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Discussion in 'Football' started by TxAg73, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    Just caught your game on FSN replay, looks like the big 12 North has completely flipped the last 2 weeks, very very nice win. A lot of people could probably care less about ISU v. A&M but I'm sure both fan-bases will be hoping to build on the momentum of potential program-changing wins.

    I'd like to learn some more about your team, how are things different from last year, I see you have a Frosh QB, but the link I have says he's 21, did he go on a mission? It seems you guys cause an absolutely insane number of turnovers, and not just this weekend.

    We're not much different from the team you faced last year. Despite losing Mike Goodson (who didn't play vs. you last year anyways) we've added 2 big playmakers on offense, Christine Michael and Uzoma Nwachukwu (just call him EZ). Jeff Fuller had missed the past 5 games due to a leg injury but was able to play a few snaps this week and caught a big pass late in the game to pick up a key first down. He's our #1 WR when healthy.

    On defense we have a few playmakers, but are still young and have given up a ton of big plays both through the air and on the ground. The one guy that gets a lot of pub is Von Miller, who currently leads the nation in sacks and on Sat. had 2 sacks and 2 FF's.

    Special teams are awful, we cannot find a punter, and our kick coverage is spotty at best. If you guys have any sort of return-game I'd say you should win the field position battle.

    We're crazy-streaky, as you can tell by losing huge to KSU and then whooping TTU on the road. We played OkieLite tight, but couldn't get key stops in the 4th quarter and ran out of time.

    Anyways, best of luck, looking forward to an injury free game. If any of you make the trip down to Kyle Field I hope you have a safe trip.
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    Congradulations vs Texas Tech. It appears AM is having an up and down year, but what a huge win in Lubbock. I have not reviewed AM this year, but I'm looking forward to it.

    ISU is 100 times better this year.
    - Better Coached - Big Time
    - Better Prepared
    - Just Playing Better

    I think ISU needs A-Rob(RB) and AA (QB) to make this a game. Our Backups did an INCREDIBLE job in Lincoln, but I don't think ISU can count on the same results this next week.

    Defense has been Solid vs the run, but we are vulnerable to Good Passing teams. KU and KSU had some good yards thru the air.

    Special Teams has been good except for our PAT's. We have some issues to clean up there.

    Overall ISU is a much better team becasuse of coaching.
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    It looks like Austen Arnaud will be back for the game this weekend, and in Kyle Field, that's a big deal. He was the #9 rusher in the Big 12 (prior to this weekend), so he's really as much of a threat on the ground as he is through the year. He isn't going to break a run 50 yards to the house, but he's great at feeling pressure and scrambling for a 1st down. Tiller, our back up is a good runner, but they didn't let him throw it much yesterday. Thankfully, he didn't need to.

    Robinson is the best RB in the Big 12, so obviously it's huge whether or not he plays. Our 2nd string guy is good for 3-5 yards almost every time he gets it, but lacks break away speed.

    Our receivers are ok, but without Arnaud, they're a non-issue as our coaching staff made it abundantly clear they don't feel comfortable letting Tiller throw the ball much.

    Defense is 100x better than a year ago. Your offense clearly looks better than Nebraska's, so it's hard to tell what's gonna happen next week. Our guys really had a coming out party today, getting TOs off what should have been harmless incomplete passes, and some lucky fumbles. Generally, they are pretty good against the run, and are a little schizo against the pass.

    Should be a good game next weekend for sure, and I'm really excited for my first trip to Kyle Field. Should be a blast!

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