Time for a Real Discussion About Caitlin Clark


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Feb 19, 2011
When Angel Reese jumped up and down and celebration after that cheap shot, that told me everything I need to know about her trashy character.

That's a lie. She stood up and clapped her hands. She did not "jump up and down".

See for yourself:

Could it be that your distortion of the truth tells me everything I need to know about your character?


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Jul 13, 2015
There isn't a single false or whiny spec in the bolded paragraph. Judging by these comments, I could assume you identify as a "Clarkie".
I've got to agree with Gonz. My in-laws went to the game today (they've become big CC fans) and they said they talked to fans (of both teams) from Alabama, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New York, and the Carolinas who traveled to the game specifically to see CC play.

If she was still wearing the B&G I can't say I'd feel bad for her; but at this point she's graduated/ moved on and I've got nothing against the Fever.

I identify as a "she moved on and so did I", which in this thread means I'm basically "Hawkeye on my belly guy".
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Feb 7, 2015
Lipsey and Gilbert have the "being assaulted" down to a science. And usually without even being touched. So let's not be to critical of CC. Also, trash talking is a part of sports. If that's all it takes to start a scrap.......you would see scrapping going on before, during and after every play. Games would never get finished. So if that's what you think "starts the fight"......think again.

The girl who checked CC has a history of being suspended or sat because of poor attitude or trying to start fights with teammates. I would say that is the problem plain and simple. And CC is the latest target for her BS being encouraged of course by that loser Angel. And if it is about race.....then you can just add that to her list of issues and just chalk it up to her being a first class full blown, five alarm d-bag.
I can't even begin to count all the on-court issues that CC has been involved in. After the first several or so, the objective fan starts to realize there's a common denominator in all of them: CC. But the conspiracy folks will never let go of their conspiracy that the entire WNBA is out to get CC.


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Feb 1, 2010
I literally just explained it in the post you replied to. To me what Angel Reese did was much worse than the cheap shot by Chennedy. Heat of moment (Chennedy) vs trash character (Reese).

Just so I am clear... If I slap the hell out of your mom and a bystander claps their hands you are throwing hands at the bystander correct?


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Apr 16, 2006
Strange…. I don’t remember the media, and CC fans like Gonzo, going ape s**t when CC leveled that one player last year? Why is that?

Are you telling me there’s a double standard here? When others do it to poor CC it’s a huge deal, but what CC does to others is no big deal? C’mon…. that can’t be true, right?

I’ve yet to see any national or local media show what led up to the cheap shot. Has anyone else? Weird.

Let’s just have fair and honest reporting…. that’s all.


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Feb 19, 2011
Pretty accurate except the author doesn't realize Clark likes playing the victim card

I think she realizes, but chose not to say it. Good authors and communicators make choices like that all the time.


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Aug 26, 2007
I can't even begin to count all the on-court issues that CC has been involved in. After the first several or so, the objective fan starts to realize there's a common denominator in all of them: CC. But the conspiracy folks will never let go of their conspiracy that the entire WNBA is out to get CC.

So that is what you got from my post......a "conspiracy"? And where did I say "entire WNBA"?

Please....the girl who checked CC is a trouble maker plain and simple. That not a conspiracy. And neither is the fact Angel still has her panties in a wad over all the attention CC is getting. Much like yourself and too many on this site who are anything but an "objective fan" with this issue.


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Sep 7, 2013
So, she has no right to respond? I mean, I don't mind making fun of You-Know-Who when he dumb-files me. It makes me laugh.

Nothing untrue about that. I used to write letters to the editor of the Des Moines Register. You should have seen the hate mail I received...often from both sides of the coin.

And what part of what's written here is untrue? Is it whiny to state the truth?

Aren't those both true, and obvious reasons as to why women of equal or superior talent who happen to be people of color and/or not heterosexual do not receive the acclaim that Clark has. After all, if you had to look at stats alone with no name attached, which ones would be praised and which ones would be marked "meh"? Tell the truth.

And she did that all by herself? I don't think so. But what honors were shown to her team-mates who worked to achieve the same thing?

That's not whining. That's stating the obvious.
Clark is getting all of this attention because of what she did in college, not because she's averaging 15 and 6 and shooting poorly in the WNBA. In two years if she's a good player but not tearing it up, then she won't be talked about outside of Iowa and WNBA diehards.

Other players in the WNBA don't get this notoriety because they are in the WNBA, and didn't score the most points in college basketball history.


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Feb 25, 2011
And in boxing, it's not necessarily the hardest punches that do the most damage, it's the punches you don't see coming. Trying to take someone out with a shot from behind when they're unaware it's coming... and I'd think most players wouldn't expect to take a hit during a dead ball situation... will usually be the most dangerous. I know there are reports that CC saw it coming right before it happened, and maybe she did. But to me that doesn't excuse Carter or her intent -- she was going to deliver that shot whether CC saw it coming or not. IMO it's akin to a sucker punch and just a trash move.

It looked like Carter was yelling profanities at her while approaching, she'd have to have zero awareness to not see that coming. And as has been mentioned, it was an average hip bump. If it wasn't exaggerated, most WNBA players probably wouldn't have even left their feet.

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