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Discussion in 'Football' started by TheCity, Sep 16, 2009.

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    To my knowledge this term is given to a player that has the ability to be a "big playmaker". However over the course of my coaching career I have learned that there is a huge difference in "the ability to make a play" and "making the play".

    After talking in length with my brother, deemed a "homerun threat", and speaking to a couple of the playmakers on the team I coach, I realize that they all have the same frame of mind; "I gotta score." Which to me is totally understandable being that they feel they have the ability to do so at anytime. Now as an offensive mind when plays are created or drawn on the board, they are most definately illustrated to a degree where it looks like the back or receiver scores everytime. Which would be great! But unlikely. This is where understanding the needs comes into play.

    For example: After watching a screen play that Money caught in the 1 quarter (Yes the one where he was spinning in a circle:biglaugh:) I got the impression that he wanted to make a lot out of a little. Well the problem is on a play like this we dont necessarily "need" too much, all we "need" is positive yards. Positive yards on a screen play then open up further down field passes because it forces the defensive to respect the screen. Riddle me this: What's the difference in a 6 yard run and a 6 yard screen? Results are the same correct? Can you imagine if we handed the ball off to A-Rob, or any back and they proceeded to go east and west to try and elude every tackler when they potentially could have just lowered their should for an easy 6 yards? This is the same question I posed to Money because it is in fact what he is having the tendency to do. If he would just barrell forward after catching the screens he's sure to progress the ball at least 5 or 6 yards to move the chains! Initially I was getting frustrated with the play calling concerning the screens until I went back and looked at the tape. "Take what the defense gives you!" Is what I preached to him. Even when the itch to juke the 1st 3 guys in your face is present, just take what the defense gives you.
    Now I realize that there is a certain load to carry called "expectations", however this load must match your ability. It would be outlandish to think that a coaching staff would have high expectations of a player if they knew that the player's ability didn't parallel that. The ability to be a "Homerun Threat" comes after you've 1st established yourself as at least a base hitter. Losing yards or one or 2 yard gains would label you a "swing and a miss" in my book.
    Things will begin to slow down or shall I say settle down for everyone Offensively soon. We have to find a rythym. Defense sets the tone, Offense moves to a rythym and by the end everything is in perfect harmony.
    I'm hoping this week things start to sink in and someone can hit a "Homerun" with the bases loaded!

    Don't give up on our boys!!!!
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    Excellent write-up! Money is a solid football player that I think knows the coaching staff and fans have high expectations, as well as himself, and he's doing what he thinks he has to do. To me, he's not playing his game. He's trying to live up to something. When he realizes that, he becomes the outstanding player everyone knows that he is.

    With that said, he gets his first TD this weekend!
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    I felt like Money was making some great moves and making people miss, but the Iowa D just outnumbered blockers and swarm tackled him. He would make 1 or 2 miss, but then 3 other guys would be there to tackle him anyway.
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    I think a lot of players on out team will have TDs this weekend. I'm hoping and somewhat expecting we see things clicking this next game.
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    Gotta give him a break for sure. He has only played receiver for awhile now. He will learn when to catch the ball and take what the defense gives him, and when he can make something happen. 4 or 5 yards is ok.
  6. TheCity

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    This is the most certain and sure fact. Money himself admittedly said "I'm used to scrambling in this pocket to escape. Wide Receiver is different"

    That kinda brought me back to the rememeberance that this is his 1st full season at WR. So yes it will begin to click in for him. No "scrambling" necessary! RUN! :wink:
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    great write up City. Take the yards giving to you.. and let the big plays come with your natural abilities... break that tackle make a man miss... BOOM, to the house. I think he will have a break away this week.

  8. erikbj

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    I was just happy that Money caught the ball and he kept it away from Iowa's safeties. :)

    He appears to be very explosive, I wish they would send him down the seem deep and see what he can do.
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    Great analysis City. The offense last week seemed to be pressing. I don't know if that was because of the play calling or decisions made by players themselves.

    I thought we definitely should have stuck with the run a bit more, especially to start the second half. Try to stay in manageable down & distance for 2nd and 3rd down. Penalties hurt here and there, but that's something a team with talent on O should be able to overcome from time to time.

    I don't know how much leeway Austen has with play calling, but it seemed he did force the issue on several throws instead of hitting a check-down for a manageable gain.

    I have confidence they'll figure it out, and I totally agree, take what the D is giving you. The short stuff will open up the deep throws, much like we saw against NDSU.
  10. isuno1fan

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    Part of the problem has been AA not putting the ball where Money needs it to be perfectly honest. You want to catch the ball with your momentum starting to move forward and then "take what the defense give you" to quote your words.
    Last weekend many of the screens were at his ankles, behind him, or wherever. Money first had to catch the ball out of position and then when he turned to go upfield, the D was already in his face. Natural reaction is to juke and jive and try to make people miss. I don't blame him at all for his performance against Iowa.
  11. 2forISU

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    Oct 8, 2008
    I don't think any true cyclone fans are giving up on this team.

    DRCHIRO Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2008
    No, we are not.

    I really think that this team is trying to prove that they are not as bad as everyone says they are.

    Because of that, it seems that they are pressing, especially on offense. Everyone was so excited for the O, and there is still a lot of reason to feel that way. BUT, ii is going to take a lot of the 4 and 5 yard runs and 6 and 7 yard screen passes before the offense can really open up.
  13. Wesley

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    Except the Kent State defense is a lot better than their offense. It may be more of wear the opponent down game and the 5 yard screens will be the way to win.
  14. Wesley

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    This is similar to what I thought. AA just needs to be more accurate. Stanzi threw the ball away from the defender whereas AA was throwing it near the defender. No receiver can make moves if the defender is right next to him. AA accuracy is beginning to hurt him in this type of offense.

    For the number of WR screens, we sure have not made much yardage. When will our associated blockers for our receivers actually be able to block their person? We just have a lot of work to do before we get better. The Iowa defenders defeated our blocker near the WR almost every time.

    Yes, this is correctable. Let's fix it this week.
  15. Boony

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    Great post City. It did seem to me that Iowa was "keying" on Money more than any of the other receivers. They obviously had planned for stopping him before he could explode down field. With three hawks on him immediately, it probably seemed like he was in the "pocket."
  16. besserheimerphat

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    Iowa's defense requires a lot of patience. They don't give up much deep, and they are very good tacklers. They are probably one of the most fundamentally sound defenses we will play this year even though they don't have the athletes of an OU or Texas.

    Everyone will get their opportunities to score, but they all need to be patient, take what is given until catch someone out of position/making the wrong read/trying to jump routes etc.
  17. swammi

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    We have a 6"6" tight end. Crossing patterns and comebacks should be darned near impossible to stop. I'd like to see a few. Need to throw to A-rob delaying out of the backfield also. BTW, it looked like Catlett played more than Franklin vs Iowa by about 10-1, yet Franklin is on top of the depth chart. What gives? Anyone know?
  18. TheCity

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    I absolutely concur! Getting our TE's involved will open up a lot of things! Valid point.
  19. The_Architect

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    I agree with whoever posted earlier in this thread about the most of the balls AA has been throwing to Money. For the most part, none of them have hit him in stride - especially against Iowa.

    We've got to find a way to get Sed Johnson and Darks involved too. It's mind-blowing to me that they have 1 catch between the two of them this season.

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    Jul 21, 2006
    I heard Franklin had a very high fever. I cannot say it is a fact, just what I heard.

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