This is why i am proud to be a Cyclone

Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by rhino3382, Mar 6, 2012.

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    First time poster on this site but i have been around other sites. I would like to share a story with you all that will in turn make you all proud to be cyclones. Yesterday my older brother was driving on highway 20 to Webster City where he is a school teacher. He came up over a hill and saw that car in front of him was stopped due to fog and smoke. unfortunately the semi that was behind him did not see this and ran straight into the back of him sending his car into the ditch. he was found unconscious in the vehicle at the bottom of the ditch. After they took him to Webster City hospital, they decided he was going to need to be air lifted to Iowa City. Well the for was bad in IC so they took him by ambulance. Last night they were able to find out that he did not have internal bleeding like they thought and he his major injury is a broken pelvis. he has a big bump on the back of his head and a cut. Our family spent all day with him through this process.

    well today i was thinking of things that i could do from des moines that might help with his recovery and overall mood. I decided that i would fire off an email to a couple of people on the staff of the basketball team and see if they could do anything. The following email is what i sent to a handful of the coaches on the staff

    "Hello guys, I know you guys are all very busy preparing for the Big 12 tournament in a couple of so I do not want to bother you too much. I was hoping you could do a small favor for my family that would brighten my older brothers day. I am sure most of you have heard about the accident that took place yesterday morning on highway 20 almost straight north of Ames involving 30 cars or so. My brother, who is a school teacher and former basketball coach was involved in the wreck. He was completely stopped when he was hit behind by a semi that did not see him stopped. If you look at the des moines register website, he is the car in the ditch that is missing its trunk.

    My brother is currently in Iowa City with a broken pelvis and many bumps and bruises. He will be there for a couple more days before being at home for a couple months.

    I was hoping a simple request of a phone call to his room would not be too much to ask. He would love to hear from Fred, Royce, or Scotty. This could be as simple as a 5 minute phone call from one of you that would show him that the cyclone nation that he loves his thinking and cheering back for him. His number is XXX XXXX. Thank you all if you can make this possible.

    rhino3382 and family
    Go Cyclones"

    It was a weird feeling after i wrote this email because I just sorta knew that someone would see this and make this wish come true. Sure enough less than an hour later Jeff Rutter, the DoO write me back:

    "Hi Rhino3382,
    Very sorry to hear about your brothers accident. We will definately call him this afternoon on our trip to KC.

    Best wishes on a fill recovery

    Jeff Rutter and ISU Basketball"

    I got so excited to hear this back and told my other brothers about what was going to happen. I could not wait to hear updates

    Around 2 or so i get the mass text message from my sister in law with the following update:

    Update time: Andy just got a fun phone call from Fred Hoiberg. He hasnt smiled like this since all this started. I answered the phone and thought it was a joke!

    Well Jeff came through and we as a family could not be more happy to be cyclones. I called his hospital room and he was as cheering as ever. The first thing he said was " man i was really hoping this time it was Paul Rhodes!." He was in an amazing mood and really seemed positive. I started tearing up hearing my brother coming back to the brother I know. I asked him what they talked about, and he told me they talked about watching the game on thursday and about thoughts on Texas. Jamie also talked to him for a couple minutes and let him know that ISU is pulling for him and cant wait to see him in the seats next year.

    Honestly today was a huge in my life and my families as cyclone fans. The coaching staff, Jeff and the team showed us that they truly care for their fans as much as we care for them. I went from a real low of thinking their was a chance I might lose my brother, to today where the tears of pain were turned into tears of joy after hearing the excitement in his voice. They could have ignored my email request, but they choose to take time out of their trip to make a simple phone call that completely changed the way that I look at Iowa State and this staff.

    Just had to post this for you all to read.
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    You win award for longest first post! But seriously, welcome and glad your bro's okay!
  3. Tank

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    This is what being a member of the Cyclone family is all about!!!!
  4. Ry4Cy

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    Nov 4, 2010
    Thats cool man thanks for sharing!!!
  5. isustud07

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    Sep 3, 2009
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    Thanks for sharing. Glad your brother is doing better than first anticipated. GL in recovery
  6. CyCrazy

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    That is really awesome. Hope everything goes well for you and your family.
  7. azepp

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    Dec 9, 2009
    Great story, and here's to a speedy recovery for your brother. Thanks for sharing.
  8. longtimeclone

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    It is a long post but well worth the read for any of you doubters out there. Thanks for sharing that was a great story
  9. Palmer

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    Johnston, IA should post more...
  10. CyBer

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    Awesome, hope your brother is doing well. That accident looked pretty bad.
  11. cyrobb

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    Great first post! Hope your brother gets well soon. My parents were hit durning the day head on by a drunk driver at 60 mph, even though my mother can no longer walk Iowa City did a great job caring for her. I guess that is a reason why I cheer the Hawks when we don't play them. God Bless your family.
  12. BBHMagic

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    Oct 15, 2009
    That is just packed full of win. Hope your brother gets better soon (looks like Fred already helped with that!)
  13. cychhosis

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    Wishing your brother a full recovery, thanks for telling.
  14. kkise

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    Great story. May your brother get well quickly.
  15. cyclone13

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    Apr 7, 2009
    Cool story. Hope for a speedy recovery to your brother !
  16. MaccloNe

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    Sep 21, 2011
    Sounds fishy...RHOADS, not Rhodes.
  17. MLawrence

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    Jan 21, 2010
    Sweet story! I hope your brother has a speedy recovery!
  18. CloneIce

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    Wow that is a great story. Our Athletic Director and Coaches are awesome!
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    Thanks for sharing. Wishing your brother a full and speedy recovery.
  20. Balrog

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    Heart felt blessings to you and to yours. Here is to a speedy recovery!

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