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Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by cojo, Oct 1, 2006.

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    I think really what we're all waiting for is that "perfect game" - where offense moves, defense holds (in a good way), and special teams cover. No momentum killers, a la roughing the passer penalties. No repeat offenses, like muffed punts. No 4th & short failures, like QB sneaks/draws and Hicks handoffs. Is it unreasonable for a fan base to expect a perfect game, especially in college ball? Absolutely not. Top programs do it 50-60% of the season. Real programs (which we are) should get at least a couple throughout a 12-game span.

    At least we're 3-2, like most people thought we should be. And in those 2 losses, we did play well for about 2, 2-1/2 quarters. But halves do not make games. The perfect game is a single entity, and is non-transferrable. Last night was our chance to put a perfect game on display - a div. 1-AA opponent, after a tough loss at Texas, a warmup for Nebraska, record attendance...but no. The absolute worst timing for turnovers, a bad kickoff late in the game, and a lackluster defense early on all made for a near disaster. (don't get me wrong - panthers are a fine team, but they're still in a lower division and we would never live that loss down this season) We were fortunate UNI also did everything wrong at the end of the game for our team to get out of there with a W. Credit this to a deeper bench, i think, because our substitutions and size led to some of their late penalties, as they reach for masks and hold guys rather than sticking with them.

    Anyway, back to the point: the perfect game. Can it happen? I think so. I think all facets of our team have shown that they can make plays when necessary. The offense is certainly leading the consistency charge. The D, albeit scary at times, can step it up to prevent that late killer (at home at least). And Baum & Jackson have both had big returns. But the perfect game requires more than doing it "when necessary" - it's done series after series, without interruption.

    The perfect game, i'm praying, comes next week. Kansas proved it can be done against Nebraska. And we should come out with something to prove after last night's squeaker.

    Anyway, that's just the thoughts of a guy with less than 10 posts.

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