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Discussion in 'General College Sports' started by djkent01, Apr 27, 2017.

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    I've been reading a lot lately about the student athlete and their situation. Including from many ISU athletes. The basic premise is the "rest of us" don't know what they go through. And in my case, they're right. I don't.

    But life is life. We all make our choices and we face our hurdles. My last two years at ISU I took 18 credit hours a semester, nine credit hours in the summer. I worked 30 hours a week at a medical clinic on the maintenance staff - except during school breaks when I worked 40.

    I am not alone. I know many many others who have worked exceptionally hard to create what they get in life.

    I paid for every penny of my college education. I did not have tutors. I was not provided room and board and I paid tuition. I was married, had a kid at home, and for the last six months of school had a pregnant wife.

    I get these athletes have all this practice and community obligations in addition to school. I get that they sacrifice their precious free time practicing their craft. And I appreciate it. In many ways I live vicariously through them and, especially with some of them, they make me so proud to be an ISU alum.

    I made my choices and so have they. I'd give my left nut to be blessed with the athletic and physical stature to be a Division 1 athlete. And for the very few - the opportunity to become rich in part because of this. Don't get me wrong, you don't make it to the big leagues - or even Division 1 athletics - based only on physicality. They make that choice. So embrace it. Instead of telling us how hard it is on you, celebrate it.

    I LOVE you guys. But I do not feel one bit sorry for you.
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    I don't feel sorry for athletes either, but holy hell nice open letter.
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    Thanks for the update!!
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    I love me some off season threads. :rolleyes:

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