cycsk, Sep 5, 2012.

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    In watching the replay, I was amazed at how little positive impact Willie Carter had for Tulsa. He came into the game as Tulsa's leading receiver in 2011 (61 catches for 868 yards).

    Here is what happened during the game:

    1[SUP]st[/SUP] Q. Green throws completion to Carter for no gain. Nice tackle by Givens. This was his only reception!

    2[SUP]nd [/SUP]Q. Green throws pass behind Carter. Incomplete.

    On consecutive plays, Green overthrows Carter. Could have been picked off. Incomplete.
    Then, Green makes nice throw, but catch stripped by Klein. Incomplete.

    3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Q. Green bounces pass to Carter. Incomplete.

    4[SUP]th[/SUP] Q. On 5 of 6 consecutive plays, Carter had incompletions.

    1. Green throws pass missed by Carter on sideline. Incomplete. Bothered by Watson.
    2. Green throws to Carter on left sideline, but Carter drops it. Incomplete.
    4. Green flushed from pocket, dumps pass to Carter, tipped away by Knott. Incomplete.
    5. Green throws to Carter in the middle, but ISU ball knocked down by Klein. Incomplete.
    6. Green throws to Carter, but great coverage by Klein. Incomplete.

    The only thing that happened in the middle of 5 incompletions to Carter on 6 consecutive plays was the amazing catch on the sideline where Garrett somehow got his foot down in bounds after getting clobbered.

    And these six plays were followed by Broomfield's interception and 51 yard return.

    Did our defense really do this well? Or did Carter just not show up? Turning their best receiver into an absolute non-factor (or worse, a huge negative factor) was a key to the game that I didn't notice until I saw the replay.

    I would love to have heard the OC while Green and Carter were watching film!
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    Our pass D can be really great this year. Held them to under 200 yds passing, less than 50% completion, and forced 3 turnovers. Wally's bunch could do some damage.
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    While I believe they played great defense, making the windows small that Green had to throw through, I cant help but think most of it was Cody Green's lack of ability...I guess the rest of the season will tell the rest of the story

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    just need that line to pressure the QBs... the corners can handle the rest
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    Incompletions on short passes to their best receiver from the previous year on 5 of 6 plays in the 4th Quarter with the game still on the line seems like a monumental stop on our part and a massive choke on their part.
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    I rememer thinking in the 4th that they were really trying to get Carter the ball and that Knott and Klein were all over him. I think that it was good practice for covering CJ Fedorowicz this week. He's taller than Carter, but probably not as fast or athletic. Knott and Klein should be able to handle CJ Fed fine.
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    ISU's coverage really seemed to get in his head so when he did finally have an opportunity here or there to make a play he was pressing and couldn't seal the deal. Great to see.

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