Tough day for EIU hoops hopes


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Oct 20, 2006
Country Cool looks like something that would be sold at Shopko.


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Mar 2, 2013
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD
Not all walk on's are created equal. I never said he'd be some great player I said his highlight video was impressive which it was.
I agree that not all walk-ons are created equal. Just as not all signees are created equal. This kid is from IOWA CITY.

How about you demand your coach win an actual recruiting battle of note on the open market. I'll even spot you Garza, who was objectively awkward as heck nobody could have predicted how good he'd be, but sure I'll give Fran credit for seeing what others don't. But that's the entirety of his resume, my man. It's great to mix those guys in once in a whole, but the WHOLE THING? Tyler Cook, ok the guy who can't shoot you get two.

The Murray kids are absolute studs, but there was absolutely no competition to get them and their daddy probably would have had them Iowa bound if there were other comparable mid tier p6 offers regardless. Wisekamp, Marble, Bohannon (Wisky reject), Jok (who ISU was forced to give up on), Ogundele in the portal (no transfer takers), Aaron White (one offer), a parade of white Iowa guys lightly recruited at best. the list goes on and on. You have to see it. For the love of CBB, you HAVE to see it.


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Mar 29, 2013
Omaha looked great last night in the McDonald’s All American game. What number was Sandfort? I must’ve missed him out there

(Do I need to tag hawktj?)
Their coping mechanism is that Sandfort will have a better college career. No sh!t, you're comparing a one and done kid to a guaranteed 4 year guy (though he plays for Fran, who will probably find a way to make it 5 or 6 years).